Tuesday, December 30, 2014

January 1st 2015 Sri Vaikunta Ekadasi .

January 1st Sri Vaikunta Ekadasi : It is most important Ekadasi of all. This day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In Balaji temples Vaikunta Dwaram is opened on this day, devotees believe, passing thru the Dwaram is as same as entering Vaikuntam (Lord Vishnu's abode). Hindus believe that gates to Heaven are opened on this day.

Vaikunta Dwaram in Temples will open on 4:30 AM on Jan 1st 2015. In USA & UK it falls on 31st December 2014 ( Do check with your Local temple priest).

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Amend the Holy Book to avoid Peshawar kind of attacks in future.

Does emotions arise with Media coverage ??? Looks like to some extent. Peshawar killings and aftermath media coverage made even those who stay in slumber to come out and condemn the dastardly act. Will these english educated sleeping beauties show same concern for those lakhs of Kashmir Hindu pandits who were brutalised by Islamaniacs and made to flee the valley, where they were living for centuries ?

Totally Agree, the crime on kids were barbarous and any sensible human will chastise . But where were these great souls when Indian cities were targeted by the same Jihadi tribe? Why dint these people ever came out to express their anguish, then??  Maybe they thought the dying people were fellow Hindus and need no solace worth a word. Even condolences have become Fashionable or Slavery mentality weighing  still large on our heart, mind & soul.

These are the same English educated people who to showcase their Liberal views on social media keep telling us Terrorism has no religion. Where as the perpetrators of crime keep chanting 'Allah-O-Akbar' before shooting children at point blank. Does our Libtards have guts to condemn the "Holy Book" which said to be the Inspiration for perpetrators to carry such dastardly act ?? These English educated Libtards are burden on Hindu society.

Stop being sly foxes by passing selective condolences hiding behind the computer in your drawing room or taking fashionable 'mombatii' protests  condemning attacks like that of Peshawar , check out its roots for the ultimate solution. Peace on earth is impossible until "Free World" unite in their demand to amend the "Holy Book".

Monday, December 8, 2014

Balagokulam in Hyderabad.

"Balagokulam" is yet another offshoot of RSS just like Seva-Bharati & Tech-For-Seva. Balagokulam is for kids who are 5 years and above. Last week, Balagokulam Kids from 37 centres in HYD came together for their Annual event.

Balagokulam is a voluntary organization which is striving to instil pride and confidence in children about our culture and nation. Through a wide variety of interesting and fun activities like Games, Stories, Bhajans, Shlokas, Arts and Crafts, the forum imparts time-tested values such as patriotism, service, discipline, courage, for building a dynamic personality out of children.

 There are 37 Balagokulam centers throughout Hyderabad where more than 800 children participate on a weekly basis. All the Balagokulam sessions are conducted absolutely free by team of dedicated & passionate Swayamsevaks.

For more Pix of the event , click https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1502006830078360.1073741827.1502003390078704&type=1

Monday, December 1, 2014

CHIGURU-2015 an Youth-For-Seva initiative in Hyderabad.

Chiguru - 2015 calling.

The grand CHIGURU will be organised in February , Youth-For-Seva (Seva Bharati) calls all to volunteer for the cultural & social event . YFS need at least 1000 Volunteers to train kids across several competitions and organize Chiguru on the Chiguru Day. Volunteers will be suitably placed across project locations based on interest and convenience.

CHIGURU is an platform for under privilege students who live in slums of Hyderabad and for students studying in Govt schools. Nearly 5000 students from 200 locations are expected to participate in painting, elocution, dance ,yoga, talent show, sports and many more events.

Come , Be part of the Change !!

Questions? Write to yfshyd@youthforseva.org |
Call Siddu 9494822118

Chiguru 2014 PIX : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.279435152212145.1073741846.115072315315097&type=3 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

'Durga Vahini' , VHP women's wing mammoth rally in Hyderabad old city.

"वह हिन्दू नारी है - पूल नहीं चिंगारी है "

Hundreds of #DurgaVahini ( Vishwa Hindu Parishad's women wing) Swayamsevika's have taken out mammoth vehicle rally in Hyderabad Old City on last sunday. Peoples of all walks of lives stood either side of the pavement to welcome the "Heroes". People gave "Aarthi" to the #DurgaVahini rally, showered flowers . Swayamsevikas carried "Bhagwa Dwaj" and sported saffron ribbons on head.

The grand message of the rally was to showcase the  "Shakti" The Power, of Hindu Women, make them believe in Hindutva and in our National ethos . Be strong and take pride of your Hindu Dharma , never be ashamed to say "Iam a Hindu".

It was one of the rarest sight to see such a huge rally of patriotic women. Participant #DurgaVahini Swayamsevikas raised slogans of "Vande Mataram" Bharat Mata Ki Jai", "Hindu Shakti - Rashtra Shakti" and "Hindu onka Hindu Desh" ( India belongs to Hindu's) . ***For them Muslims & Christians are Hindus by Nationality.

This #DurgaVahini rally showcases the fearless Hindu Women - Women brave enough to continue traditions of Rani Rudrama Devi, Ahalya Bai and Rani Lakshmi Bai. The participants hearts was as brave and daring as the stainless edge of the brave warrior's sword. The success of rally must been a worrying point for Owaisi Bro's and Muslim Jihadi elemets.

The rally started at Charminar Bhagyalakshmi temple and ended at Secunderabad Mahankali temple.

हिन्दू जागेगा तो - देश जागेगा
देश जागेगा - तो वीशवा जागेगा !

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Love Jihad : Questions raised by the pseudo-secular media and their answers !

Q1. Hindu young girls and Muslim youth have married in the past also, then why is there so much hue and cry about it now ?

Answer : 1. It is true that Hindu young girls and Muslims have married in the past and generally all the Hindu girls had to convert. Dilip Kumar’s (Yusuf Khan) sister had married a Hindu youth and he was converted into a Muslim. From this, we can see that even though fanatics are educated, they do not get converted but force others to convert. From this, we can get an idea of the very “love-jihad”.
2. Such incidents used to be very rare before, but now they are plenty. These actions are being planned and executed collectively. This has become a campaign which is being financed. 53 cases of this kind have been exposed in Merath District in Uttar Pradesh alone, in the last 45 days. From this we can judge how burning is this issue !
3. Fanatics have realised that it is impossible to implement jihad in Bharat on the strength of guns. Therefore, fanatics all over the world are busy with this kind of a “secret” war.
4. As jihadis were having their harem ((in former times) a separate part of a Muslim household reserved for wives, concubines, and female servants.) along with them and used to add Hindu women to it at every place, likewise love-jihad is the (you may call) a minor edition of the same.

Q2. Calling it ‘Love-jihad’, the issue is considered to be communal. But it has nothing to do with religion. It is a matter of love affair and a case can be registered of only cheating.

