Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is Rain angry at us ??

Mother Nature angry with us all ??

Rain  Is Moody, If Not Angry ?? She(monsoon) was supposed to be here by now, but changed the plan and went absconding .  Is this delay of Monsoon the result of Global warming ?? Rain was good before, and was on time, until Mankind played with Mother Nature. Remember we have only one Planet to live on. So lets learn to live in harmony with Mother nature.
It has been 15 days since it Rained first and unusually for July season, no sign of it coming back. Dry spells loom large over the area. The much awaited rains are nowhere tobe seen, it look’s like Rainy season is late this year. On daily basis clouds gather in the sky to tease us, blinks at us and vanishes without coming down . This has caused lot of pain to me. Its not the Hot & Humid weather Iam worried about, but the fate of Farmers who have already sowed their seed's and eagerly waiting to see their land in wet. Thought of those farmers who are on verge of losing this season crop bring's unbearable pain unto me.
As I travel to my Home Town during my Weekends , I spend quite a time standing at Train door watching the country side. As for my eye cud see, the paddy/cotton fields are empty on both the sides of railway track. I’am sadden to see farmers toiling in fields  and Rain playing a spoil sport with his destiny. Farmer have planted paddy/cotton just after the first rain hit the soil , but because of no rain in fortnight they are forced to “replant” the seeds, this has burdened their budget heavily. My poor farmers who feed the country live in very extreme conditions.  If those hovering clouds show some mercy and come down before the end of this month, which I expect it will, then my farmers are saved.

When first Rain hit the ground, I was jubilant and my heart danced in happiness. As I said in my old post, I loved those pitter-platter noise of Rain. Little did I know then, that it can with held its journey toward me and cause me the trauma. All these years I thought someone I knew since ages, is the only fickle minded in this Universe, now it looks like she has the company of Rain, that makes TWO in my life.

As I sit at my office desk and see light dimming outside thru the tinted window glass panes, I come out of office, in hope of rainfall. I scramble my neck and turn my face towards those clouds hanging above to come down and kiss my face. It did come but not in the number, I wanted. It was just for brief, drizzled and stopped for no particular reason. Now it has become a routine job daily morning for me to watch Satellite pictures and Weather report in anticipation of Rain. These weather reports have become a big joke and mocking. No one these days take seriously Met-Dept broadcasting of rainfall day after day, as those reports never materializes.

O' My Rain , My Beautiful Rain, do come down once. You been blinking at me for a fortnight now, but never come down to be with me . Pl unlock the skies and start pouring over me. Let my Heart quicken by your presence . Come down to bring smile on my face, Come down to quench the thirst of soil, Come down to enrich it with green vegetation and Come down to make the destiny of my poor farmers. O’ my Beautiful Rain, Please come down once.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Telangana 'Vanta Varpu' huge success, Lakhs of Hyderabadi's came on to streets.

Hyderabad Hamara Hain !
Telangana Ka Shaan Hain !!

Politicians, Freedom fighters, Businessmen, Govt Employees, Teachers, Civil right activists, Daily laborers,  Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, IT professionals and students came along with their families together on Hyderabad's roads Sunday for 'vanta vaarpu' or a cook-and-eat agitation to demand a separate Telangana state. Hundreds of  thousands people from all walks of life set up kitchens on roads, cooked food and ate it. Men joined hands with women in helping cutting vegetables , preparing breakfast and lunch at several places in the city . This programme turned up to be a big hit , Stoves were lit in 1500 different places in Hyderabad & Secunderabad and in a rough estimation more than 20,000 stoves were lit to feed the Telangana protagonists.

Thousands of stoves were lit on the roads of HYD as part of "Hyd Cooks on the Roads" . An estimated 3-4 lakh Hyderabadi's have participated in this novel protest . Such a big number of community kitchens on roads in one particular city has never happened any time, anywhere on this planet Earth . This is some kind of World Record, and an eye opener to Seemandhra plutocrats . Interesting thing is most of them carried their own domestic gas stove and other groceries, vegetables to their nearest road. Men who never make their own Tea/Coffee at home were seen helping their wives in cutting vegetables and stirring the curry/rice on stove.

