Monday, May 16, 2011

Kadapa voters commit mass suicide, as they vote enmasse for corrupt YS Jagan


Christian Fanatic and India's most corrupt politician YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had won the Kadapa elections with a  thumping majority . If a hungry man steals a bread to eat , public & police thrash him till he bleed . When people like YS Jagan loot 1-lakh crores of  public money, we get him elected as MP . While entire nation was debating and fighting against corruption under Anna hazare and Baba Ramdev , here we have voters who have shamelessly voted for India’s most corrupt politician. Well, majority of Kadapa voters are dumb. It's not polite to say this out, but it's quite true.  Kadapa people  deserve him, they need this corrupt , ruthless Jagan .

Kadapa was once infamous for senseless faction killing in the name of Seema Pourusham, now they have taken their Seema Pourusham to new heights. These people were infamous for faction killings  just to hold their hegemony, and thus registered in history pages as ‘rakshasa jati’ .  How can this Rakshasa Jati elect Noble men as their leader, for sure it has to be Narakasura, Mahisasura or Jagan-Asura. "As you Sow, so do you shall reap". When we see candidates like YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is corrupt and criminal getting elected , it reminds us  that this is definitely  KALIYUGA , where Adharma wins and Dharma goes for a toss.

Bad politician are usually chosen by people who fail to vote , but this Kadapa elections is otherwise , nearly 80% people turned up to vote the most ruthless & corrupt leader YS Jagan . This is a strange case of mass  suicide by Kadapa electorate. Guys like YS Jagan should indeed be muted literally… they are causing a nuisance around… unless they themselves understand what they are speaking and unless they make sense why they are yelling around…there mouths should be stitched .

Perhaps YS Jagan’s YSR Congress party(YCP) is first land grabbers party that had won elections hands down , may be this is the beginning of an new corrupt revolution . With this win it is now a proven fact that ