Wednesday, October 1, 2014

On Dussehra do not defoliate Shammi tree.

As you all know on Dussera its a ritual for Hindus to cross the village/town border in North-East direction and perform pooja to "Shammi" tree. Crossing of village border is called as "Seema Ullangan" . Shammi tree happens to be Lord Rama's favorite tree. In its branches, Pandava's during their "agnatavaas" hid their Arms.

Apart from Shammi , "Apta" tree too is worshiped on Dussera. On Dussera Shammi leaves are treated as Green-Gold and given to elders before touching their feet to take blessings.

My call for all Hindu's , please do not pluck the Shammi leaves unceremoniously from twigs. God's will bless you if its untouched and not defoliate. For your love of taking blessings on festival do not defoliate and make this Holy tree go extinct. Shammi tree has lot of Medical values in its trunk , twigs & leaves. Understand the medical importance of Shammi and if possible have it in your backyard. If you wish, gift your friends/relatives a sapling of Shammi tree on eve of Dussera.

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