Answer : 1. Looking to the cases of love-jihad, it is being made clear that the girl involved in it is pressurized for conversion. That is how this topic is related to religion. Why not the true lover in such cases convert into a Hindu for the sake of loving the girl ?
2. Later these girls are used for religious work that is for jihad. They are considered to be the machines giving birth to infants or they are made prostitutes. Since these girls are used for jihad, the word “jihad” is quite appropriate.
3. With an intention of entrapping Hindu girls many fanatic youth are provided with vehicles, money etc. and they deceive girls by moving in the college-campus. All these youth belong to the same faith only and all of them target non-fanatic girls only. That is how it is evident that all this is connected to religion.
4. Although this is cheating, the basic intention is to convert the girl, to increase the number of the community, to take disadvantage of the girl, to endanger her life etc. Therefore there is no question of giving it a communal colour, in fact, it is a campaign by fanatics based on their very faith itself.

Q3. Are Pro-Hindu organizations and parties politicizing love-jihad ?

Answer : 1. Pro-Hindu organizations are not interested in any political gain from that. They want to protect their Dharma. That is why they are interested in this topic.
2. It is wrong to say that Pro-Hindu organizations are looking into the matter because they want to politicize the topic. Swatantryaveer Savarkar had said, “Conversion is rashtrantar (Changing nation). If Dharma is safeguarded, the nation survives. Therefore Pro-Hindu parties speaking about it, is like opposing rashtrantar.
3. Today Maratha Party demands reservation for Marathas, Muslim Party demands reservation for Muslims. Constitution has given them this right. In the same way, if a pro-Hindu party demands protection of women, then what is wrong in it ? Do those who are opposing the Pro-Hindu parties, not want that Hindu women be protected ?
4. Imam Bukhari invites fanatics to cast their votes on the basis of their faith; but so far none of the Pro-Hindu parties have invited their voters like this. If Pro-Hindu organizations are doing all this as their duty and if they get some political advantage, then why should they not take it ? Even Sharad Pawar says that there is nothing wrong in taking the advantage after giving reservations to Marathas.
5. Pro-Hindus are participating in this to protect Hindus’ existence. Political gain will be subsidiary for them.

Q4. Is love-jihad terrorism ?

Answer : Yes, love-jihad is a religious terrorism. The reasons are given ahead ….
1. Deceive Hindu young girls by entrapping them in love and rape them and convert them forcibly, is terrorism. As the same system being followed in all cases it is religious terrorism only.
2. Terrorist actions are done jointly through fanatic groups. Similarly, a fanatic group is involved in alluring Hindu girls. Even fanatic girls too assist them in entrapping Hindu girls in love-jihad.
3. Terrorists are financed by someone, the same way in love-jihad too someone is the financer.
4. The basic intention of Islamic jihadi terrorists is to make the whole world Islamic. Love-jihad too has the same intention.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma . Part IV . Daughter is same as Son.

"Matru devo bhava"
Revere your Mother as God
~ Taittiriya Upanishad

Who is to blame for such a rising tide of Male chauvinism and Feminism in modern India ? The answer is simple, partly its MOTHER. Iam not cleverly passing the blame on Woman (mother) . Don’t you guyz think discrimination of women starts before the birth of Girl child , almost at Womb ? How many Mothers have discarded Girl child with abortion , for their Love for Male child . May be mother does it under compulsion from Husband or In-Laws, but with such disease in mind how gender equality is possible???

My request to all the Mothers (and yet to be Mothers) is do not discriminate Son and Daughter at home. Teach your son to respect his sister in general and Women in particular. Do not pamper your son to such an extent that he keeps thinking himself as “Prince" . Never side with your Son when they fight, be neutral.

Never make your daughter to do your sons work at home. Tell him to do it all by himself . Make your son to do house hold chores, otherwise he feels that all the kitchen work is only for Women. Teach him how to cook, this way he will understand hardships of cooking, otherwise he will feel its just a 30 min’s playful work. Moreover its Important to learn, once he married, he can be helpful to his wife as well .

Most important thing is discuss his academics, sports and politics( if he is interested) with him, coz, these are considered as General Knowledge. Don’t send him to his Daddy Dear when he has doubts over those topics. If so , he feels that Daddy is intelligent and Mummy is Dumb and his Sister Dumbest. So, Mothers update your IQ skills. Let the Boy know that his Mother too is an “Knowledge Bank “ and thus Intelligent.

When its for some sort of “decision making”, get yourself involved. Even if which movie to go or which location to move for vacation , just don’t leave it to his daddy . Again the danger of him assuming that Women are not part of decision making is high and presumes that only Men have to decide and make woman follow .

Lastly , teach him all about Hindu culture and role of women in ancient Hindu Dharma . Iam an Agnostic , I don’t believe in GOD , still I suggest you to take him to Temples and Historical places to make him understand the rich heritage he is born into . Show him/her the picture of Durga Mata with ten hands all decorated with lethal arms , make him understand that women in olden days were warriors and used arms to safeguard Dharma. Tell him the stories of Jhansi ki Rani and her dare to fight for the country.

Let him learn at younger age that Mother is ON PAR with Daddy on all the issues . If Daddy is ‘Super Man’ so do is Mummy a ‘Super Woman’.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Significance of Diwali

There are several reasons for celebrating Deepawali. The most important one is the commemoration of the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

Lakshmi Puja during Diwali is observed as it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean on this day during the ‘samudra manthan’ (churning of ocean) by demons and gods as mentioned in the Puranas. So for the business people, the new business year begins on Diwali.
In south India, Diwali is the day in which Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasura.

The word Diwali is made of two words; deep (lamp or diyas) & avali (row), which means a line or a row of lamps. During the festival of Diwali lamps are lit in every home, office, etc. that is why this festival is also known as the ‘Festival of Lights’. Diwali is also called as Deepavali.
courtesy : hindu-blog

Friday, October 10, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma . Part III

"Let women be always propitiated (worshipped) by their fathers and brothers, by their husbands and the brothers of their husbands, in other words, they should speak sweetly to them and provide them with good food, nice clothes and ornaments, and thereby keep them happy. Those who seek great prosperity and happiness should never inflict pain on women." 
~ Manu ( Hindu Law Giver) Manu Smrithi 3: 55 (Hindu Law Book) .
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
But everything changed once Hindu-India went under the foreign rule of Muslims and Christist Britishers . Many of malpractices creeped into our Hindu system . When Mughals invaded us , with them they bought the Supremacy of Men as told in their Holy Book Quran. Later , during the British rule the misinterpretation of caste system had proved costly on Womanhood . The real suppression has started from here.

Women should understand that physical equality by all means is not possible. Feministic meaningless approach of Equality & Fight for Rights in family has dampens the relationships. In a family there are no Rights but Responsibilities.

Feminism has done more damage than reviving the quality of Women in Modern society. Talk of superior Rights led to disintegration of Families. If Feministic equality is all about money, power & position then this western concept is not applicable to Bharateeya culture. In India respect & dignity are more important than physical or materialistic equality.

What does equality mean ?? Aping the Men ??? Dressing like men , smoking/boozing like men , hair-cut like men , roam around like men ??? By doing so in the name of Equality arent women more trying to look like Men and in turn loosing her own identity. What kind of pride do feminist get by imitating Men ? Why in the name of Equality Woman should forego of being her own-self ?? Modern Woman should understand ,Being herself does not lower her outlook or dignity.

But what is the status of Women in modern India ? Who is to blame for their sorry state ??? Definitely its chauvinist mindset . Its the egoistic dirty tribe of Media & Capitalists, which have degraded the dignity of Women . In modern world , these materialists to continue their supremacy have downgraded Women by showcasing her as an Sex object. This is clever ploy invented by materialist world and spread it very fast across the globe. This theory has taken such a deep roots that plucking out has become next to impossible .

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

On Dussehra do not defoliate Shammi tree.

As you all know on Dussera its a ritual for Hindus to cross the village/town border in North-East direction and perform pooja to "Shammi" tree. Crossing of village border is called as "Seema Ullangan" . Shammi tree happens to be Lord Rama's favorite tree. In its branches, Pandava's during their "agnatavaas" hid their Arms.

Apart from Shammi , "Apta" tree too is worshiped on Dussera. On Dussera Shammi leaves are treated as Green-Gold and given to elders before touching their feet to take blessings.

My call for all Hindu's , please do not pluck the Shammi leaves unceremoniously from twigs. God's will bless you if its untouched and not defoliate. For your love of taking blessings on festival do not defoliate and make this Holy tree go extinct. Shammi tree has lot of Medical values in its trunk , twigs & leaves. Understand the medical importance of Shammi and if possible have it in your backyard. If you wish, gift your friends/relatives a sapling of Shammi tree on eve of Dussera.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma - II

In Ancient Hindu – India , women were treated on par with Man . Courage, Valour, Strength were feminine and was represented by Women . Goddess Durga Mata was one such symbol of Shakti, The Power. Hindu Scrip
ture’s says, that all the power in this Universe comes from Shakti , The Mother . Hindus believe that the Universe was created on behest of Gayatri Mata, She again an Woman. Lord Brahma whom we often credit him with creation of Universe is just an tool in the hands of “Shakti”.

Many of Holy scripture in India were written by women. Women were rulers too , not just rulers they went into battlefield and fought with the enemy . Rukmini fought for her husband Sri Krishna , in fact she saved his life . How can one forget the Heroic episode of Jhasi Ki Rani , Laksmi Bhai . It clearly shows that Hindu Women were not confined in to Kitchens . They were Rulers, Warriors, Poetess , Spiritualists and excelled better than men in many fields .

Hindu scriptures are the only religious texts which gave a status of Divinity to Mothers . Hindu texts says that God have created Women coz God cannot be visible every time and one can see God himself in her . I remember reading a Sanskrit Sloka from ancient Hindu Scriptures in my childhood days , “Janani  Janmabhoomisha Swargadapi Gariyasi”, it meant “Mother and Motherland are greater than Heavens “. Where wud you find such a beautiful saying which says even Heaven is not equal to Mother . That’s the respect a woman use to get in ancient Hindu-India.

(will be continued)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Liberate Telangana from neo-Kasim Razvi KCR

Vande Mataram !!
Vande Bharata Mataram !!

Celebrate September 17th as Telangana Liberation Day. My Salutes to Martyrs who laid down their Lives fighting against Nizam & Razakars. Arise Dear Telangana , our forefathers have fought aginst Nizam and granted Independence, but sadly Telangana is now back to neo-Nizam KCR. Present KCR rule reminds that of Nizams Razakar draconian days.

Arise , My dear brave men of Telangana to fight the KCR and his Lumpen elements . Remember it is your sacred duty to protect your region from people like KCR, who gets inspiration from Razakars legacy. Lets on this auspicious day take oath to fight another battle to liberate Telangana from Razakar mindset of KCR.

September 17 తెలంగాణా విమోచన దినం, భారత్ దేశం లో విలీనమైన పర్వ దినం .

15 ఆగస్ట్ 1947 భారత్ దేశానికి స్వతంత్రం వచ్చిన, తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్రం ఇంకా బానిస బందనాలో నే ముగ్గింది . ప్రత్యెక దేశం గా ప్రకటించ బడింది . అప్పటి నిజాం రాజు తెలంగాణా ప్రాంతాన్ని పాకిస్తాన్ దేశం లో విలీనం చేయాలనీ కుట్ర పన్నినాడు. అట్టి నిజాం దేశ ద్రోహ కుట్రలను ఇక్కడి దేశభక్తులు వ్యతెరేకించి , నిజాం కు విరుద్దంగా పోరు చేసినారు . వీరి పోరు ఫలితం , నాటి గృహ మంత్రి సర్దార్ వల్లభాయీ పటేల్ తన సైన్యం ను పంపి నిజాం ను లొంగ తీస్కొని , తెలంగాణా ప్రాంతాన్ని భారత దేశం లో సెప్టెంబర్ 17, 1948 న విలీనం చేసినాడు .

హైదరాబాద్ రాష్ట్ర విమోచన కోసం పోరాడి అమరులైన వరంగల్ పరకాల వీరులకు, మతం కన్నా స్వేచ గొప్పది అని పోరుబాట పట్టి రజాకర్ల చేతులో హతుడైన జర్నలిస్ట్ శోయబుల్లః ఖాన్ కు మరీయు నిజం నిరంకుశ పాలనా కు వ్యతీరేకంగా పోరాడుతూ ప్రాణాలను అసువులు బాసిన పోరు బిడ్డలకు జాతీయ విప్లవ జోహార్లు . అమరవీరులారా మీ త్యాగమును మేము మరవము మీ పోరు బాట లోనే తెలంగాణా పునర్ నిర్మాణం కొరకు పునరంకీతం అవుతాం .

మమ్ములను నిజాం బానిస నుండి విముక్తులను చేసిన నాటి గృహ మంత్రి సర్దార్ వల్లభాయీ పటేల్ కు , భారత్ మిలిటరీ కి శత కోటి ప్రణామాలు .

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seva Bharati plunges in to Help Jammu & Kasmir flood victims .

Hundreds of Seva Bharathi Swayamsevaks are working day and night in Jammu Kashmir in rescuing the trapped ones . Flood has washed away many villages and rendered them homeless, Seva Bharati Swayamsevaks are providing temporary shelters in J & K. Thousands of stranded flood victims are given food, medicines and warm clothes. Doctors and para medical teams too are moved to J & K by Seva Bharati. First aid , medical assistance , counseling provided to needy by Doctors working with Seva Bharati.

We Swayamsevaks do not see religion when helping the needy , yet we are labeled as Hindu communalist by Media . Watch the below Vid and listen to Muzzafar ( yep a Musalman) an Seva Bharati Swayamsevak working in rescue and rehabilitating the J & K flood victims.

We need Helping Hands , Pl support the efforts of Seva Bharati in rehabilitating Jammu & Kashmir Flood victims.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sewa Bharati gives clarion call to Help Jammu & Kashmir flood victims .

Dear Brother & Sister,
Natural Calamities may strike anybody, anytime in any region.
The flood due to continuous raining for past few days in Jammu & Kashmir has caused,
  1. Thousands of people are trapped
  2. Death toll in Jammu region 105 and Kashmir region 15.
  3. Hundreds of houses have been swept away
  4. Roads are blocked due to landslides.