In Banjara Hills?Jubilee Hills Constituency and at Basvataraka cancer hospital almost 1000 stoves were lit . At Gun Park more than 800 stoves were lit to cook food. If this is the number at these Junction's , then Imagine how many thousands of stoves mite be burning on sunday in other parts of Hyd city .

The world history has recorded the French and Russian revolution, where the respective governments never cared for the demand of democratic self rule and ignored the majority . American revolution was the result of Colonist approach of England(Europe) where it simply looted their resources and levied heavy taxation . Now the world history has a new chapter under the category of revolution and that is of Telangana revolution, it has the aura of all the above revolutions. Like French & Russian revolution there is every chance that 'Czars' of Seemandhra govt being overthrown in a civilian “Coup”. History repeats itself coz most people are ignorant of its lessons.

Who said Telangana war is over ? The real war has just started. Tens or perhaps Hundred’s of thousands have took to the streets of Hyderabad on Sunday to express their solidarity with  Telangana warriors. After watching the pictures on my TV screen , I can say with  authority that there’s something in AIR in Telangana . A ‘Fury’ which I and many people in my region can sense it .That can lead to an big explosion which will burn the present dictatorial regime seems to be inevitable , unless the demand for separate state is fulfilled . Compared to Million March , a better sense seems to have prevailed over Seemandhra Police. Like last few months this time they did not dared to unleash state-terror which wud have the consequences of violent , entrenched and impudent and may have led to horrible results.

The sudden rise of Telangana tide in Hyderabad city on Sunday has blocked the minds of SA-Media & Seemandhra Plutocrats. They never expected such a high uprising for Telangana in an cosmopolitan Hyderabad city.  The questions that continued to disturb them are : How cud T-JAC organise ‘Cook and Eat’ program on such a massive scale ? How cud Hyderabad middle class people comprising women who are always shy to participate in any protest ever have sided with the Telangana revolutionaries on Sunday ?? How the unity was achieved in the class driven society , that from IAS officers to Hamali’s (daily wagers) dined , danced ,cheered , clapped  for Telangana cause, forgetting their Class disparities?  In their hearts, SA-Media & Plutocrats now acknowledge that this revolution is one of the biggest seismic event in Independent India , that has devastating effect to uproot their corrupt-dictatorial regime from Telangana .

 The narcissistic propaganda of SA-Media that Telangana sentiment has no place in cosmopolitan like city Hyderabad , now stands shattered with the success of ‘Vanta Varpu’(cook & eat on streets) program .The chains of slavery induced by Seemandhra Plutocrats in Hyderabad city is now seen broken by the Telangana revolutionaries . The high rise of tide of “self rule” is very much evident today on the streets of Hyderabad with the massive participation of civil society in “Vanta-Varpu” (cook & eat on streets) .  With grand success of Vanta-Varpu , the morale of Telangana revolutionaries is understandably  very high, for their noble cause of self rule , dignity , and freedom of their region.

The greatest achievement of this ‘Vanta-Varpu’ is that , though lakhs of people have come out on to streets not one Seemandhra felt insecure or threatened . Its worth a mention that many of Seemandhra settlers in kukatpally ,Ameerpet & LB Nagar  have voluntarily participated in Vanta-Varpu and extended their support for Telangana cause. This has clearly exhibited that ordinary Semmandhraite living for their livelihood in Hyderabad has no reservations of what so ever against Telangana formation .

Seemandhra governmet has tried its level best to create the obstacles by warning of stern actions if stoves are lit on streets , but that dint stopped Telanganite’s to come on to streets.  There will be more obstacles created by Seemandhra regime on the way to Telangana formation, but make no mistake all such obstacles will be overcome by the Telangana Warriors triumphantly. With this kind of spirit, Telangana will be Free from Slavery very soon .

