Thursday, May 28, 2009

28th May - Veer Savarkar Jayanti

"Hinduize Politics and Militarize Hindus "


-- Veer Savarkar

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, commonly known as Swatantryaveer Savarkar was a fearless freedom fighter, social reformer, writer, dramatist, poet, historian, political leader and philosopher. He remains largely unknown to the masses because of the vicious propaganda against him and misunderstanding around him that has been created over several decades. This website attempts to bring the life, thought, actions and relevance of Savarkar before a global audience.

Veer Savarkar - A legend

  • The first political leader to daringly set Absolute Political Independence as India's goal (1900).
  • The first Indian political leader to daringly perform a bonfire of foreign (English) clothes (1905).
  • The first Indian to organize a revolutionary movement for India's Independence on an international level (1906).
  • The first Indian law student who was not called to the English Bar despite having passed his examination and observed the necessary formalities, for his activities to seek India's freedom from the British (1909).
  • The only Indian leader whose arrest in London caused legal difficulties for British Courts and whose case is still referred to in the interpretations of the Fugitive Offenders Act and the Habeas Corpus (Rex Vs Governor of Brixton Prison, ex-parte Savarkar)
  • The first Indian historian whose book on the 1857 War of Independence was proscribed by British Authorities in India even before its publication. The Governor General had asked the Postmaster General to confiscate copies of the book six months before the book was officially banned (1909).
  • The first political prisoner whose daring escape and arrest on French soil became a cause celebre in the International Court of Justice at The Hague. This case was mentioned in many International Treaties at that time (1910).
  • The first graduate whose degree was withdrawn by an Indian University for striving for India's freedom (1911).
  • The first poet in the world who, deprived of pen and paper, composed his poems and then wrote them on the prison walls with thorns and nails, memorized ten thousand lines of his poetry for years and later transmitted them to India through his fellow-prisoners who also memorized these lines.
  • The first revolutionary leader who within less than 10 years gave a death-blow to the practice of untouchability in the remote district of Ratnagiri while being interned there.
  • The first Indian leader who successfully started -
    • A Ganeshotsava open to all Hindus including ex-untouchables (1930).
    • Interdining ceremonies of all Hindus including ex-untouchables (1931).
    • "Patitpavan Mandir", open to all Hindus including ex-untouchables (22 February 1931).
    • A cafe open to all Hindus including ex-untouchables (01 May 1933).
  • The first political prisoner in the world who was sentenced to Transportation for Life twice, a sentence unparalled in the history of the British Empire.
  • The first political leader to embrace death voluntarily by way of Atma Samarpan in the highest tradition of Yoga (1966).


Monday, May 25, 2009

Lord Hanuman keertans keep Youth busy in Hyderabad

Spirituality rocks like never before
Pic: Above group of students conduct keertan sessions in Hyderabad city to initiate youngsters into Spirituality.

Forget grooving to angst-filled rock anthems, a group of youngsters in the city are finding solace in religious keertans now. Meet the members of the ‘Babosa Commando Force’— a group of Hanuman bhakths who are conducting special keertan sessions every sunday at different venues in the city. These young devotees — all college students — hope to initiate other youngsters into spiritualism through their endeavour.

Pankaj Bothra, a student of Aurora Degree College, who organises these keertans, says “Sometimes people ask us to do keertans at their houses on certain occasion like birthdays, anniversaries. After the keertans session, we share our spiritual experiences and tell people how we have benefitted from our faith in Lord Hanuman. And this service is completely free,” says Pankaj Bothra,

And spiritual inclination is just one of the many reasons. Many of these youngsters swear by these soothing keertans to de-stress themselves. Sumit Goenka, a MBA graduate from IIPM and a member of the Babosa Commando Force, says, “Singing these keertans emanate a sense of well-being puts all the uncertainties and doubts in the mind to rest. Every Sunday from 5 to 6.30 pm, my mind is completely devoid of all worries or tensions of any kind,” he says.