While our affiliate Sewa Bharati J&K with hundreds of Karyakartas are working day & night, to rescue thousands of people trapped, arranging the last rites of the dead, the temporary shelter for the homeless, distributing blankets & warm clothes, arranging langars, milk for children, medical aid etc, there are much bigger task of assessing the loss of human lives, cattles, houses etc. The blocking of roads are being repaired by the govt/army.

Now for the time being it is a clarion call to all the citizens of this country, NGOs, other philanthropist organizations, corporates to rise to the occasion and help our needy brethren in Jammu & Kashmir to come out of the present crisis by donating generously by way of Cash, material etc.

Since roads are blocked in these regions, the donors of material are requested to send by air to Jammu/ Sri Nagar as the case may be.
Our control rooms are setup at,
1.Sewa Bharti, Jammu & Kashmir
Ved Mandir Complex,
Ambphalla, Jammu 180001

Contact person:-Ms Arpana Gupta,7298113350,
Ph.No:- 94191-12841, 94191-10940, 0191-2570750, 2547000.

2.Fayaz ahmed Mir,  H/o Lt Sh. Z H Mirza, Retd. SSP
Magharmal Bagh Chowk, Behind Masjid, Srinagar, J&K
Contact person – Mr Fayaz Ahmed Mir
Ph no.  94190-16193, 97972-47053
The Cash donation may be remitted to State Bank of India, Karan Nagar, Jammu
Sewa Bharati, Jammu,
Account No 10088448366
IFSC Code: SBIN0007970
Rashtriya Sewa Bharati
SBI, Jhandewala, New Delhi
Account No 10080533451
IFSC Code SBIN0009371
Contact person: K L Mallya, Treasurer, Rashtriya Sewa Bharati, 09810898333

Kindly be a partner in extending help to
our bretheren in J&K
S P Tonk
Rashtriya Sewa Bharati

Friday, September 5, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma - Part-I

"Kuputra Jayeta Kvachidapi Kumata na bhavati"

"A bad son maybe be born but there is no such thing as a bad mother"
- Adi Shankaracharya

This piece of write-up is series of posts that will follow in coming days on Women’s Role in Modern and Ancient India . Stalking/rape of Women aired on TV, dowry harassment reported in press and stupid talk of mindless Feminism by educated women forced me to write the below one . Iam trying to be sincere in presenting my views with out any prejudice. Neither, I’am against Men nor Women, If at all I have to stand against anything , then I would fight all “ism’s”. Be it Male-Chauvin"ism” or Femin"ism” . Both are hindrance for existence of an Happy family . And both the above "ism’s” are worst than Nazism.

Apart from this , the other subject I want to venture into in coming posts is the diabolical claims of so called equal rights by educated women , who feels that working somewhere and getting a paycheck gives them the real freedom. This has been the one of root cause of heartburn between couples. In fact this is the social chaos created by the neo-economic policies where in she has to work to meet the family needs. Let these Women understand sooner, that in a family there are responsibilities not rights . I will get into this subject in other write-up.

"Matri devo bhava, Pitra devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava..."
Mother is first god, then father, then guru...

The importance of mother in Hinduism reveals that women were regarded highly. Hindu scriptures preach that women is eternal mother, full of Love and compassion and shud be revered. Many parts of the vedas were written by women. The wives of great rishis such as Gautama, Agastya, etc. all had wives who were their equals and authored many scripts. Hindu women enjoyed greater freedom before the invasion of India by Muslims. “Swayamvaram” the concept of choosing her own Groom tells the freedom she enjoyed in olden Vedic days.

(will be continued)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

KCR and his secular antics, its MIM that runs Telangana Govt.

Secular Stunts by "Dora KCR"

1.Masjid-e-Charminar in Telangana Logo, (Charminar is a Mosque)
2.12% Muslim reservation. (Will effect backward classes)
3.50k for Muslim Girls marriage ( why not for all poor girls?)
4.Muslim Deputy CM ( A powerless Dummy Deputy CM )
5.Praising Nizam and Razakars ( 400 years of atrocities on Hindus)
6. Urdu as second Langauge (Urdu was forced on all during Nizams Rule)
7. Joining Hands with Razakar party who wants to kill all Hindus
8. Brand Ambassador as Sania Mirza ( .........................)

Any more info KCR Bhakts can give on other secular Stunts ?

What ever you do for Seculars they will never vote to TRS other than their Jihadi party.

Source : Sri Ram Channel

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Land Jihad" new tactics by Muslim expansionists .

O Hindus ! Selling land to Muslims may prove dangerous!

It is tragic that Muslims lure Hindus with money and Hindus fall easy prey to their conspiracy. Will a Muslim ever sell land to a Hindu ? Since there is no education on Dharma for the Hindus, religious pride is not created in them, and thus they incur a sin in this manner. To fight against Muslims, it is necessary that Hindus become strong at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. This can be achieved only through education on Dharma

Is it a Land Jihad?

- Buy a small plot in non muslim area with high price.
- Start a small Namaz room with an aspiration to build a colossal Mosque for Almighty Allah.
- Built Mosques one after another in non Muslims area,
- Increase the numbers in non-Muslim area.
- Object on processions and band & Hindu festivals in front of Mosques.
- Protest on temple Arti, Bhajan, Loudspeakers, Prasad Distribution, Even protest ‘Ram Nam Satya Hain chants’ in the last journey of Hindus.
- Oppose the Construction of any other religious structure.

Ultimately to force Hindus to be evicted from their own land?


Thursday, August 14, 2014

14th August 1947 , This day Bharath Varsh was 'Akhand''

14th August , This Day in year 1947 Bharath Varsh was United , Pakistan was no where on World map . Coz of one Dynasty (Nehru-Gandhi) lust for power, my country was truncated. Land of Vedas was divided as if Bharath Varsh is not a Country but their private property. Letz today take 'Sankalp' to restore the past glory.

Celebrate 14th August as " Akhand Bharath" Diwas !!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

15th August : Do not use plastic Flags.

15th August భారత దేశ స్వాతంత్ర దినోత్సోవము . మరో జెండా పండుగ . తెలిసో - తెలియక మనము ఈ రోజు మన జాతీయ జెండా ను అవమానపర్చుతున్నాం . మన చాటి ఫై జెండా ను పిన్నీసు తో గుచ్చి దాన్ని చిద్రం చేసుతున్నాం , కాగితం జెండాలను కార్ల లో , వీదుల అలంకరణ లో వాడి , సాయంత్రానికల్లా నెల ఫై తోక్కులో పదేస్తున్నాం . దయచేసి కాగితపు జెండాలను వాడకండి , పిన్నిసులతో దేశ జెందని గుచ్చాకండి . పండుగ రోజు తర్వాత మీకు రోడ్డు ఫై కానీ నెల ఫై కానీ చిరిగినా లేదా పాడైన తిరంగా జెండా కనిపిస్తే , కాస్త ఆగి దాన్ని తీసుకొని , మర్యాద పుర్వంగా తొలిగించండి .సాద్యమైనంత వరకు బట్ట తో చేయబడ్డ జెండాలను వాడండి . తిరంగా జెండా మన దేశ కీర్తి ప్రతిష్టల ప్రతీక అని మరవకండి .