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hyderabadi will cook & eat on street for Telangana on 19th June 2011

Vanta - Varpu
 19th June 2011
Streets Of Hyderabad
9 A.M to 2.30 P.M


The Telangana Joint Action Committee (T-JAC) has given call to all Hyderabadi’s to come on the Streets for “Vanta Varpu” (cook & eat) on 19th June 2011 . As part of Vanta-Varpu,  people would cook and eat food on roadside. Vanta-Varpu will be a new beginning of final battle towards Telangana formation. The T-JAC has chalked out strategy by meeting localities across the HyderabadNearly 5 Lakh Hyderabadi’s are expected to participate in this novel protest program. TJAC has cautiously chosen Sunday an holiday  for the protest, so that denizens don’t face hardships coz of the Protest. The JAC is confident that people from all 150 divisions, including Ranga Reddy dist, would participate in the protest.
According to TJAC Convener Sri Kodanda Ram, the protestors would block the roads  to cook & eat on the streets from morning 9 A.M- 2.30 P.M. This is one kind of Community Kitchen now used as an protest tool all across the Hyderabad to mount pressure on UPA Govt to declare Telangana State. This novel protest will be replicated during Rail roko agitation in coming days . Protestors will erect make shift Kitchens on all the railway tracks and stop the movement of Trains Indefinitely. There are plans to lay siege of HYD on par with March 10th Million March in coming days. Lakhs of Telanganite’s  from 10 Districts, wud march towards HYD to lay siege and liberate it forcefully from the clutches of Seemandhra plutocrats  .

హైదరాబాద్ బస్తి లో మంట పెట్టాలి దాని సెగ డిల్లి కి తాకాలి .

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Beatiful Rain .

Thank You, My Beautiful Rain !!!

I have seen clouds gathering in sky , Dark clouds have descended over the city. It rained heavily, first rain of the season was bit stormy this morning . Rain is one of the few things that make me Happy. Rainy days are lovely, Its pure pleasure for me. It makes my mood , it unlocks  passion . I am always mesmerized by rain fall. And just to make me Happy , Rain is here, Thank You, My Beautiful Rain .

Wot a relief, when rain drops touches your skin after hot blistering summer. It really awesome feeling to get drenched in rain and  have all the fun , where as others run to hide under shelters. I also love sitting inside, watching the rain trickle down my window, as I listen to my favourite music and bite hot bajjiya and pakora’s (eateries) with a cup of hot tea.

After scorching heat and dust now its play time to get drenched in rain . The coolness just before and after rain fall is so soothing. Its so refreshing . How beautiful is this 'City Shower' which is taking away the heat, dust and bringing much needed coolness. And when Rain rinses your hair it is a diff feeling altogether. I love those droplets when they fall and kiss your face . And I enjoy seeing water dripping down drop by drop from Leaves tip , that’s a treat to eye’s . Not to forget Rain brings beautiful Rainbow .
I'am an 'avid' rain sniffer, I sniff  the smell of mud as long as its in Air . I like smell of mud after rain, it’s my all time favourite. It smells good after first rain hits the soil. When Smell of the mud hits my nostrils instantly creates the mood and is just earth-shattering and life altering . There's no match to this smell of mud . I always have a strong urge to 'bottle it' (smell of mud) and save it .

Rain in cities when falls on parked cars, canopies, on tin roofs, it is  very noisy but musical. It’s mother nature’s music, its so original .  The sound rain makes while touching the ground is like a soothing music to ears, blissfully,  its natures own musical concert . It’s the most beautiful sound ever I heard , I like the pitter-patter noise of rain. The feel is too good !!   There is something romantic about Rain, which I’am not able to express it , its not easy to explain .

The first Rain in cities , I was told is bit hazardous and Acidic coz of rampant pollution. So it better to stay inside and watch thru window, rather to get drenched in acidic rain and get sick. So sometimes science knowledge can play spoil sport.

I remember my childhood days when I was  not allowed to go out in rain by my parents . I cud not understand then why they stop me, but was always miffed at not being allowed to drench and get wet. Whenever it start to rain, I wud always sit by the  side of window and watch drops tickling down the window and rivulets forming . Once the rivulets form, I use to hope for Rain to stop , so that I can make paper boats and see it navigating in those rivulets . Not just rivulets , I also loved puddles , I always watched my own reflection in those puddles and throw small pebbles to watch my reflection as ripples formed. When I get bore watching Rain , I wud count thunders/lightening .