“Moreover, I don’t go to temples regularly so I try to appease the Lord by singing these
keertans,” quips Sumit.

A need to “connect to his roots” drew Vicky Golecha, a student, to the group. “It’s sad youngsters today completely shun their roots. Praying or visiting temples is not ‘hip’ enough for them. They should not forget to seek blessings of the Lord in every venture that they take up. I have benefitted from doing this and I want everyone else to do it too,” says Vicky.

Teaming up with Vicky is Paras Kothari, a student of SVG Degree College, who grew up watching his parents worship Hanuman. “After certain incidents in my life, my faith only got stronger. And by singing keertans, I hope to increase interest in spirituality among youngsters,” he says.


Chiranjeevi of Praja Rajyam , an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman .

God is present in every atom .

By Chiranjeevi

I am an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman. When I was in the 8th standard, I was taught the Hanuman Chalisa by a local priest of a Hanuman temple. Since then I have been in the habit of reciting it to seek solace from the problems of this material world.

When I was trying to get a break in films in Chennai, I used to visit all Hanuman temples to seek the Almighty’s blessings.

My original name is Shiva Shankara Vara Prasad. It was changed to Chiranjeevi, which is another name of Lord Hanuman, for my entry into the Telugu film industry.
My belief is that God observes all our deeds and judges us after we die.

My day starts with a prayer to Lord Hanuman. In fact, my mother, Anjani Devi, whose name is taken from the name of Lord Hanuman’s mother, nurtured fear of God in me. Every year I visit Tirumala with my family members to seek the blessings of Lord Venkateswara. For me God is present in every person and in every atom of the universe. I admire nature and believe that divinity is everywhere.

Some people do not believe in God, even though we are witnesses of the Almighty’s holy manifestations on earth. I do not find fault with them. But if God doesn’t exist, then who created this astonishing world?
All religions speak of universal love and compassion. However, some people try to interpret religion for their own sake, which causes problems.

— Chiranjeevi is an actor-turned-politician

Source: DeccanChronicle

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hindus take a stand and Vote enmasse

Will Sonia Gandhi and Congress answer these ??

1. Who created Bhindreanwala?

2. Who was responsible for nellie(assam) massacre?

3. Who ordered the IPKF misadventure leading to death of 1000 Indian soldiers in Srilanka?

4. Who opened the locks at Ram Janambhoomi?

5.who was responsible for bofors scam?

6. Why quatrocchi was never arrested and now revoked Interpol arrest warrant?

7.Why did we lose 2/3 Kashmir to Pakistan?

8. Why were intelligence reports regd Chinese aggression in 1962 ignored?

9.Why is the govt silent on recent Chinese incursions into India?

10. Who has played vote bank politics to allow Bangladeshis into India?

11)Why did Congress not tried to release Bhagat Singh and others before signing Irwin Pact?

12)Why did Congress support the British Govt in 1942.Why did they allowed further 5 years of slavery?

13)Why was army not allowed to flush out Pakistanis from Kashmir completely?

14)Why did Congress Govt embark on a foolish NAM crusade and later spit on it by voting against Iran?

15)Why did Congress not act alongwith US and others to curb Chinese agression of Tibet?

16)Why was is Sino-Indian war documents still secret?

17)Why did Congress return Lahore without asking for Kashmir in exchange at Tashkent?

18)Why did Congress impose emergency?

19)Why were those responsible for emergency atrocities never charged?

20)Why there is silence on Netaji’s disappearance?

21. Why isnt a single Congressman still punished for the Sikh Riot case?

22. Why were terrorists released in exchange of Mufti's daughter?

23. Would the Congress take responsibility for any further deaths in IC-814 if Jaswant Singh hadnt got the terrorists released?