Jai Bharat Varsh ! Jai Bharat Mata !! Vande Mataram !!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rakhi festival is not all about brothers and sisters.

Sisters tying ‘Rakhi’ on brothers is an age-old Hindu tradition associated with the Rakshabandhan. On this day, the sister ties ‘Rakhi’ on her brother and who pledge to protect her from any danger. Tying of Rakhi is not limited to just brothers and sisters, it has wider dimensions in a multicultural society. But why do we tie Rakhi? Several reasons for this custom are found in the Hindu scriptures, history and folklore. 

According to Hindu Mythology, the Rakhi tying custom was started primarily to help in the smooth functioning of the society and to instill confidence in the people. The rakhi or raksha used to be tied by a priest after conducting the necessary puja in a temple. The rakhi thus tied used to protect the person from all calamities during the year. And this used to take place in the holy month of Shravan (July – August).

A myth in the Bhavishya Purana suggests that Indra who was defeated by the demons in a battle lost all his confidence and arrived depressed at this palace. His wife Sachi, on the advice of her Guru, took a thread and uttered sacred verses of protection and tied it on Indra's hand. Soon Indra overcame his depression and defeated the demons.

Another famous myth regarding Raksha Bandhan is associated with Draupadi and Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna used his Sudharshana Chakra to kill Shisupala and in the process injured his finger. All the people present there ran to get a piece of cloth to tie his finger. But Draupadi tore a part of her sari and tied it on the bleeding finger of Krishna.

Krishna paid back for that small piece of cloth to Draupadi by elongating the sari that was being disrobed in front of all the people in the Hastinapura court by Dushasana.

Another legend involves King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi. The devotion of King Bali brought Lord Vishnu to his palace and Lord Vishnu decided to stay at the palace of Bali. Goddess Lakshmi did not like this and soon followed Lord Vishnu and appeared in front of King Bali. Seeing his devotion, Goddess Lakshmi accepted Bali as her brother and tied a ‘rakhi’ on him. King Bali then asked Goddess Lakshmi to ask anything that she wanted from his kingdom. She demanded the return of Lord Vishnu to Vaikunta. King Bali readily agreed. It is believed that the tying of Rakhi started from this day.

Yet another myth involves Yama and his sister Yami or Yamuna. Once Yami was strolling in the Yamaloka and finding her alone ‘Kama’, the god of love, decided to play a prank on her. Kama hit her with his love arrows and soon Yami was sexually aroused. Meanwhile, Yama reached the spot and was perplexed with the incestuous feelings of Yami. Yama soon realized that it was a prank of Kama and asked her to tie a Rakhi on his wrists. Yama told her that he will protect her from all unwanted desires and physical attacks.

There are numerous other stories and folklore associated with the tying of Rakhi. Two of the legends are part of history and involves Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun and Alexander the great and King Puru.

It is said that Rani Karnawati sent a Rakhi to Emperor Humayun when her kingdom was attacked by Sultan of Gujarat. Humayun understanding the significance of Rakhi soon came to the help of Rani Karnawati.

Alexander failed to defeat the fierce King Puru. Finding her husband’s army in danger, Alexander’s wife, who was aware of the Raksha Bandhan custom, sent a ‘rakhi’ to King Puru. It is said that King Puru accepted her as his sister and refrained from fighting Alexander.

If we dig into history, mythology and folklore we will find numerous other reasons for tying Rakhi. But the symbolism is always the same – Rakhi is a symbol of harmony and strength. 
courtesy: Hindu-blog

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Exposing body a feminist fight for women's rights ???

Maintaining balance between revealing the body and still following traditional values seems to be the biggest dilemma of modern woman. It shudnt be that difficult provided she knows her body and society well. If woman know what her body & self esteem is worth of, then she might not endanger her identity by too much revealing to get the attention.

On a lighter not . to make things easier for Women on %age of revealing, may be fashion gurus of respective regions shud come out and say in unanimity as to what %age of revealing is OK for the society 

Iam waiting for feminist's to give their Gyan by blaming men for being the reason for the women body expose . The Gyan wud be that Fashion industry is controlled by men and its men to feast on women body design clothes in such a fashion that women forced to reveal their maximum body Feminists Gyan may overflow to the extent of blaming media that itz dictating the fashion to women, in turn making us a "fashion doll" and may continue saying these examples show that women are still controlled by male dominance, either directly or thru fashion/media. LOL

The big Q women should ponder upon is , whether exposing body is somekind of feminist fight for their rights or to look beautiful?? Wearing clothes to cover the sensitive parts shud be strictly out of moral choice not out of some fashion compulsion or motive to get attention . If it goes on, where will it stop ?? How about in the name of individual rights someone wanna have a naked sunbath near a pond or over a open terrace ??? One has to understand that we all are bind by some unwritten societal values.

My take on exposing the body is, its not big crime to be little fashionable and in turn try to look beautiful. Show of some arm or leg, deep neck or your back , that's ok. If exposing is to get the attention of men then let me tell you that even if you show majority %age of your body mens eyes still be looking at those which you have covered. Too much expose of your parts wont arouse men , moreover it puts them off . It makes us think your are a cheap and want some cheap attention from our side and that puts us off. 

Fashion come and go but your personality remains forever with you. Guard it religiously.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The way you dress say a lot about you.

Adi Shankaracharya in his Soundarya Lahiri explains beautifully the plight of those women who try to expose their bodies. Below is the stanza .

Naram varshiyamsam nayana virasam narmasu jadam,
Thava panga loke pathitha manudhavanthi sathasa
Gala dweni bhandha kuch kalasa visthrutha sichaya
Hatath thrudyath kanchyho vigalidha dhukoola yuva thaya.

With disheveled hair,
With upper cloths slipping from their busts,
With the lock of the golden belt getting open due to the haste,
And with saris slipping away from their shoulders,
Hundreds of young lasses,
Run after the men,
Who get your sidelong glance,
Even though they are very old,
Bad looking and not interested in love sports .

"I" am an Individual and Independent , do not teach me how to dress, is the modern women war cry . Society is changing fast , lets accept it. Social Rules will hereafter be formulated by consent of both the genders ( add "other" gender too). Make peace, now we have a rebellious generation , they follow no rules. I encourage men to adapt to this new "NO" rule of women , very quickly.

The point that shud be widely debated is as to why women wanna dress shabbily ??? Iam sure even so called liberal women have any rational answer.

Being a Man myself , i can tell you majority cant get over the temptation of looking at half clothed woman . Why ? Its simple , Man is no wood. Its but natural to get attracted to parts of women which are partly exposed. Arent Women get attracted to body parts of men. Dont they peep into Mens button-less shirt for one glimpse of hairy chest ???

The Q Women shud be asking themselves is, are they comfortable wearing slutty dresses ?? My observation of such women, particularly in pubs/ upmarket restaurants is, women are never comfortable in those short/micro clothes. I have noticed they are too conscious of the fact that clothes are not covering the parts which she identifies them as icons of her self respect. Every other minute they check out and try to adjust the garment. My point is, in such conscious state , whats the point of wearing those micro's and mini micros??