As a child those funful memories of walking in rain, splashing in puddles are still fresh in mind . Rain during schooldays was a good excuse to bunk school and stay at home, do nothing. I remember once I asked my father what was the rattling/rumbling sound during the lightening in sky . May be then he was in a funny mood and said its “Ratham" (chariot) of Lord Krishna and Arjuna , both are passing by and that’s the sound of Ratham wheels “ . I really believed it until my science teacher explained me . Even today when I hear that rattling/rumbling sound, first thing that strikes my mind is of Lord Krisha’s Ratham.

  Unlike Coastal Andhra , here in Telangana,  Rain is not that strong or windy. But at times, as a result of squalls, trees are uprooted and power supply gets disrupted, still it(squalls) clears of very easily.  With hot humid summer gone now  we don’t need to close all window’s and turn on A/c , that in turn burns our pocket . Hereafter we all can sleep cool(good) with windows open and fresh cool air gushing in .

With first rain of the season hitting the ground, I’am signing off with windows open for a cool breeze to take over me for a gud nite sleep. I wish you guys sleep good too !!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ravanlila at Ramlila grounds, Baba Ramdev's voice gaged by Italian Doll.

4th June 1989 armed forces barbarity at Tianmen Square , China
4th June 2011 police  forces brutality  at Ramlila Garden , India

Baba Ramdev’s arrest is most unfortunate and condemnable . Shame for the country that a Swami Ji who raised voice against corruption is arrested and corrupt union minister like Dayanidhi Maran is out in open . This shud be an wake up call for all Hindus . Sonia diatribe against Hindu Swami Ji’s is well known . After the arrest of Kanch Shankaracharya on Diwali by Christian YSR in andhra , Killing of Hindu swamiji lakshamananda by Christian militia after a secret visit of Rahul Gandhi , arresting  Sadhvi Pragya  in a fake  bomb blast case , and now she see a threat in Baba Ramdev and plan for his encounter .

On  15 August,1947 , When world slept India was awoke to taste the freedom . Sadly after 64 years as India sleeps Italian Doll Sonia Gandhi unleashes Armed forces on sleeping Women & Children at Delhis Ramlila maidan to Gag the voice of an Hindu Saint Sri Ramdev Ji Maharaj who raised voice against the Corruption .  Nation was aghast to see the pictures of Police barbarity on old men & women who had come to assemble and protest peacefully . Nation for sure repents silently for have voted the  followers of Italian Dictator Mussolini . May be time has come for we Indians to wage another ‘Freedom Struggle’ against the Italian Doll.

India was under foreign domination for last 2000 years , in 1947 15 August we thought  India got Independence and turned into a Democratic state , where in Individuals freedom to speech and protest will be protected . Yesterday midnight coup on Ramdevji has proved beyond the point that India is no more an Free and Democratic country . India is still under foreign rule , Britishers left Italian Doll took over the countrys reign. In democratic country one Single family (Gandhi/Nehru family ) will nor rule for 50-55 years and rob its money to stash in foreign banks. But sadly this is the story of Independent India.

The people who were attacked by police inside pandal were fasting for last 24 hours . And have travelled hundreds of miles and have come from different parts of the country .  They were just thrown out on to streets in middle of night . Govt did not take responsibility of their safety nor made any arrangements to send them to their native places .This Govt does not have courage to act in daylight and took the help of midnight to unleash terror on sleeping people . Only thieves attack sleeping people during nights.

When an Muslim was arrested in Australia over Terror charges our noble PM MM Singh shamelessly said that he lost his sleep over the fact that a Indian Muslim was harassed in foreign country . But I’am now sure PM MM Singh mite not have lost any sleep seeing thousands of Hindu women and children harassed in his own city . Yep, different feelings for Hindu’s and Muslim’s , still we call our country a Secular.

