Thursday, May 26, 2011

TDP Ranabheri in Telangana turned up to be a damp squib

TDP Ranabheri was an open WAR on Telanganaite's.

Telugu Desam’s Telangana Ranabheri turned up to be a damp squib . Even after putting all its effort  only 3000 people have turned up for the meeting . Out of it hundreds were bought from Hyderabad . It has produced more negative impact than expected . Its Rana Bheri was over even before it started, Two eyed policy of TDP on Telangana has failed to impress the masses  .

 TDP MLA’s were so scared to travel to Karinagar that they ganged up to march in a huge convoy . According to media reports 25 MLA’s were escorted by around 800 private army of TDP in 200 strong Vehicle convoy . Nearly 500 youth who belong to Seemandhra region who were  settled in Hyderabad were exclusively pooled to escort the MLAs convoy from NTR Bhavan to Karinagar Ranabheri Venue . This is nothing but shameless display of Goondaism. Instead of winning over the hearts of Telangana people, TDP is thriving on muscle power.

We were awe stuck to see visuals on TV channels , when one of TDP MLA Revanth Reddy publicly displayed his Rifle and carried it to Public meeting . Usually Pamphlets and literature are carried to meetings for distribution . But TDP goondas were armed with Rifles , Daggers and Lathis . And it’s unfortunate that such divisive politics are taking place under the eyes state police. This incident has put the entire region today in the cross fire of  natives and seemandhra goondas . The goonda  politics has to be dealt strongly  and this is a warning for the days to come. With these Goonda acts of TDP , it is evident that a party founded on the ideology of hatred towards one particular region will always be violent.

Telangana people has lost confidence in TDP long time back . Last year by election results  are quite evident of the fact. Foxy Chandra Babu not able to win the hearts of masses has now resorted to Divide & Rule policy . Foxy Chandra Babu was not in favour of formation of Telangana state , it is now evident from the act of Volte-Face he did on Dec 10 . Since then he was using all the tricks he learned to gag the voice of Telanganite’s inside & outside .  The flop TDP Telangana forum meeting  at Karinagar showed the weakness of the TDP - it had no powerful regional leaders with enough grass roots support to carry the day.

Masses watched in shock how Chandra Babu collided with Seemandhra Plutocrats to scuttle the formation of telangana . He made his Seemandhra MLAs to enact the Drama of resignation and tailored the fake Samaikyandhra agitation . It is proven fact that he gave all the Logistic support to that Fake SA agitation . We all were observers how Rajkumari of TDP and Lagadapati of Congress kept their flags away and Kissed each other in public. If Rajkumari and other TDP leaders in Seemandhra drop their party flags for a fake agitation , then why it is not allowed in Telangana as demanded by Nagam Janardhan Reddy ??

 Foxy Chandra Babu’s divide &rule policy and instigating his goondas will not go well with 4 crore telangana people. Hearing Chandra Babu’s Two eye strategy , natives of Telanganite’s have abandoned him long time back . They have buried TDP very deep , now its resurrection is impossible. Unless CBN takes a clear stand on Telangana , he nor his party has any future in the region. With the Flop show of Ranabheri in Karinagar , Foxy Babus plans to re-energise the party has failed miserably again . The writing on the wall is clear , Chandra Babu Naidu has been permanently erased from the hearts of 4 Crore Telanganite’s.

నక్క జిత్తుల చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు ఇప్పటికైనా తన రెండు కళ్ళ సిద్దాంతం వదులుకుంటే మంచిది , లేదంటే తెలంగాణా ప్రజలు తమ మూడో కన్ను తెరుస్తారు .

Friday, May 20, 2011

Confused Conflicts of Belief and Agnosticism.

Confused Conflicts of Belief and Agnosticism .

Today a colleague in office has bought Peddamma Gudi (Durga Mata, Temple) Prasadam (eatables offered to God) to distribute on the floor. Though I’am an Agnostic, I never was averse to taking Prasadam’s. When my colleague has extended the Kumkum ( Red Vermillion Powder) packet , I was bit confused to accept it or politely deny it . All these year’s , I desisted from applying Tilak on my forehead. It aroused from my disinterest and some kind of my protest against rituals . But today for unknown reasons something in me have pushed my hand towards Kumkum , took it and applied  it on my forehead . I'am now surprised, that how come I did it after so many years, what made me to do ? . Anyways No-Regrets , rather felt good ,  for what ever I did . This made me to think again about my Agnostic views and validate it.

