Monday, February 20, 2012

On Shivaratri , from Bala Murali Krishna's Tatvalu : Emi Sethura Linga ?

Emi Sethura Linga ??? On Shivaratri , From My favorite Bala MuraliKrishana "Tatvaalu". Grief of an Devotee wonderfully expressed where in Devotee sings in helplessness in finding something Pure to do "Linga Abhishekam" (which has not been tasted/impured by other creatures). Wot a song !
My Sashtaang Pranams to Bala Muralikrishna !

Translation :

A worshiper is expressing his hopelessness of trying to pray his deity with the purest form of offerings.

What Do I Do, Oh Lord! What do I do?

Thought I will offer water from Holy Ganges,

But it contains the spittle of Frogs and Fishes!

Thought I will offer milk from the sacred Cows,

But it contains the spittle of its calves!

Thought I will offer flowers of Common Leucas,

But it contains the spittle of thousand bees!

What do I do, Oh Lord! What Can I do?

By Trinath

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why did Iran choose India as venue for its vengeance ??

Long Live ISRAEL !! Long Live Free World !!! Yesterday Israel diplomat came under terror attack in an VVIP Zone in Delhi. It is assumed that a Bomb was sticked to Car by 2 ppl riding a bike and blew it . This kind of assasinations are mostly done by CIA . when I heard of attack on Israel diplomat , the first thing that stuck me was MAGNET bomb . Last month I have written on this Blog how Israels MOSSAD allegedly  assassinated an IRAN Nuclear Scientist in Tehran. Then, IRAN Prez has vowed to take the revenge. All that is OK , but why an foreign country has chosen India as its Play ground for vengeance and that too near our Prime Minister residence?? Friends, its not as simple as it looks, this act was pre planned by STATE (Iran). What's the message Iran want to send to India by carrying a terror act in an VVIP zone ?? Did you notice Indian Home Minister has not yet surfaced since the blast ?? Where are those Hourly bulletins ??? The most IMP point to ponder is , did Hezbollah find a Foothold in India ?? if YES that a Bad News.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is watching Porn illegal in India ??

Three BJP ministers caught seeing Porn in Karnataka Assembly . It caught the attention of English Media it ran the story all thru the day as if it it more Imp than other National issues. Wot i dont understand is which part  according to Media is wrong a) watching porn. b) watching Porn in Assembly ?? Is watching Porn illegal , if yes how come Debonair Porn weekly is allowed to publish in India ? Forget it , can the Media and other who made Hue N Cry be frank to us and say that they never watched Porn ever in their Life . If these people are allowed to run the affairs , they will see taboo in Sex too . Married or Celibate , Male or Female , majority who reached certain age if had an source at helm must have watched Porn atleast once in their Lifetime . And that includes Me and those reading this piece.

Common this country is land of "Kama-Sutra" . This is the land where Kama-Sutra is revered as an Imp text and followed religiously. This is the country where every ordinary person know more angles in sex than any one else in the World. Right from Missionary to Animal type. Sex is an pious culture where in it found place outside the Temples of Kajauraho . Can any sensible person watching Kajuraho sculptures be labeled as Porn watcher??

Why is Media so selective in targeting BJP ? Have you noticed Porn video watching by BJP ministers were shown just one day before Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, where BJP has huge stakes ?? TV9 channel which telecasted this Video is infamous for blackmailing . Recently SoniaG's benami has bought stakes in TV9 by paying whopping Rs 500 Crore to Srini Raju.

If Morality is the point behind the telecast , then is media ready to debate , What relationship Sonia Gandhi has with Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin during her college days in London? Is it not true that Putin then KGB (Russian Spy agency) Operative in London, used SoniaG to lure RajivG and blackmail him ? Is it not true that Maino was Madhav Rao Scindia's GF , later Scindia introduced her to RajivG ?? What about allegations of Rahul and his friends raping Sukanya Devi ( daughter of Congress leader) in Amethi ? Was RahulG's love affair not the reason for Suicide of daughter of Ajit Jogi (Ex CM of Chattisgarh) . Is media ready to debate or expose the Dynasty ??? Is media ready to Expose UPAs Lungi Minister who is bisexual , who sleeps with an Indian based American Male Diplomat and same Lungi Minister who spends Lakhs of Rupees on Ujbekistan Prostitutes every month ?? Dear National media, i have more spicy Breaking-News to broadcast than you on Dynasty.

