Friday, September 25, 2009

Vijaya Dasami / Dussera Wishes To All

Dussera Subhakankshalu !!!

Vijaya Dashami is the victory of good over evil – Goddess Durga annihilating Mahisha and Lord Ram defeating Ravana. Symbolically, it is the prolonged struggle against the ego and ignorance in each human being. After the struggle there is the day of new beginnings – Vijaya Dasami.

Dasara is observed on the tenth day of the waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month. Dasara 2009 date is September 28. Dasara marks the end of the Navratri festival and Durga Puja.
On the final day of Dussera celebrations, huge effigies of Ravana, Kumbakarna and Meghnath are burned.In Bengal, Goddess Durga immersion or Visarjan takes place on the day.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

YSR death , God's Hand At Work ???

YSR death , God's Hand At Work ???

Cong Dummies want Mahisasura( YS Jagan)
as Andhra Pradesh CM .

YSR showed the weakness of the Congress party - it had no powerful regional leaders with enough grass roots support to carry the day. He came on the scene when the Congress was in the dumps, the NDA flying high and Chandrababu Naidu reigning supreme in Hyderabad. Sonia had enough sense to let YSR alone to run his campaign and he delivered. While Haryana too delivered, it had only 10 MPs, while Andhra had 42! So YSR mattered a lot. It was only in these two mainstream States that the Congress had an absolute majority on its own (ignoring small States in the Northeast).

YSR's death will be traumatic for the Congress. He was ruthless Congress man, factionist, wholly corrupt, a Christian and hence beloved of Sonia (he had the audacity to let Christian evangelists to proselytize in Tirupathi and all Hindu holy places), and ruthless enough to crush all internal opposition to himself. YSR was vindictive to the core crushing his opponents within the Congress and those outside (his favorite targets being powerful non Reddy politicians and business people like the Rajus and Ramoji Rao of Eenadu publications). No wonder his supporters clamor for his son Jaganmohan Reddy to succeed him in the fond hope the greenhorn will let hem enjoy the spoils of office for some more time before they are booted out.

In the process of building Irrigation projects , he is involved through his son in many scams like popular Satyam, Mayatas, Brahmini steel plant building under Binami name, He and his son relatives forcibly occupied many lands near Krishnapatnam port in Nellore and elsewhere in the state. Please look at the state of his son Jaganmohan Reddy business skills before YSR become a CM in 2004 and present businesses. His son was a completely failed business man in debts. Hardly any major irrigation project completed till now but the projects are still under construction and every six months YSR government was increasing the costs. YSR involved in many scams and used public money to his personal gains. God can not accept mistakes up to some maximum limit and killed him

YSR was no angel on this earth or for that matter to the people of andhra. People who are so 'shocked' by his death that they contemplate dying themselves don't deserve to live in the first place. I cant imagine why people like to think that all people who enter politics, do so with the idea of serving the masses!! So lame...Politics is a venture to make money. And that's what YSR did. Tell me one thing how did a son(YS Jagan) of a factionist make Rs.10000 Cr worth of property without corruption. And just because a person has died it does not mean that everything the person had done was right.....

On the lines of TamilNadu present politics YSR too cleverly started grooming his son Jagan ,in this course made him an MP to be in tuch with Central Leadership . Unfortunately for the family, patry high command have different plans for this Con-Congress MP Jagan

The scale of scams and corruption charges during is YSR rule is unprecedented . The famed NREGA , Rajiv Arogya Shree schemes which wooed the vote banks were vehicles of siphoning government funds by few select corporate hospitals and district mandal in charges. The conceiving of populist schemes is one thing but administering the same to help it reach the last needy hand is quite another.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sonia Gandhi, MM Singh austerity call is a big fake

Sonia Gandhi's austerity call a Fake.

Our Incumbent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh feels that he can beat the Inflation with Cost-Cutting . May be he had a wild dream of ever rising Inflation last nite and immediatly gave a call for Austerity. Pity, our UPA Govt works more on assumption rather on clear cut planning. Now cost-cutting is on top of the priorties of Manmohan's Govt. But who cares.....even after a desperate SoS call from PM himself, many of Central ministers left for foreign trips . Such is the status of our dummy PM .
I wonder to what extent these small measures of putting brakes on foreign trips , cutting over-head expences of ministries etc will help to over come crisis . I feel arresting Political and Burecratic corruption , bringing out ill-gotten black money of Industrialist will for sure make a diiference at this time of fuel crisis and inflation . This will boost confidence of common man and install sort of discipline among citizens . How about starting this campaign from 10 janpath Soorpanaka-Sonia Gandhi residence by making her surrender her ill-gotten money of Bofors deal and the bribes she took from Russia's secret agency KGB .

Sonia Gandhi Austerity call is a big Drama .
courtesy : IBNlive.