24. Why is the Congress not putting pressure on Agriculture Min Sharad Pawar when Farmers are dying everyday?

25. Why did the Congress take back SukhRam back in the party when he was found guitly in a huge Telecom Scam?

26. Why couldn't the Home Ministry prevent the Bomb Blasts at UP,Hyderabad, Mumbai..?

27. Why is the Congress sleeping over the naxal issue?

28. Why is the Congress so Quiet on Afzal Guru hanging ?

29. Why doesn’t it allow its Prime Minister to work independently keeping him at the mercy of 10 Janpath?

30. Why was Rahul Gandhi promoted to the post of General Seceratry of the party when the party lost 3 elections of which he was the STAR campaigner?

31. Why is it silent on Nandigram?

32. Why did price rise not figure in its agenda till the election year?

33. Why have prices risen by 80% in last 4 years?

34. Why was Operation Rhino in Assam suspended (against ULFA)?

35. Who dismissed the most number of governments in states which were in opposition to the congress?

36. Who has called Lord Rama a myth?

37.Why has Dawood not been arrested till now?

38. Why are super cops who terminate Mafia’s, being sidelined?

39. In whose reign have most scams occurred?

40. Who betrayed Indians long time friend, Iran bowing to US and voted against it in UN?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rahul Gandhi scared of FBI, avoids visiting USA

Rahul Gandhi too scared of visiting USA

Top Dark Political Secret of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi

On September 27, 2001 Rahul Gandhi MP and his Columbian live in girl friend of Kerala backwater tourist centre fame, Juanita alias Veronique, was arrested in United States of America’s Logan airport in Boston, by the FBI. Rahul was having an Italian passport and was carrying suitcase full of dollars. Some say it was about was it $2 million. This huge dollar amount generated suspicion with the US authorities. Rahul and his girl friend was thus detained by FBI. FBI suspected that Rahul was carrying terrorist funds or drug money for laundering in US. Rahuls GF is an daugter of an Columbian Drugs dealer .

What money Rahul Gandhi was carrying? Was it another Bofors type pay off? Was it Columbian drug money on behalf of his Columbian girl friend? Or was it fund for Osama Bin Laden group, as it is known that the Muslim terrorists are using Christians as front men for laundering terrorist funds as the normal banking channels are being monitored by FBI.

Pix: Rahul Gandhi & his columbian GF Veronica(Veroinique) a.k.a Junaita

Rahul called his mother Sonia Gandhi in India . In turn Sonia called Brijesh Mishra, the former National Security Advisor and a key aide to former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee at the Prime Ministers Office. Brijesh Mishra intervened on behalf of our PM Vajpayee with the US Administration for the release Rahul from FBI custody.Brijesh Mishra has strong connections with Sonia Gandhi's Italian family through his daughter Jyotsna. Jyotsna is married to an Italian and lives in Italy .

Rahul Gandhi was released only when the Indian Ambassador intervened and gave assurances to the State Department that Rahul Gandhi will be produced for any future enquiry by FBI. Not only that as a patriot, it was the duty of Brijesh Mishra to find out the reasons for the arrest and inform our CBI to take necessary further steps. Brijesh Mishra did not do any such thing. The incident clearly shows that Brajesh Mishra was working for Sonia Gandhi, that he had deep connections with US state department. In short Brijesh Mishra is a traitor.

In Sep 2004 when Washington played host to Young political sons, Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora, Jitin Prasada (all Congress Party), and Manvendra Singh (a lone BJP ) followed by liquor baron who got himself elected to a the Rajya Sabha, Vijay Mallya (Janata Party) and ever smiling Rajiv Shukla of the Congress. Yet one prominent face was missing which was that of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi didn't go to USA with the young politicians. It was Shukla who conceived the idea of the Indo-US Parliamentary Forum to create a counterpart to the India Caucus in the US House of Representatives. Rahul Gandhi had to avoid going to the U.S. forever, because of the pending police questions he could be arrested again by FBI if he ever steps in to US.

-Dharma Yodha