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The respect we command also depends on the dress we wear ?

Why behave out of the world by dressing as if one is an Super Model ??? Just like First Love & First Kiss there is something like First Look & First Impression in vogue . Its an normal practice that most of the Humans make an opinion on others during his/her first look. Then what kind of first impression you are giving with those micro dresses ??? Do you command respect from public ?? Think, if you are making a slut look puny in comparison.

You agree/subscribe or not, World judges your every step. Be frank and answer dont you judge driver, sweeper, nurse, doctor by the dress. How much respect you give to khaki dresses, which are worn by labour/working class ?? Yep , the respect we command also depends on the dress we wear.

When out in public, wear clothes that fits (whatever size or shape) your body and compliment your outer beauty. Let your dress code be fairly simple and men (animals) mite(sic) stop ogling at you but also surprisingly may get the respect which you deserve the most.

Remember your dress may at times propel others act towards you. Its hard to admit that you probably are the innocent instigator. Having said that, i admit Men too shud behave wisely and not take half clad dressing as invitation to ogle or behave lascivious.

No matter what the dressing is, one shud understand upright that women is not just piece of meat. Its all about poverty of moral values in society. Sadly present society has less number of matured men and women who live by societal values. Need of the hour is a modern girl with blend of traditional values.

  BTW Dont Men love exposing their body, then what for 6 packs and 8 packs ???

Disclaimer : Me neither supporting ogling by men nor second the idea of telling women what to wear. They are mere my 'raw' thoughts.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's the Men who need to clothe licentious thoughts on Women dressing

Goa Minister advices Women not to wear short dresses, avoid going to pubs, stop dancing to Music. Why just Women ?? Would he suggest the same to Men ??? Agree, Women ( and Men as well) shud dress modestly and behave decently in Public. Social behavior is cultural subjectiveness and priortised over local situations.

Corporates do have dress codes but they do not heap them down on Women staff, Men too follow it.  The Male chauvinists shud understand that safeguarding Bharateeya culture is not all about enforcing restrictions on Women , but empowering them. Bharateeya culture is not about suppression of Women.

Women too shud think, will aping Western society do any good to her outlook ?? Its advisable for them to wear clothes which make them comfortable rather than being shallow and superficial. More than the Women dress, its the Men who shud cultivate thinking wisely , its high time we Men learn how to clothe vulgar thoughts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore Poem On Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

In what far-off country, upon what obscure day
I know not now,
Seated in the gloom of some Mahratta mountain-wood
O King Shivaji,
Lighting thy brow, like a lightning flash,
This thought descended,
"Into one virtuous rule, this divided broken distracted India,
I shall bind."

~ Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

Friday, June 20, 2014

Indian NGOs foreign funding should be investigated.

There were 15,000 NGOs in India in 1993 getting some 2000 cr Rs. Today there are 42,000 NGOs getting some 1,35,000 crore rs!From 1993 to date NGOs have recieved some Rs  1,50,000 Cr. If they had spent it on Solar power plants and street lights , Indias environmental problems would have been solved. They did not do that. instead these funds have been wasted on agitations against Nuclear power plants and coal plants.

The citizens of Delhi and UP and so many states are sweating it out in the 47 degree heat. how will the fans function if the NGOs make it their buisness to see no nuclear or coal plants come up and they do not do any thing for renewable energy( wind , solar , geo- thermal, etc) with the money they get There is over 19,000 tons of Uranium in Shillong hills. These people have not let us take out a gram.We are forced to import the same from Australia. Environmentally its OK for Australia to mine and sell us Coal and uranium but we can not do so here. Thats what i call Hipocrasy.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bowl Of Happiness : Birdie, this water is for you

Youth For Seva Initiative.

Bowl Of Happiness Yet another social initiative by Youth-For-Seva ( Seva Bharati) . It was aimed to provide clean drinking water in urban areas to stray animals & birds in hot summer.

Have you ever wondered how stray animals/birds live in cities with out drinking water with no water bodies(ponds) available in the concrete jungle ?

Inspired by YFS initiative I too have started taking care of birds by feeding them grains and providing clean drinking water at my Home & Office terrace.

It gives immense happiness when birds come in flock and feast on grains . Just a glimpse of that entertains your mind and soul. I had put one such bowl filled with grains in my office lawn. I sprinkle grains on the floor so that more birds can eat . I do come in between to see the birds, squirrels sharing the same bowl. Was surprised at their Harmony. There's a lesson for Humans as how to share and live harmoniously.

Interesting thing was birds presence around the feeder has attracted other birds to come down. There were few birds who seems to be Non-vegetarians avoiding grains from the bowl but feeding on insects that hide in lawn grass. Since then I am wondering if Veganism & Non-Vegetarianism exist among birds too ??

Guyz I tell you its great entertainment seeing sparrows taking dip in water bowl to beat the summer heat , watching squirrels dancing (jumping) around the feeder, listening to birds tweeting in your lawn. This whole experience has made me think why go to places for bird watching, with these feeders and Bowls of happiness we can invite the birds to our place.

Thank You Youth-For-Seva (Seva Bharati) for showing me the way.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Apoos (Alphonso) mangoes

Somehow this season got hold of 2 boxes of Apoos (Alphonso) mangoes. Last summer I laboured in sizzling summer all over Hyderabad to have them but all my efforts then were futile . I learnt that these fruits were naturally ripened in their ripening chamber. Craze for these mangoes is such that at times they are sold at Rs 2000 for dozen , yet they gets sold before hitting the fruit shops. Apoos mangoes season has almost comes to an end , Devgad and Ratnagiri apoos supply is almost over. Apoos from Alibag, Valsad, Bankot farms are expected to remain till the arrival of first rain.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Lets clean our temples.

Youth-For-Seva (Seva Bharati) on May 4th (PIX are posted ) has taken up drive to clean Keesaragutta Temple  surroundings. YFS has decided to continue the drive again on coming Sunday.

Keesaragutta Temple (HYD) Clean-up Drive.
25th May 8 AM- 11 AM
Contact Num: 8143833501

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. For us our Home is an temple so we clean it daily and keep it clean. But our Temples which is believed as Gods abode are  untidy & smelly. We are the reason for that mess and filth near our temples. We take coconuts and other offerings in plastic bags after the rituals we dump those bags at the vicinity. We care a damn. Its not my place is the feeling. We forget that we are polluting the temple premises where our Gods & Goddesses stay.

 These days what Temples need is not your offerings but your participation in keeping the surroundings  clean. Kindly remember polluting Gods abode is a Sin and do not expect boon/blessings from God while spreading pollution at his Home :) . You would not like to live in an untidy place , so do your Gods & Goddesses .

Lets Clean Our Temples is the clarion call of Youth For Seva & Seva Bharathi. So, Join Hands with Youth-For-Seva in cleaning up Keesaragutta Temple , Hyderabad on May 25th 8 AM - 11 AM .

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Narendra Modi and India’s new secularism.