If Live-In relationship is not wrong ( Supreme Court Judgment) , if Homo-Sexuality is not wrong , then watching Porn is definitely not wrong . Atleast i have reservations against gay/lesbian kind , which I consider as against nature. Even animals wont do that kind of act. Anything thats done between two people in private in harmony with Nature shud be considered as a Private affair. And we shud show some generosity in respecting their Privacy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Worlds biggest Tribal festival begins at Medaram , Telangana .

Sammakka & Saralamma takes their Place,
Telangana Tribal Festival begins at Medaram.

Seven centuries ago, the tribals went in to deep forest for hunting. They have seen a child secured by cruel tigers and lions, with glorious presence, at the glorious light. The tribal’s elders (Koya doralu) lifted the child in manger to the village. Since the presence of the child, in the village there has been lot of prosperity and happiness in the village. The tribal elders felt that, their god Kondadevara (Kondadevara is a tribal god) has arrived to them as the child. In very ritual movement they named her as "Sammakka". Sammakka rowed on tigers and lions. She also is granting the wishes to child bearing couples. She cured so many persons suffering form chronic decease. Granting wishes held her popularity spread through out. The region as Sammakka reached her juvenile stage. She was married to Pagididda Raju, the ruler of Medaram village. The couple was very happy and people praised them as token of their relation. They were blessed with son and two daughters named Jampanna, Saralamma and Nagulamma.

During this period Prathaparudra belonging Kakatiya dynasty was ruling capital city as "Orugallu" now it is known as Warangal. Pagididda Raju was being a subordinate king of Kakatiya dynasty and ruling the Medaram village in his province.

There occurred a caviar famine for four years. In the same period, people became shuttered, because take of famine. The people were not a situation to pay their taxes. So Pagididda Raju refused to pay tax to the Kakatiya emperor. It was not agreeable to the king and decided to wage war under the lieutenant Yugandarudu.

The tribal warriors having self-respect decided to prepare to war. The tribal warriors were not afraid of enemy forces having equines and elephantine forces. They attacked the Kakatiyans by shouting war crises. Thousands of heads were chopped like coconuts. The blood flew like river, and mixed with Sampenga Vagu the passageway. The water was adulterated with blood. In this battle, there was no difference like tribal or non-tribal among the people participated in war. The skilled tribal warriors were killed by Kakatiya strength. In this scared battle, Sammakka’s husband Pagididda Raju, Son in Law Govindaraju laid their victorious lives. Jampanna having self-respect ashamed and sacrificed him self, by jumping in to "Sampenga Vagu" Hence it is called as Jampanna Vagu.

By hearing shocking news of her loved once (Husband, Son in Law, many tribal warriors), Sammakka didn’t gave up her courage. Having breast plate (Daalu) and sword she attacked the enemy forces. Showing her divine powers she shattered and terrorized. The Kakatiyans are almost confidante of victory. But they surprised by the divine combat of Sammakka. As Sammakka was at the peak of guts, suddenly a little boy came behind and back stroked Sammakka. Sammakka was turned behind raises her sword to kill the back stroker, and she realize that it was a little boy and she stops. She leaves the child by not killing him, with mercy. Then the Sammakka tied the wound with cloth and fled away on a horse from battlefield thinking of "If her blood drops on the land, the land will become barren and gives no fruit ". She fled away towards east of the Medaram village and disappeared.

After the battle, the tribals searched for Sammakka in forest. They found a Kumkum Barinay (Hindus kept their thilak in a small box) at a snake hole in the shade of a Naga vruksham (Tree called Naga vruksham). Tribals felt that their goddess Sammakka has found as Kumkum Barinay. Once in two years on the day of "Magha shuddha Purnima" the tribal women celebrate a festival, where they got the Kumkum Barinay. As this festival become very popular and many tribal are coming to the place. That is why the tribal elders cut off the Naga vruksham and make it has symbol of Sammakka, build it in a platform. (Gadde) They also build another Platform (Gadde) for Sammakka’s daughter Saralamma. They worship "Deyyala Madugu thinking as Jampanna". Some pilgrims see a snake in the hole of Ippa chettu (Ippa Tree), which is besides the Sammakka’s platform and believe that it was Sammakka’s husband Pagididda Raju.

People believe that Goddesses Sammakka, Saralamma fulfill their desires with their divine and miraculous powers. Issueless Couples visit to pray the goddess to bless them with children.

Many a pilgrim pay their promises made to goddess during the Jathara, by offering Jaggery, calf, coconuts and donations in cash etc. Pilgrims bath in the Jampanna stream to get purified and absolve from sins.

Source : Medaram Jatara