Thursday, December 18, 2014

Amend the Holy Book to avoid Peshawar kind of attacks in future.

Does emotions arise with Media coverage ??? Looks like to some extent. Peshawar killings and aftermath media coverage made even those who stay in slumber to come out and condemn the dastardly act. Will these english educated sleeping beauties show same concern for those lakhs of Kashmir Hindu pandits who were brutalised by Islamaniacs and made to flee the valley, where they were living for centuries ?

Totally Agree, the crime on kids were barbarous and any sensible human will chastise . But where were these great souls when Indian cities were targeted by the same Jihadi tribe? Why dint these people ever came out to express their anguish, then??  Maybe they thought the dying people were fellow Hindus and need no solace worth a word. Even condolences have become Fashionable or Slavery mentality weighing  still large on our heart, mind & soul.

These are the same English educated people who to showcase their Liberal views on social media keep telling us Terrorism has no religion. Where as the perpetrators of crime keep chanting 'Allah-O-Akbar' before shooting children at point blank. Does our Libtards have guts to condemn the "Holy Book" which said to be the Inspiration for perpetrators to carry such dastardly act ?? These English educated Libtards are burden on Hindu society.

Stop being sly foxes by passing selective condolences hiding behind the computer in your drawing room or taking fashionable 'mombatii' protests  condemning attacks like that of Peshawar , check out its roots for the ultimate solution. Peace on earth is impossible until "Free World" unite in their demand to amend the "Holy Book".

Monday, December 8, 2014

Balagokulam in Hyderabad.

"Balagokulam" is yet another offshoot of RSS just like Seva-Bharati & Tech-For-Seva. Balagokulam is for kids who are 5 years and above. Last week, Balagokulam Kids from 37 centres in HYD came together for their Annual event.

Balagokulam is a voluntary organization which is striving to instil pride and confidence in children about our culture and nation. Through a wide variety of interesting and fun activities like Games, Stories, Bhajans, Shlokas, Arts and Crafts, the forum imparts time-tested values such as patriotism, service, discipline, courage, for building a dynamic personality out of children.

 There are 37 Balagokulam centers throughout Hyderabad where more than 800 children participate on a weekly basis. All the Balagokulam sessions are conducted absolutely free by team of dedicated & passionate Swayamsevaks.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

CHIGURU-2015 an Youth-For-Seva initiative in Hyderabad.

Chiguru - 2015 calling.

The grand CHIGURU will be organised in February , Youth-For-Seva (Seva Bharati) calls all to volunteer for the cultural & social event . YFS need at least 1000 Volunteers to train kids across several competitions and organize Chiguru on the Chiguru Day. Volunteers will be suitably placed across project locations based on interest and convenience.

CHIGURU is an platform for under privilege students who live in slums of Hyderabad and for students studying in Govt schools. Nearly 5000 students from 200 locations are expected to participate in painting, elocution, dance ,yoga, talent show, sports and many more events.

Come , Be part of the Change !!

Questions? Write to |
Call Siddu 9494822118

Chiguru 2014 PIX : 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

'Durga Vahini' , VHP women's wing mammoth rally in Hyderabad old city.

"वह हिन्दू नारी है - पूल नहीं चिंगारी है "

Hundreds of #DurgaVahini ( Vishwa Hindu Parishad's women wing) Swayamsevika's have taken out mammoth vehicle rally in Hyderabad Old City on last sunday. Peoples of all walks of lives stood either side of the pavement to welcome the "Heroes". People gave "Aarthi" to the #DurgaVahini rally, showered flowers . Swayamsevikas carried "Bhagwa Dwaj" and sported saffron ribbons on head.

The grand message of the rally was to showcase the  "Shakti" The Power, of Hindu Women, make them believe in Hindutva and in our National ethos . Be strong and take pride of your Hindu Dharma , never be ashamed to say "Iam a Hindu".

It was one of the rarest sight to see such a huge rally of patriotic women. Participant #DurgaVahini Swayamsevikas raised slogans of "Vande Mataram" Bharat Mata Ki Jai", "Hindu Shakti - Rashtra Shakti" and "Hindu onka Hindu Desh" ( India belongs to Hindu's) . ***For them Muslims & Christians are Hindus by Nationality.

This #DurgaVahini rally showcases the fearless Hindu Women - Women brave enough to continue traditions of Rani Rudrama Devi, Ahalya Bai and Rani Lakshmi Bai. The participants hearts was as brave and daring as the stainless edge of the brave warrior's sword. The success of rally must been a worrying point for Owaisi Bro's and Muslim Jihadi elemets.

The rally started at Charminar Bhagyalakshmi temple and ended at Secunderabad Mahankali temple.

हिन्दू जागेगा तो - देश जागेगा
देश जागेगा - तो वीशवा जागेगा !