Watching Narendra Modi at Kashi Vishwanath temple and later at Dashashwamedh Ghat during the evening Ganga Aarti in Varanasi, I am reminded of the time when he, in an interview, said that he was a nationalist and a Hindu. The moment he said it, I wondered how soon media will pick it up as an “admission of guilt”. They did it soon enough, and headlines declaring that Modi had referred to himself as a “Hindu nationalist” began to be seen everywhere.

The Western publications that refer to him as a Hindu nationalist politician / leader, use the phrase as a pejorative description. That Modi does nothing to refute these reveals something very important about him – Modi is unapologetically Hindu. He adheres to India’s ancient civilisational heritage without saying it in so many words. As with his administration, his cultural affiliation finds expression through action, not through hollow symbolism.

What Modi’s visit to Kashi Vishwanath and later Ganga Aarti signifies is that the race to prove oneself secular by mouthing words in praise of all religions (while at the same time doing little or nothing for the betterment of the said communities) is passe. The Skull Cap Politics that no Indian is stranger to (especially right before elections) proves that we have allowed symbolism to become bigger than the object it symbolises – unity, integrity, and equality.

By paying homage to Ganga in Varanasi without fearing being labelled ‘communal’, Modi has made sure that we begin the slow climb towards true secularism – an atmosphere where different communities do more than merely ‘co-exist’. An atmosphere where they cooperate and work together to build an India where symbolism is put back in its place and people of every religion can be themselves without being considered anti each other.

When Modi offers prayers to Shiv and Ganga, he is not making a statement against any other religion. He is merely asserting his own religious identity. He defies those who would argue that merely being Hindu is something anti-Muslim. He challenges the notion — popularised by India’s self-styled defenders of secularism — that religions are at odds with each other in this country. India has never had to learn secularism from the West, and she is not going to start now.-NitiCentral

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Protest : New advertisement of CEAT tyres mock Hindu Dharma.

Appeal to devout Hindus

A recent advertisement of CEAT tyres mocks Hindu Dharma. As given on one website, description of the advertisement is as followed :
"The advertisement opens to actor Irrfan Khan playing an army officer, driving around on terrible, mountainous terrain with an army jawaan. The latter is trying to hang a nimbu mirchi in the SUV somewhere for safety. Irrfan asks him whether he hangs nimbu mirchi on his gun or an army tank. The jawaan is befuddled and says no.

Cut to the shot where a man suddenly comes in the car’s way and Irrfan has to hit the brakes suddenly. He drives home the point that a car doesn’t need ‘nimbu mirchi’ or superstitions to be safe from accidents, but just CEAT Tyres is more than enough."

Actually as per Hindu Dharmashastra, tying 'nimbu mirchi' to a car protects it from the negative energies because raja-tama predominant Nimbu (Lemon) and Mirchi (Chilli) attracts raja-tama predominant waves in surroundings and protects the car. Also one should remove 'nimbu mirchi' in a day or two because they can hold negative energy only for that period and if not removed, they can't protect the car anymore or may even cause distress to the car or persons using that car.

Even though good condition of tyres is one of the requirement for safe travel, but that does not mean that CEAT should mock Hindu Dharma for their promotion.

It should also be noted that this advertisement does not include any tavij used by Muslims or Cross used by Christians and only targets so-called 'superstitions' in Hindu Dharma.

Now it is duty of all Hindus to protest lawfully against it so that CEAT should withdraw the advertisement mocking Hindu Dharma and render unconditional apology to Hindus for hurting religious sentiments of Hindus. All Hindus should also boycott CEAT and other RPG group companies until they withdraw advt and render apology.

Devout Hindus are protesting lawfully on following Contact Details

CEAT Limited
RPG House, 463, Dr. Annie Besant Road
Worli, Mumbai - 400 030
Tel : +91 022 24930621
Fax : +91 022 24938933
E-mail : arjun.seth@ceat.in
Mr. Anant Goenka, Managing Director
Email : Anant.Goenka@ceat.in

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vote - Hindu - Vote , Exercise Your Vote Power !!

Vote Hindu Vote , Exercise Your Vote Power !!

If there is no protection to Hindu Dharma, then there will be no protection for this country. Hindutva is the strength and backbone of this country. Only Hindu awakening can attain the welfare of the nation. For that to happen, a permanent platform for this awakened Hindu should be created. Efforts should be made in the direction of shedding our differences on the basis of caste, social imbalances and others.

None of our fraternity should be cheated. Not even a single vote should go waste. The strongest weapon in the hands of public should bring change this nation deserves. Knock the heart doors of every individual and let all take the oath to make every possible effort to hand over this beautiful temple called Bharath Varsh to the next generation with all its glory.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Secular politicians views on rape.

Dear Women its time to take revenge at polling booths by pressing button and make your 'voice' heard. Vote is your biggest weapon in democracy , it safegaurds your self respect. 3 times Chief Minister of UP Mulayam Singh says " Boys make mistakes , you cant hang them for rapes" and another senior politician from Maharashtra Md.Abu Azmi MLA says " Girl who get raped shud also be punished "

Mulayam Singh Yadav had, at a rally in UP, said that the death sentence, as punishment, for rape was too harsh. "Ladkon se aisi galtiyan ho jati hain, to iska matlab yeh to nahi ki unhe phaansi de di jaaye (Boys make mistakes, but this doesn't mean you hang them)," he told the gathering

Md Abu Azmi said "Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam. But here, nothing happens to women, only to men. Even the woman is guilty." He further added, "In India, if you have sex with a person with consent, it's fine. But if that same person complains, it's a problem. Nowadays, we see a lot of such cases. Girls complain when someone touches them, and even when someone doesn't touch them. It becomes a problem then, and the man's honour is ruined in this." Solution is this: any woman if, whether married or unmarried, goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged. Both should be hanged. It shouldn't be allowed even if a woman goes by consent.

Remember Women you are resemblance of Durga Mata & Kali Mata whose hands are decorated with different weapons and they never spared the "Asuras" . Time has come for you to take the avatar of Durga Ma & Kali Ma and destroy the arrogance of Male chauvinists.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lakhs turn up for Hyderabad Sri Ram Navami Shobayatra taken out by Hindutva Orgs

Lanes and bylines in and around Dhoolpet, Mangalhat and Begum Bazaar came alive on Tuesday as thousands of devotees participated in the ‘Shobha yatra’ organised on the occasion of Sri Ramanavami in the city, which passed off peacefully.

Thousands of youngsters sporting saffron caps, kurtas and scarves took out the yatra from Rani Avanti Bai Hall in Dhoolpet, while organisers performed puja to the idols of Sri Rama, Sita, Laxmana and Hanuman. Addressing devotees at the rally, Mata Saraswathi, a religious leader demanded the State and the Central governments take an initiative for the construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya, the birth place of lord Rama, in the midst of ‘Jai Sriram’ slogans. She demanded a ban on cow slaughter and called upon the Hindu youth to fight till the demand is met. 

A 12-feet-high deity of Lord Sri Ram was carried on a chariot through the main thoroughfares of Mangalhat, Jumerat Bazaar, Begum Bazaar Chatri, and Gowliguda as part of the yatra, which culminated at Hanuman Vyayamshala in Koti.Free food distribution programmes and special ‘bhajans’ were also organised all along the procession route.