To blame Ramdev Ji the congress has started malign game thru their stooge TV channels NDTV & CNN-IBN , with no guilt. Sonia Gandhi's boot lickers Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt , Pranoy Roy has started smear campaign on their TV channels against Baba Ramdev . Rahul Kanwal( Headlines Today) has snubbed Baba's demands as 'Dhobi list' thus showed his foolishness . For sure Kanwal will be rewarded well by Italian Doll. English media has become part of this malign game . Nation is watching their proceedings and will vaporise these English media houses in Air.

Just like Britisher’s Italian Congress has started dividing Hindus,Muslims, Xtians . Italian Congress is showcasing RSS in a degraded manner and trying to keep Muslims, Xtians away from mainstream . Not to forget when Anna Hazare sat on satyagraha , Italian Congress said the same that RSS is behind Anna Hazare. It  now looks like that Sonias party has certified RSS to be patriotic and is above corruption. That mite the reason that all pious people waging war against Sonia's corrupt regime are taking the help of patriotic RSS.

Kashimiri Terrorists Like Geelani , Shah can organise meetings in New Delhi and talk of truncating Kashmir from Inida . Congress is never mindful of these Islamic Terrorist spitting venom over the unity of country. But when an Hindu Swamiji takes up the gauntlet and talks of  bringing back Black money, is not just stopped but bundled  out of Delhi . Islamic Jihadis anti national talk is OK for Congress because it gets side kicks and has eye on Muslim Vote bank . And now because Baba Ramdev Ji is a Hindu Saint,  his peaceful satyagraha was stopped and he was also bundled off. Britishers were far better than the Italian Dictator  Sonia Gandhi, atleast in Jalian Walah Bagh , Unlike our Italian Sonia regime, they dint fire on people who were sleeping .

Islamic Sharukh Khan tries to belittle Baba Ramdev saying, Baba shud mind his own business & not talk about corruption. Sharukh Khan supports 2G Scamster Karim Morani but criticizes Hindu Swami Baba Ramdev. Really Funny. Does Elephant (Baba Ramdev) need a Dog's (Sharukh) push to move forward?? BTW: We Hindus made this Islamic JERK a Superstar. Now Repent Hindu's. Think MILLION times before you support a ISLAMIC jihadi, hereafter

The protesting group of Satyagrahi's have used all peaceful methods to in order to express their reservation against the loot done by the politicians and plutocrats . These peaceful protests under the leadership of Hindu Swami ji Ramdev has assembled to voice the concern of the Nation staging a Hunger Strike , with chants of “ Vandemataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” . These patriotic slogans have irritated Italian Sonia Gandhi and in turn has ordered to do a Tianmen Square at Delhi . Women and Children sleeping in the pandal were beaten up , old people who were leaving the premises were chased and youth were selectively dragged and targeted by Sonia’s armed forces . This incident has refreshed the the tragic memories of Chinese Tianmen Square .

India does not need enemies from outside , Sonia Gandhi is doing what Taliban did to Pakistan from inside . Where is Amul-Baby Rahul Gandhi who did ‘natak’ going to UP to console the farmers who were beaten by the police . Where is this Amul Baby hiding now ? Have your say on the despotic act of your Mom.  Why don’t you come out on to streets and apply balm to people . Your dynasty double standards are now exposed , get ready Amul-Baby , you and your Mom will be packed and sent back to Italy . We Indians are better off with out your dynasty and be assured we Indians can take care of ourselves .

This kind of incident might not have happened even in failed country like Pakistan , seeing pictures on their TV channels , even ordinary Pakistanis mite be laughing at our Indian Democracy. Now India want to know why Sonia Gandhi want to kill Baba Ramdev in an police encounter . She is more infamous for her past life , her links with KGB and Opus-Dei shud be investigated. It was clever act by the police who set main stage on fire so that a stamped can happen and people die .  In this confusion it hatched to execute the Baba Ramdev . Supreme Court shud intervene and investigate and Sonia Gandhi role shud be also investigated .