Though I’am an Agnostic, I take lot of pride in my Hindu roots and I owe this life to Hindu Dharma . Sometimes it becomes more harder for people who know me very well,  to see my divergent views on God/Religion and get confused.

Not believing in God (or considering myself as an Agnostic) and at the same time living a life as an staunch Hindu has never been a problem for me. For saying that , unlike other religions I am not discarded from its fold . That’s the beauty of Hindu Dharma .The USP of Hindu Dharma is that it has many schools of thoughts. One can practice idol worship, non-idol worship and even atheism, all with in Hindu Panth . I think this is what makes Hindu’s more tolerant and peace loving people.

Though I’am still an strong Hindu Dharma follower , I always had problems with some of the protocols that being followed . I never believed when scriptures said that God made universe . As I hear it , I always shouted back asking them ‘who made God ???’  I never got an answers  either from ‘ faith believers or from science followers’ . Religion says God made ‘saptarishis’ and worked in evolvement of universe and human kind , where as science blah-blah's of Big-Bang theory , and both the theories  are not fool proof.  I had no means to validate the above theories , and I left them only to be ready for any true education on the above subject.

For me,  being Agnostic is not accusing the believers, neither to wander as an 'Doubter' .  I’am Agnostic because I have an inherited habit of questioning everything before accepting it on face value . For me, its an philosophy where in one is open to all the views over existence of GOD or against HIM . This philosophy is not an new one. It existed even during Vedic period, followers of "Charuvaka" (Carvaka) are one such example of Agnostic philosophy . Hindu Puranas are full of such examples where Rishi’s/Muni’s questioned the influence of GOD’s and rituals . This proves that Hindu Dharma have place for diverse philosophies.

Somehow I strongly believe that GOD has been Invented by Humans to create some kind of order/discipline in the society . It made us to believe that any SIN committed will be punished  by the the ‘Super Power’, whom we labelled as GOD and he is always watchful . To make him supreme we glorified him in texts, attributing  some 'super powers' to him and this in turn made us believe that if we are nice to him he will shower his divine blessing unto us. And any SIN will not go unpunished . This has created a fear among Natives and resulted in death of human WISDOM .

What I strongly feel is GOD or No GOD, they are  irrelevant to upliftment of the real life of  mankind and should be left to individual's to choose.  I’am neither against GOD nor blind believer . I'am simply  open to all the WISDOM that comes in whichever direction and form .

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kadapa voters commit mass suicide, as they vote enmasse for corrupt YS Jagan


Christian Fanatic and India's most corrupt politician YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had won the Kadapa elections with a  thumping majority . If a hungry man steals a bread to eat , public & police thrash him till he bleed . When people like YS Jagan loot 1-lakh crores of  public money, we get him elected as MP . While entire nation was debating and fighting against corruption under Anna hazare and Baba Ramdev , here we have voters who have shamelessly voted for India’s most corrupt politician. Well, majority of Kadapa voters are dumb. It's not polite to say this out, but it's quite true.  Kadapa people  deserve him, they need this corrupt , ruthless Jagan .

Kadapa was once infamous for senseless faction killing in the name of Seema Pourusham, now they have taken their Seema Pourusham to new heights. These people were infamous for faction killings  just to hold their hegemony, and thus registered in history pages as ‘rakshasa jati’ .  How can this Rakshasa Jati elect Noble men as their leader, for sure it has to be Narakasura, Mahisasura or Jagan-Asura. "As you Sow, so do you shall reap". When we see candidates like YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is corrupt and criminal getting elected , it reminds us  that this is definitely  KALIYUGA , where Adharma wins and Dharma goes for a toss.

Bad politician are usually chosen by people who fail to vote , but this Kadapa elections is otherwise , nearly 80% people turned up to vote the most ruthless & corrupt leader YS Jagan . This is a strange case of mass  suicide by Kadapa electorate. Guys like YS Jagan should indeed be muted literally… they are causing a nuisance around… unless they themselves understand what they are speaking and unless they make sense why they are yelling around…there mouths should be stitched .

Perhaps YS Jagan’s YSR Congress party(YCP) is first land grabbers party that had won elections hands down , may be this is the beginning of an new corrupt revolution . With this win it is now a proven fact that ‘Money & Muscle Power’ rule the world.  The shameless Loot of 1 Lakh Crores by YS Jagan thru embezzlement and cronyism  seems to have bought quite a few smiles among Kadapa electorate .  Kadapa By-elections might have lifted the spirits of Kadapa people knowing very well that Jagan will share the LOOT with them in return of their vote . Jagan has acknowledged the greedy Kadapa voters and said to have spent almost Rs 120 Crore’s during the campaign period , thus it has guaranteed him a landslide victory.  This is an obnoxious twist in Indian elections arena ,  where Low-Quality leader becomes darling of the masses

He had amassed lot of money using his fathers patronage , and now was not averse to sharing a good portion of the looted BOOTY with his native people. This WIN has showcased that LOOT done by politicians  is redistributed among the masses during the elections, thus peoples money come back to people. This elections has given rise to new phenomena that Candidate and Electorate did not go by their conscience but by choice of corrupt means .  Either both have Won or both failed miserably . its just matter of time , nation will know its outcome. Now we can only wait and wish Kadapa people come clean from the mistake they made and become little bit smarter .

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day got commercialised .

Why do I need a particular day to wish my mother ? Every day of mine is for her . I'am nobody with out her, she bought me into this world. I'am made in her , I'am her flesh and blood. My religion thought me that God is manifested thru Mother, so honour mother as living Goddess and do not confine ur love for one single day. If you need an 'occasion' for celebration then celebrate her Birthday .

Thursday, May 5, 2011

There is NO shortage of FOOLS in Seemandhra .

Telangana & KCR are as same as 
Al Qaeda & Osama Bin Laden
for Seemandhra JAC.

Jokers of Seemandhra JAC has equaled KCR with Osama Laden . It staged a protest in Vizag saying KCR and Telanganaites are more dangerous than OSAMA & Al-Qaeda. They continued their comedy by writing a LETTER to USA President requesting him to recognise the threat of KCR as Worlds most dangerous Terrorist and further  asked International community to intervene to crush Telangana movement. Guys,  this incident guarantees that there is 'no shortage of FOOLS in Seemandhra' .

Its beyond my comprehension if they understand the gravity of their senseless talk .  What do they expect American President shud send US NAVY SEALS boarded on US Helicopter, enter Indian Space, violating the sovereignty of our country and do Attomabad at Hyderabad to kill or capture KCR . It give me Laughs . In Simple, SeemaAndhra JAC is asking an foreign country to Invade India .  How Patriotic are these people ??? Till now we know that for their interests  they use their Women, Wealth and Wine , but this time they have far exceeded their own Lunatism . I think we can only sympathise with these Lunatics and say “Get Well Soon”.

If demand for separate state is unacceptable to them , then why the HELL they got separated from Madras Presidency in 1955 . If KCR can be called as an Terrorist for his democratic demand for separate state , then what one shud call Potti Sri Ramulu , the pioneer of Andhra separation from Madras. This stupid talk  arises simply from their arrogance . History is full of examples telling us that no Arrogant has survived to succeed in his mission . Such “schisms” , they think will dismantle the legitimacy of separate telangana demand. But it exposes Seemandhra leaders own stupidity and lack of understanding of Issue .

If there are any Talibans or Al Qaeda then its SeemaAndhra plutocrats . These SA-Talibans have driven Telangana students to commit suicides with their volte face after Dec 9th announcement . It is the K Brahmananda Reddy an SA-Osama Bin Laden who has ordered firing on Telangana student which led to the massacre of 369 innocent students . This revenge is long pending with us .  If these Seemandhra Talibans feel that they will be spared for the crime they have committed, then better think twice . None will be spared , neither we will Forgive you nor Forget the crimes committed upon innocent Telanganites .