As the yatra entered different residential colonies, devotees welcomed it y showering flower petals on the idols. Traffic police diverted vehicles through alternative routes to ensure smooth conduct of the yatra. Police diverted traffic coming from Bhoiguda Kaman to Puranapul towards Gode-Ki-Khabar at Mangalhat police station. Traffic from Puranapul towards Puranapul Gandhi Statue was diverted towards Petlaburj, Karwan and Kulsumpura.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Youth For Seva "Spot Fixing" drive .

Do you wanna participate in Youth-For-Seva "Spot Fixing" drive ?? Its like street sweeper cleaning debris, cleaning litter, white washing walls , lifting garbage and teaching Hygiene to the Locals. Aim of this campaign is to keep streets clean , educate locals not to litter and counsel them to keep streets as clean as ones home.


1. Nimboli Adda Bus Stop, Near Kachiguda Railway Station
2. KPHB Phase 3 Bus Stop, Near Venkateshwara Swamy Devalayam
Date & Time : March 30th 7 AM - 9.30 AM.
Fee: Rs 100/- ( to buy brushes, masks, gloves , white cement etc)
If you are interested to volunteer write to siddu.g@youthforseva.org

Above Pix are a glimpse of street smart work done by YFS volunteers on 2nd Oct 2013 at different locations in Hyderabad .

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

From Home Maker -to- Bike Rider -to- Nation Builder

From Home maker -to- Bike Rider -to- Nation Builder >>>> 
Yesterday on Office work was going to Kondapur, saw a curvy girl riding Harley Davidson super bike . Few days back seen another girl riding Royal Enfield Bullet at HiTec City. It was awesome to see girls riding super bikes. Noticed few men turning their heads and traffic slowing down , iam sure even those men must have admired the guts of the girl for breaking the rigid social customs and tasting new age freedom. Riding these super bikes is not that easy as assumed, yet these days girls dare to break these stereo type assumptions. Go Girl Go !!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

#ChaiPeCharcha on March 8 in Warangal with Narendra Modi & Sushma Swaraj


Join with us on March'8.2014, FROM 05:00PM TO 08:30PM in the below mentioned places to Share, Ask & Suggest about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.....












Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rain in March :)

Last weekend, It rained like never before in my Home town. Surprised to see that kind of rain fall in the month of March. Size of the rain drops were so big that it can make dent in your body. When its raining one can do two things to enjoy the climate , Cuddle up under the blanket and listen to rain sounds or you can join your friends and party hard. But, whats the use of rain coming down, if you dont go out in open and drench it fully ??? 

By the way , we do all have some or other memory attached to Rain , every rain fall refreshes that memory. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Telangana , 29th State of Indian Republic

నిజమే , పోరాడితే పోయేదేమీ లేదు , బానిస సంకెళ్ళు తప్ప .... 
తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పడాలన్న మా కల నిన్న పార్లమెంట్ ఆమోదం తో నెరవేరింది . ఆరు దశాబ్దాల మా కల సాకారమైంది . ఇది మా గెలుపు సీమంద్ర ఓటమి ఎంత మాత్రం కాదు . ఉద్యమంలో గెలుపు ఓటములు ఉండవు , హక్కుల సాదన మాత్రమే ఉంటది . ఈ పోరు తో మా స్వపాలన , స్వాలంబన హక్కులను సాదించుకున్నము . ఆరు దశాబ్దాల బానిసత్వ పాలనా నుండి విముక్తి పొన్దినాము . 

ఈ వ్యాసం రాస్తుంటే పోరు బాట స్మృతులు గుర్థుకస్తున్నయి , కళ్ళు చెమ్మగిల్లుతున్నయ్ , జ్ఞాపకాలు ఒక్కొకటి గుర్తుకస్తున్నాయి . ఒక కల కని , అ కల కోసం పోరు చేసి అది మన కళ్ళ ముందు సాకారము అవుతుంటే ఆ ఆనందానికి హద్దులే ఉండవు .

తెలంగాణా సాదన తో నా జీవితం లో ఒక్క పెద్ద శకం ముగిసింది , ఎందుకో ఈ రోజు వెనుకకు తిరిగి జీవితం లోని ఇప్పటి వరకు అనుభవించిన కష్ట సుఖాలు , సాఫల్యాలు వైఫల్యాలు బ్యరెజి వెసుకోవలని అనిపిస్తున్నది . ఈ ఆనంద వేల అన్ని గుర్తుకు వస్తున్నాయి , కళ్ళ ముందు ఆవిష్కరించా బడుతున్నాయి . అప్పుడప్పుడు జీవితం లో ఆగి పాత జ్ఞాపకాలలో సేద తీరాలి . నాకు తెలిసినంత వరకు మనస్సు కు జ్ఞాపకాలే స్థిర ఆస్తులు . ఈ రోజు నా ఆ ఆస్తుల లెక్క కట్టాలని అనిపిస్తుంది .

అమ్మాయి ప్రేమ లో పడ్డ ప్రేమికుడు ఎలాగయితే తన మొదటి చుంబనం , మొదటి కౌగిలి మర్చిపోడో , అలాగే ఉద్యమ బాట పట్టిన ఉద్యమకారుడు కూడా తన మొదటి నినాదం , తన మొదటి పోరు అడుగులను ఎన్నటికి మరవలేదు . ఉద్యమకారుడు కూడా ఒక్క ప్రేమికుడు లాంటి వాడు , తన ప్రెమ కోసం ప్రేమికుడు తన జేవితము లోని అన్ని నిస్వర్దముగ దారపోసినట్టు ఉద్యమకారుడు కూడా తను నమ్మిన అ లక్ష్యం కోసము తన జీవితాని పోరు బాట కు అంకితం చేస్తాడు . ఇవన్నీ మదురమైన జ్ఞాపకాలు , మనసును అహ్లదపరిచెయవి , గుండె ను నిబ్బరంగా ఉంచేవి . నేను చెప్పే ఈ అనుబుతులు ఊహ కు అందనివి , ఇవి అనుభవిస్తేనే తెలుస్తుంది .

నేను రెండు అనుభవించాను , వాటి లో ఉన్న కష్ట సుఖాలను ఆస్వాదించాను . ఇవి నాకు జీవితాన్ని ఒక్క కొత్త కోణం లో చుపించినయి , నేను నా జీవితము లో పెద్దగ సాదించింది ఏమి లేదు , కాని ఇవి నేర్పిన గునపాటలు లెక్క కట్ట లేనివి , వాటిని అక్షర రూపం లో పెడితే ఒక భాండాగారం అవుతుంది .

ఈ ఆనంద హెల ఏమేమో రాయల అని అనుకున్న , కని ఏమి రాయలి , ఎక్కడి నుండి ప్రారంబం చేయాలి అర్ధం కావట్లేదు . అందుకే రాయటము ఆపేసి గుర్తుకు వస్తున్నా ఆ మధుర జ్ఞాపకాల్లో సేద తీరుత .

తెలంగాణా అమర వీరులకు జాతీయ విప్లవ జోహార్లు !
ఈ విజయం మా త్యాగధనులకు అంకితం !!
జై తెలంగాణా !!!