The Congress-led UPA Government is on an austerity drive. UPA chief Sonia Gandhi flew down to Mumbai on an Air India flight and traveled in Economy class. But add to the expenses, the costs of fares for five rows reserved for the security personnel and the three SUVs flown down to Mumbai by another aircraft at the cost of rupees three lakh.

Sonia Gandhi's status of ‘the most guarded VIP in Delhi’ necessitated that she travels with security personnel. The total expenses of the economy class travel with 15 seats in all were Rs 55,000 compared to the travel in business class with six security personnel at the cost of Rs 62,000. The savings were a mere Rs 7,000.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Reaction's Over " Narakasura YSR's " Death

YSR Rests Here In Pieces !!!
Some Reaction's Over " Narakasura YSR's " Death.
Gopal says
When i heard the news of Samuel reddy missing, i prayed God that night to kill that cheater. I was afraid that he may come alive. But his bad karma has punished him. Most horrible death for preaching cow killing Christianity. Almost 120 poor Hindus lost their life for Samuel reddy out of their true love and belief towards him. But they don't know the true face of samuel reddy. They are like the sheeps and goats who keep faith on the cruel butcher.

Ram says
My Faith on Lord Balaji heightened manifold due to his correct punishment. He was taken to death on Thiruvonam Nakshathram of Lord Balaji. He was taken to death at Rudra Konda Hills. "Rudra" means 'Shiva the Destroyer' and 'Konda' is a Hill in Telugu. YSR might have done great development for Christians, Muslims and downtrodden Hindus. But his activities on Tirumala Tirupathi cannot be tolerated by anyone including God.

Naveena says
Good! but y is this media behind him for whole dayy is Sonia rushing so fast? why holidays in neighboring states? was d response same even when our soldiers sacrificed?

Abhed Kiran says
Well,is this just fate or the opponent's success? who knows whether its a trick by Antonio Maino to bury greater secrets from the people?

P Vas says
It is curious that YSR has met the same abrupt fate as many Congress leaders in the past, such as Madhavrao Scindia, Rajesh Pilot, Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi's husband Robert Vadras's own brother, sister and father. Even more bizarre is that Madhavrao Scindia and Sanjay Gandhi too died in plane accidents, while Rajesh Pilot and all the family members of Robert Vadra, except for his European mother (the European mother curiously left untouched) die in car 'accidents.' The incident is quite bizarre. Will some journalist with spunk and keen nose for the truth attempt to uncover this mystery. The Indian people have the right to know.

Girish says
I didnt even dream such direct punishment will come from Balaji.Lightning strike and death of Rudra Hills ..happens only in mythical stories..My faith is doubled..First it was the tsunami on Velankani on XMas ..Now this death of ysr.... Lord Krishna you rock..

Madhav says
The Divine Lord has once again vanquished the evil forces.

Ragan says
Y Samuel R Reddy is "worth" 30,000 CRORES in Swindled Money all kept in Benami names. This has been taken and kept outside India. YSR's Son has over 10,000 CRORES. If this YSR really 'goes', Sonia aka Antonia Maino will grab all the money! YSR is also the Ringleader for Christian Conversions in AP. CBN or Christian Broadcasting Network from the USA is now "Produced' from AP in India. No wonder Antonia Sonia is 'waiting'... YSR and Gang were the main Players in swindling of Satyam/Maytas, where over 40,000 CRORES was 'Made' . The Sad part is if YSR really 'goes' he cant take one single Rupee with him! Godamn Thieves...

P Vasu
the tendency of the Indian English dailies to gush over YSR is not surprising, considering that the majority of them are either owned or funded by Christians, or have large Christian editorial staff.

Sharath Chandra says
Sins committed in Thirumala (by YSR), gets paid in nallamala.......Oh lord Venkateshwara,i had a doubt about ur presence in the kaliyuga, that a maya is covered on the people that they cud not recognise their own fate....but u have shown ur presence in the kaliyuga by punishing(YSR).......

Vignesh Shanbagh says
Result of his bad karma led to his death.

Krishna says
This suicide death of congress workers news is just one publicity stunt news played by Cong/Vatican controlled media to glorify the devil who converted hundreds. Scores of people get heart attack everyday and die. If they were truly YSR supporters than One way, its good they are committing suicide.. some junk population and Congi slaves of this country will reduce.

PH says
All the so called secularists here...we do rejoice when the enemy dies. Didn't people rejoice when Narakasura, Ravana, Mahishasura and all ther Asuras die? YSR was no less...he did heinous crimes to Hindu property and Hindu sentiments. My only worry is that his son would now be installed in his place who is worse

Skg says
As a human being YSR deserves sympathy for doing some good to the poor people.However, Hindu temples have been looted under his rule to serve evangelism. YSR has helped evangelists liberally by giving temple lands .