Now I feel its high time to say enough is enough , and kick Seemandhra Politicians  for the injury and insults heaped on us. We waited for last 50 years , borne all your Insults and treachery, still we treated you as our own. Even in middle of this fierceful agitation , we umpteen times have exhibited our generous heart , not one Seema-Andhra settler was hurt . We bled ourselves, We braved state brutality , We committed suicides but never felt like hurting you. If you do not have magnanimity  to  acknowledge this generosity,  then we know very well  how to make you understand . We are the Gen Next of those Heroes who made the mighty Nizam to kneel and surrender.  The day is not far when we make Seemandhra Politicians beg for mercy and  run them on the streets of HYD until they cross the TG border. And this will happen in very near future.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden , The Dead Terrorist

Laden , The Dead terrorist .
OSAMA BIN LADEN is dead , Thank You Mr President for making Osama Bin Laden , A dead Terrorist . The man behind the worst terror attack on this planet is dead . Brave American Soldiers punished him for his crime committed on 9/11 WTC attack. Free World should remember killing of one Osama is not the END of fight against Terrorism or End of Terror attacks.

I don’t understand why US President is taking all credits for his killing of just one helpless holed Laden. World wud have been happy if he had extended the “Op” and allowed US SEALS to put two more bullets in the head of Pakistan Army Chief and ISI Chief. These are the people who have provided shelter to worlds most Hunted terrorists. Its surprising that Laden's hideout is next to Pakistani Army Cantonment. And laden was living there for last 5 years , surprisingly this hideout is just 1 Hour drive away from Islamabad . it proves Pakistan was lying through their teeth all these years

But the big ‘Q’ is will Terror end with this . Aboslutely NO . As long the preaching of Quran is allowed on this planet , Osama or the other will be constantly breaded .  I have no hate for this Laden guy, he read the Quran and took to terrorism . Quran is source of all evil , it says  if Muslim  die waging war against infidels  in name of Jihad , then Allah will grant him 72 Virgin boys for Sex in paradise . Since then Muslims are believing this shit and dying for Islam to get their share of 72 Virgin Boys for fun . This Quran Preaching is, full of hatred and lies . So, Partly Ban it or Reform it to save Free World. The problem is not with the Muslims ,  the real Problem is this book .  So let us show sympathies for our misguided Muslim friends . Hate the Game(Quran) not the Player(Muslims).

Christian YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, had no time to pay tributes to departed soul of Hindu Saint Sri Satya Sai Baba . But for the sake of getting Muslim votes in Kadapa elections , he has rushed to Hyderabad to meet Hindu hater MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi . Will YS Jagan now go to Pakistan to pay Homage to Osama Laden?? Anything Possible with Indian Secular Politicians.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Satya Sai Baba, you will always be remebered as a spiritual- social activist

నిన్ను ఏ నాడు దర్శించ లేదు, నిన్ను ఏ నాడు ఆరాధించలేదు , ఎన్నడు పెద్దగ నీ గురించి ఆలోచించలేదు . కానీ నీవు పరలోక సిద్దిన్చినప్పటి నుండి ఏదో లోటు గా ఉంది. ఒక్క గొప్ప సేవ పురుషుడిని జాతి కోలిపోయింది  అని బాద . నిన్ను దేవుడు అని అన్నారు , దేవ దూత గా కీర్తించినారు , మహిమలు గల యోగ పురుశుడు అన్నారు , ఏమో అవి ఏమి నాకు తెలీదు . నాకు  మాత్రం నీవు గొప్ప సేవ పురుశుడివి , పురుశులలో  ఉత్తముడివి , "పురుశోత్తముడివి"

స్వామి వివేకానంద , కంచి పరమాచార్యులు , రమణ మహరిషి , శ్రీ అరొబిందో లాంటి  మహానుభావులు  ఎన్నో తత్తవాలను ప్రబోదించారు . మనవ సేవే మాధవ సేవని వీరంతా చాటి చెప్పినారు . కానీ, వాళ్ళ బోధనలను ఆచరణలో పెట్టడం నీకు మాత్రమే సద్యమైనది . అద్యాత్మికత పరామార్డం ప్రజా సేవే అని చాటి చెప్పిన గొప్ప “ఆద్యాత్మిక విప్లవకారుడివి” నీవు . నీ సేవ ప్రకల్పల ద్వార , యే దిక్కు లేని వాళ్ళకు , నీవు దిక్కు చూపి వాళ్ళ జీవితం లో సూర్యుడి వలె వెలిగావు . అందుకే , ఆ సూర్య- చంద్రులు ఉన్నంత కాలం నీ నామ స్మరణం ఈ భూమి ఫై జర్గుతూనే ఉంటది .

