Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Diwali lets stand & fight for Hindudom !

Deepavali 2011 date in India is October 26. The next day of Diwali 2011 is the Vikram New Year. In North India, Diwali commemorates the return of Lord Ram along with Sita and Lakshman from his 14 years of exile after killing Ravana. Generally in South India, Deepavali is celebrated to commemorate the killing of the demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. In Karnataka, it is observed as Bali Paadyami to mark the day of King Bali's return to his subject once a year. In Kerala, Deepavali is a low-key affair and some people consider it as the return of Lord Ram from exile.There may be difference in date and history but the central theme that good wins over evil, remains the same.

Do not Burn Crackers this Deepavali 
Save Environment

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Andhra State was born out of Violence and Terror

When Telangana people stopped a few Andhra buses on NH-9 yesterday, the Seemandhra leaders were livid. So, we wanted to remind them a piece of their history. We wanted to remind them about the orgy of violence that fetched them the Andhra state in 1953. The following newslips showcase the ugly side of the Andhra statehood movement. The death of one person – Potti Sriramulu triggered these violent incidents.These newsclips also prove how peaceful the Telangana statehood movement is even after the death of over 600 Telanganites in the ongoing agitation.

A wave of hysterical emotion swept the Andhra, Rayalaseema regions after Potti Sriramulu’s death in December, 1952. Here are some glimpses of what happened.

In the words of historian KV Narayana Rao
the disturbances reached a climax on 16 December. Mobs raided the Vijayawada railway station. Wagons were looted. Seven pople were killed in police firings in different places. The damage to railway properties was estimated by the government at Rs. 50 Lakhs.

A.N Rai, Deputy Inspector General of Police, of that time wrote this in his report:

The local terrorists took advantage of the unsettled conditions and started vehement campaign against the Congress and Praja Socialists. The agitation on 16-12-52 started with hartals and processions in Nellore town and by the evening the attention of the agitators was diverted to the railway station yard where railway properties were damaged and vehicles burnt. They also tried to over-power the police force that attempted to stop the further damage by the mob

The Hindu Newspaper dated Dec 17, 1952 reports thus:
Vijayawada railway sation and surrounding were occupied by a mob, and the railway officials and worked were hoved out of the station precincts at noon today”
“the Southern Railway head-quarters have received information that a huge mob raided the Vijayawada railway station. looted the entire building and cut off all communications.”
At Vijayawada Railway Station, a big crowd of labourers, including men and women, broke open about 300 loaded wagons stabled in the yards with rice, paddy or wheat and carried away on their heads

The Hindu Newspaper dated Dec 17, 1952 reported that locals looted rice bags at a Railway Station near Navabpalem in West Godavari district.Wide spread destruction railway properties was reported from all districts of Andhra and Rayalaseema. Some notable incidents of arson were reported from Guntur, where some unruly elements damaged the railway station and burnt some records in the Parcel Office.

Railway stations at Rajahmundry, Duggirala, Tenali, Ongole bore the brunt of the agitators ire.
While scores of agitators were gunned down by security forces, the Seemandhra leaders did not record their deaths in the history books. No memorial was set up anywhere in the Seemandhra region.
This contrasts to the level of false propaganda that surrounds Potti Sriramulu’s fast unto death to claim Madras city.The reason is not difficult to understand.

The Seemandhra leadership never wanted the world to know about the orgy of violence that was unleashed preceding the Andhra state formation.
But, can they hide this bitter truth for ever?

[Inputs from Lisa Mitchell's book 'Language, Emotion, and Politics in South India',
Special Thanks to Mission Telangana ]

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vijaya Dashmi - Dussehra wishes to all !!!


One derivation of the word Dasera is from dashhara. 'Dash' means ten and 'hara' means defeated. Nine days before Dasera, in the nine days of Navaratri, all the ten directions are saturated with the female deity's (devi's-Shakti) energy. 'Shakti' has control over creation in all the ten directions (dikbhav), attendants (gan), etc. That is why this day is known as Dashhara, Dasera, Vijayadashami, etc. This is one amongst the three and a half auspicious moments (muhurts) of the year. This falls on the tenth day (dashami) of the bright fortnight of Ashvin. The immersion of the Navratri (female deity) is done on the ninth day (navami) or the tenth day. Four rituals namely crossing the territory (Simollanghan), worship of the Shami tree (Shamipujan), worship of the deity Aparajita (Aparajitapujan) and worship of instruments (Shastrapuja) should be performed on this day.

Hindu Jagruti 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duratma Gandhi, an Hidden enemy of Hindu's !!!

Jinnah & Gandhi
September 1944 Bombay, Gandhi talks over Jinnahs overtures for a Pakistan

Hidden enemies are more dangerous than open enemies. Gandhiji was one such hidden enemy of Hindus. But he tried to be the saint , where infact he was pure political leader he did nothing but paralyzing the Hindus in the name of non violence. Gandhi is real blot in the history of India ,his charm of Non-Violence is laced with timidness and masked with treachery and this charm was over cast only on Hindus .

His Peace preaching’s among Hindus made them like Eunuchs and gave the all needed encouragement for the Muslim thugs. This eventually led to vivesection of our Motherland . He always fancied himself by always rushing and fasting to save muslims from Hindu retaliation but forgetting to save Hindus when they were first attacked. Gandhi is all within his born right to let himself killed , or see his relatives getting killed....But he has absolutely no right to ask any person of any religion to get killed .That akins to suicide.

Spiritual leaders dont do any fasting every time if their demands are not met. But Gandhiji did fasting everythime anything went against his wish .This is disgusting . If he was a saint which I doubt , infact if he was not then he should have never took part in active politics. Saints dont hold any position in politics, but they advise the leaders and guide the masses .
No man is greater than country but gandhi tried to be greater than our country by projecting himself as larger than life Image and as sole torch bearer of freedom movement . This is definetly kaliyuga where the sickest of vile like Gandhi are still adored and most honourable, brave , righteous like Subash Bose and Savarkar are mocked .

Gandhi as an Leader failed on every front ,infact as an freedom fighter he delayed our Independence . He made so many historical blunders like of supporting Khilafat movement , praising the killers of Swami Shradanand, Forcibly removing Netaji from his post as congress president and granting 55 crores to Pakistan that in turn proved to be costly in coming days .

His ‘saintliness’ was an mask — his political idea of clubbing religion and politics was a disaster for Hindu's . Unlike Sri Aurobindo, he never left politics to live as an Spirtual man , Gandhi was a politician to the core.