P vas says
It is curious that US quickly steps in with an offer to help search for YSR, when YSR first went missing. This is not the first time a disaster, accident or calamity has affected an Indian politician, public figure or well known personality, but this is the first time the US has stepped in to extend a helping hand in searching for or rescuing a single Indian politician who has gone missing. This is curious. Is it because YSR was a vital part of the US's grand design to destabilize and Christianize India, and thus keep the European christian Sonia Gandhi and her family in power, and protect US's interests and stake in India?

Gopal says
you are forgetting poothana demon who is sitting in Delhi. So many demons are there. Lord Krishna should descend for Dushta Shikshana and Shishta rakshna again.

PH says
Before we rejoice that is one down..his son jagan is likely to take up the place and he is worse. Mahishasura died and we need to be saved from this Narakasura.

Saffron says
Obviously there is nothing adharma to celebrate adharmi death...Dont we celebrate Killing of Narakasura Celebrated as Narak Chaturdashi, one day before Diwali day forget about burning of the effigies of Ravana on Dusara ???People who follow Adharma deserve death like this, whether it is by fair or unfair means it is Law of karma ....

Krish says
This is just Congress propaganda to show how popular YSR was and probably give him status of Saint from Vatican!. Why can't Samuel's son or the Converts invoke the white-man's God to bring back these people to life? Benny Hinn, Pope can do it! OR So they claim.!!

Suresh Iyer says
I have been borrowing every possible report in the News papers and internet to know the full name of YSR.How careful our media is when it matters.Nobody is reporting,the name of the church and cemetery where his last rites will be performed.

Tag Pillay says
While Hindu India has been saved from Samuel Reddy, I am stil fearful of his successors. The Vatican, The Cia, M16 and the KGB are still very alive and strong. those who cheat Bhagvaan tirumala venkatesa will suffer similar fate (as samuel reddy) due to their bad karma

Shankara says
… says
divine justice has been served. samuel reddy's bad karma has finally caught up with him. what a fool he was - he thought he could cheat the lord of the universe

Suresh K R says
I am so happy to hear the news item of the death of Samuel Reddy. He deserves such a fate. His conversion activities in AP and particularly in Tirumala has invited the wrath of our God's and finally leads to this fate. Every conversionist should be the same fate.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remembering WTC martyr's ,Free World Curb Islamic Terrorism

Remembering the Martyr's who laid their lives on 9/11 fighting the Islamic Tyranny in USA



Islamic Terrorism ??

Free World HIT HARD !

Now its almost seven years, since Allah’s followers attacked America and maimed thousands of American’s and other National. Its one of the gruesome terror plot ever executed anywhere on face of the Earth. That day (9/11, 2001) , I will never be able to forget and no freedom loving person should ever forgive the Crime committed on Innocent civilians . The gruesome visuals which were broadcasted on Indian TV channels is still fresh in my memory .

Where ever I’am on this day, I rise to pay my condolences to all the victims of Islamic -Terror , who lost their lives in different parts of the world . May lord give strength to us all to fight the Islamic Tyranny, and Bless us to be Victorious.

Day before 9/11, 2001 , I came to Hyderabad (India) from my home town to meet my cousin-Sister . That night we both chatted till late in the night . I slept very late. I could hear someone yelling my name. I was in deep sleep , and felt that sound came from too far away . I could not recognize my cousin-sisters voice in sleep. Sensing no response from me, she came to my bed and shook me violently, in turn I woke up only to see a ‘terrified’ expression on my cousins face . She , with a choked voice told me that plane has crashed into World Trade Centre. I told my Sister to calm down and I tried to pacify her saying it must be a foggy day and plane crash could be an accident. And I went to brush my teeth , with in no time she came running saying that another plane crashed into WTC. I was bit irritated thinking that she might have seen the Replay of the same visual in different angles. I wish it was true , but I was shocked to see TV visuals , I coud not believe myself that anything of this nature of Terrorist Attack can ever happen on American soil.

For next 30 min’s or so , Me , my Cousin and my Brother-in-Law were dumb stuck. More news started rolling on , that another plane crashed into Pentagon and news came of few failed attempts elsewhere in USA . President Geoge W Bush came on Televison to address the Nation and said it is WAR on America and Pronounced Emergency in the country . Then , that part of time we could understand the seriousness of the attack.

The whole day Me and My cousin went through a great pain. We don’t even remember that we were so pre-occupied with the Attack thoughts that we missed our morning cup of Tea and Breakfast.

I did not moved a Minute from my seat , my heart grieved to hear that thousands of civilians were killed during the WTC attack. More I saw of burning Pentagon, Collapse of Twin Tower and more I grieved. The fire balls of Pentagon, the Dust & Smoke at Twin Towers were more like a scene from an Hollywood film. But this was too real and one is forced to believe it .