The insults heaped on Hindu Swami Ramdev Ji by Italian Doll regime, reminds me of the insult done to CHANAKYA in Pataliputra by Nanda rulers, the result was birth of heroic Chandragupta and thus Bharath Varsh was unified . Also, I remember how Lord Hanuman was insulted at Ravanasura's Lanka and the result was Lanka dahanam . History is now going to repeat the same and teach a lesson to 'Soorpanaka' Sonia Gandhi .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My commentary on Gajendra Moksham

My Understanding of Epic Gajendra Moksham.

I have said umpteen times that I’m an Agnostic. The reason for repeating the same is my below write-up, it  shud not be viewed/understood as my changed views.  I wrote the below lines keeping my Agnostic philosophy at bay. So, my write-up shud be seen as mere narration of characters and shud not attributed to my views wholly or partially. This time, I desist writing something nasty on GOD .  Last time when I did it on Facebook, it hurt my cousin Sis’ . So vowed not to repeat it.

Gajendra Moksham , It always  makes me emotional . The desperate plea of Elephant and Lord Vishnu descending to protect his devotee has always attracted my attention . There are many morals to this story. One of the moral of Gajendra Moksham is that, there is no disaster from which Lord Vishnu wud not protect . Thus, he is often called as Lord Of Protection.  This story is all about telling the Vishnu devotees that when all other Dharma’s (means) fails then go for  his “ Sharanagatha” (Total surrender to Bhagawan) .  It is widely believed  that if one chants  the Gajendra Moksha stotram, one gets the liberation from Birth & Death cycle. The following story of Gajendra Moksha which I’ am going to narrate is from Srimad Bhagavatham .

The whole story of Gajendra Moksham is  about surrendering to Lord Vishnu . It tell us that Lord Vishnu is not just the forgiver but also protector of those in distress. In simple, One who surrenders to Lord Vishnu in turn HE surrenders to you.  This story also tells us that Lord Vishnu’s love for his devotees is not undermined by Race, Creed or Economic status.  His Love is same towards all the Jeeva (living things) on this planet.

The Story begins with Gajendra the most ferocious Elephant in the forest moves with his wives and cubs uprooting trees, bamboos and what ever came in its path with glowing pride.  Gajendra along with his wives and cubs on hot humid day marches to the lake to cool off in its fresh waters. The elephant was so powerful that all animals were scared and ran away from its path to hid until the herd moved out . The cruelest tigers, lions, rhinos, jackals all feared looking at the might of Gajendra . This has made the Elephant proud to see other species running away from its sight and taking shelter in bushes.

This arrogance of Gajendra has halted its thought process. It steps into water as its thirsty and also want to bath, so that it can collect Lotus flowers to be offered to Lord Vishnu as its Prayer. The pond was full of beautiful Lotus and Lilly Flowers , which made the Gajendra happy , thinking each of the herd can collect the flowers and offer to his Lord Vishnu . Gajendra powered with brute strength has totally ignored the fact that the pond is a natural habitat of mighty crocodiles and they rarely spare any trespassers.

Here the moral of Gajendra Moksham depicts  the strength and power of the elephants while moving in herds. This is exactly how a Human behaves when he is surrounded with his relatives and friends during the ones hay days. Proud , ferocious , ruthless , not caring for anyone as long he has numbers behind him . This is where our arrogance sways away from realising the immediate threat’s . In these situations we can not expect Elephant to know, where we humans have failed to conquer our senses.

As it nears the beautiful pond decorated with all kinds of Lotus, Lilly  flowers , Gajendra,  lordly leads his family  towards the pond and takes a plunge into the water . The sweet and flower flavoured water makes him happy and drank as much as it can and quenches his thirst and throws away the remaining. Gajendra was so pre-occupied with his self importance and was showering the plucked Lotus and Lilly flowers all over his female elephants and cubs . This self importance of Gajendra has undermined the impending danger to its own life .

Well , the Moral of Gajendra Moksham tells us that, We just like Gajendra in our happy playful days are so arrogant that we fail to see anything outside the materialistic  world in which we live in . Here the Gajendra who had come to Pond with his Wives and Cubs shud have quenched his thirst and left . Instead he displays his brute strength plucking all the flowers and showering on his wives . Wasting the water by sucking it with his trunk and throwing it away . This is exactly what we Humans do , we showcase our riches by wasting the money on all not so needed  materialistic things .