నీవు ఆసుపత్రి లో ఉన్నుపుడు కూడా నాలో ఏ కొసన బాద లేకుండే . నీవు లేచి వస్తావని ప్రగాడమైన నమ్మకం . నా మిత్రుడు ఒక్కరు, ఓ రాత్రి ఏంటి బాబా బతికి వస్తాడ అని అమర్యాదగా నన్ను అడిగినప్పుడు , నా కోపం నషాళానికి ఎక్కింది . నా కోపమును అదుపు లో పెట్టుకుంటూ " తప్పకుంట వస్తాడు , బాబా సంకల్పిస్తే ఇప్పుడే లేచి వస్తాడు” అని అన్న. ఏమో ఆ క్షణాన నీ ఫై ఏదో ప్రేమ , ఎంతొ నమ్మకం . నీవు వస్తావు…….  సమాజాన్ని , భక్తీ ని మానవ సేవ వైపు తెస్కేల్తావు అని నమ్మాను . నీవు తిరిగి రావాలని మనస్పూర్తి గా కోరుకున్నాను . నీవు 96 ఏళ్ళు జీవిస్తాను అన్న నీ మాటలను అమాయకంగా నమ్మాను , కానీ నీవు మాట తప్పవు , మోసం చేసావు.

నాకు ‘నీవు’ ఆ సమాధి చేయబడ్డ నీ బౌతిక కాయం కాదు , అందరు అంటున్నట్టు నీ శరీరం ను వదిలేసినా ఆ ఆత్మ స్వరూపం కాదు ( ఏమో నాకు ఆత్మ ల గురుంచి పరమాత్మా ల గురుంచి పెద్దగా తెలియదు ) నా దృష్టిలో  నీవు అంటే నీవు చేసిన ఆ సేవ కార్యక్రమాలు . నిస్సందేహంగా నీయొక్క  ఆ సేవ ద్రుక్పతమే నన్ను నీ ప్రేమికుడి గా చేసింది . కానీ అది ఏంటో కానీ నేను నీ ప్రేమికుడిని అన్న విషయం, నీవు నిర్వాణం చెందే వరకు నాకే తెలీదు . నీవు ఆ పంచబుతలలో కలిసాక గాని తెలిసి రాలేదు . అందుకే నాకు ఇప్పుడు అనిపిస్తుంది నేను  చాల కాలం నుండి నిన్ను ప్రేమించే ఓ “అజ్ఞాత ప్రేమికుడిని” అని .

నాలాంటి  “అజ్ఞాత ప్రేమికులు” , నీకు కొక్కోలుగా ఉన్నారని, నీవు పోయాకే తెలిసింది. నీ ఫై నీచంగా పాటలు రాసి, ఆడి-పాడినా తెలంగాణా గద్దర్ కానీ , హేతువాదులు , నాస్తికులు అందరు నీవు ఇక లేవని తెలిసి మౌనంగ   రోదిస్తున్నారు . కమ్యునిస్టు లు కూడా నిన్ను గొప్ప  హ్యుమనిస్టు గా కిర్తిస్తున్నారు, ఇప్పుడు . 

ఆ నాటి కాలంలో శిశుపాలుడు కృష్ణుడిని నీచంగా దుశిస్తే , 100 తప్పుల వరకే ఓపిక పట్టి ఆ తర్వాత కృష్ణుడు సహితం ఓర్పు నశించి అతని బంధువు (విరోధి) అయిన సిశుపాలకుడి ని సంహరించాడు . కానీ నీ ఫై వందల సంఖ్యలో శిశుపాలకులు దాడి చేసి దూషించిన, నీవు ఎవ్వరిని నీ శత్రువు గా భావించలేదు . నీ ప్రేమ గుణం తో, సేవ కార్యక్రమాలు తో వారి మనసులను జయించావు. ఆ శిశుపాలక సమానులైన వారిని సైతం, నీ ఆరాధకులుగా మర్చుకున్నావ్ . ఇలా విరోధుల హృదయాలను జయించుట దైవత్వం అయితే నిస్సందేహంగా నీవు కృష్ణుడిని మించిన దైవ స్వరుపుడివి .