After Seven years, every time I remember WTC attack ,
I keep saying Myself Never Forget - Never Forgive these Islamic Jihadis . Annihilate them before they find some more Innocent Victims.

Lemme assure Americans that you guyz are not alone on waging WAR-on-Terror , We are with you, the whole of Free-World is with you. I assure on behalf of Billion -Hindu’s that we are with you and and I pass on my deepest Condolences to family members who were killed by Islamic Terrorist on 9/11. And vehemently pray to Lord to grant a place for those souls at his ABODE.

Some things leave foot print permanently on ones mind . First Day at College , First Salary , True Love , First Kiss …. like wise one is also forced to remember some tragic incidents in ones life like , Loss of closed ones , Betrayal in Love and so on ….. Some are worthy of being remembered and remaining are forced upon to remember . I remember this day as, that which have cemented my Will to fight against Islamic Terrorism .

(The above one is last years post , i am reproducing it here.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Godly Riddance : Narakasura YSR is Dead , Deepavali in Andhra Pradesh

Hindu Drohi Y.S.Rajshekar Reddy is dead .
Good Riddance - Godly Riddance .
Its an early Deepavali all over Andhra Pradesh .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jinnah resurrects as Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh , A Trojan Horse .

Even after 60 plus years of Independence we still have people patronizing a demon called Jinnah in India . This is sorry state of Indian politics which we have to live with . Jaswant Singh by raking up this controversy has shortened his personality . There were hundreds of issues on which he cud have written upon . Jaswant Singh’s comparison of Jinnah with Sardar Patel and speaking very high of Jinna is unpardonable one. This Moron rightly deserves a kick on his butt .


This Trojan-Horse Rajput who serves Opium to friends understand very well that No–Controversies, No-Sales , so his Jinnah controversy is all about economics . Now the same Jaswant Singh is crying out loud that he was kicked out unceremonious way. He quotes ethics, but fail to adhere to it when Party asked him to quit PAC chairman .



Readers you remember Jaswant Singh caught with Opium last year just before elections ??. Iam sure that Jawant singh has written this book Jinnah: India Partition Independence under its influence . Only an Insane person or someone on drugs can think of tampering the Nations history .



This moron was pampered in BJP like no other leader with plum posts and vital ministerial berths in power . Since BJP run short of getting near to the Delhi throne , he got frustrated and annoyed . Since then he is searching for a opportunity to embrace the party and sabotage it from inside . Thankfully this “Trojan Horse was timely exposed by Advani – Rajnath Duo .Maybe after his expulsion he now is seriously thinking of joining Sonia's Con-Party . Sooner or Later he will be in the lap of Madame Sonia Gandhi licking the lolli-pop ( plum post) .



After enjoying the best of posts in & out of power, he now sees racism in the party and dares to compare it with that of American Klan’s (KKK) . If party’s leadership and their Ideology was so racist why did he kept quite for last 30 years ??? After being kicked out of party now he raises hue N cry about Ideology and leadership. He was rightly kicked on his butt , Now not just Jaswant, but all of Jinnah lovers in India will feel the heat of it .



After making Jinnah a Hero , what would be the next publishing subject for Jaswant Singh ? Probably he may pen upon Mahatma Dawood Ibrahim . Maybe he will try to paint Dawood as an real Mahtma in Independent India who with his serial bomb blasts has bought new amity among Hindus and Muslims . If Jaswant is serious to write something on Mahatma Dawood, I wud suggest him to check with Marathi Manoos Sharad Pawar . Coz he has all the copy rights over Mahatma Dawood .



An important thing to ponder upon is why Vajpayee men are revolting? Ever since its debacle in elections Vajpayee coterie in BJP is restless . Jaswant , Vasundhara, Shourie, Khanduri, Yaswant Sinha, Kulkarni, Brijesh Mishra , Pyarelal all these roots less leader are said to be part of Vajpayee coterie . May be they are annoyed over party not coming into power and cant wait another 5 years in opposition or may be they feel they were marginalized in party. If someone able to crack this code then one can easily understand the BJP internal squabble . Remember all these Vajpayee stooges never participated in any road side agitations held by the party , they distanced themselves even from Ayodya movement . It seems like they are allergic to word Hindutva itself .



I’ am quite shocked to see Media fascinating itself by projecting Jaswant Singh as an new Secular-Hero and giving much of its time and space to his theatrical antics . Tons of paper and hours of prime time is wasted on these theatrical antics of Jaswant Singh . Where as one wud have appreciated media, if it have bought serious issues of Drought, Farmers Suicide, Diminishing water table to the notice of rulers. But NO… Rajdeep’s and Pranoy Roy’s are busy debating on BJP internal squabble rather than issues concerning the Nation.



Even if Media assumes Jaswant Singh is right in making Jinnaha a Hero , will this help us in any way . Media shud understand its role and own responsibility in building a Nation .