The lordly Gajendra’s luck fell short . It felt its mighty leg got stuck to something in water . Neither it was  weeds , nor the flowers where his leg got caught. Its something as strong as himself. It was very painful , mighty Gajendra was not able to bear it any more . It took not much of time for Gajendra to understand that dreaded crocodile has caught his huge leg between its sharp teeth’s .

Mighty Gajendra can feel the sharp teeth’s of crocodile deeply piercing his flesh and bones . As it does the pain multiplies and  becomes much unbearable for Gajendra . He  does gather all his strength to pull away from the  crocodile . Knowing crocodile is stronger in water he does try to drag it off to bank , but all his efforts seem to be futile . As Gajendra battling with mighty crocodile , the herd consisting of wives and cubs were helpless, they moved away leaving Gajendra to its fate .

The Moral of Gajendra Moksham, tells us that arrogant’s  luck is always short lived. The narration here deals very sensitively about the worldly relationships we get into and in time of need how they are helpless . He tells us that in death and distress only Bhagwan can protect us and no one else including our kith and kin for whom we devout all our life, will abandon us.  Gajendra sees everyone else has abandoned him midway and goes into oblivion .

Gajendra had a fat body and a fat MIND to match it. All  his life he lived along with his brute strength . Now suddenly finds his strength and power is being challenged . The teeth of crocodile were cracking the bones and tearing apart the living tissues . The pain has accumulated into burning sensation . He lost lot of blood and comes to his senses that he won’t survive , unless someone comes to his rescue. Gajendra discovers the hopeless situation he is in . Then he suddenly remembers , The Protector of All, Sri Vishnu .

When everything fails , a HOPE arises . That is the HOPE of Almighty God .  Man is always surrounded  by ‘Maya’( illusions) and he becomes egoistic . In despair when  he comes face to face with hardships and everything else  fails then he remembers the Bhagawan.  Until then Man doesn’t even acknowledges the existence of GOD.
Gajendra now starts praying for Lord Vishnu . Calls him, The Protector, and does “sharanagatha” (Total Surrender) takes shelter in HIM . Elephant  pleads Lord Vishnu  to save him and praises him as All Merciful. He begs Lord Vishnu to save him from Death and grant MUKTHI (salvation) from yet another cycle of Life & death .  Gajendra realises that he is not the Body , but the SOUL and pleads Lord Vishnu to give him eternal MOKSHA.

The Moral of the Gajendra Moksham is, Just  like elephant , we humans too  remember Bhagawan only  when we face the most impossible situation . It tells us that in need of help from him do “ sharangathi” , surrender to him totally . He alone can save you from the clutches of Life & Death .

As an when Lord Vishnu hears the cry of Gajendra , he rushes to rescue the elephant . He himself comes without wasting any time than necessary. Lord Vishnu was in such a hurry to save his devotee Gajendra that his upper garment was not even in its right place . He seated on ‘Garuda’ wastes no time  to descend at lake . Decorated with his lethal weapon , Sudarshan Chakra (Discus) dawns the avatar of Protector of his devotee .  He sent his Sudarshan Chakra to kill Crocodile and thus saved his devotee Gajendra . Elephant and Crocodile both were cursed in their last birth, now attains their original form and thus attained Moksha.

The Moral of the Gajendra Moksha is , Bhagawan wastes no time when his devotees need help . He himself descends from “Sri Vaikuntam” to protect his loved ones . To kill crocodile, he cud have sent his Sudarshan Chakra from his abode. But Lord Vishnu is so passionate about the welfare of his devotees that he himself personally take care of them. He protects those who surrender to him totally and never differentiate his devotees .

Gajendra Moksham in KALIYUGA

The below ferocious fight between Gajendra and crocodile was pictured at Luangwa River in the South Luangwa National Park, ZAMBIA (Africa). 

Did Divine Lord Vishnu descended again by the lake to save the Gajendra ? Otherwise it is impossible for elephant to come out of the grip of Crocodile.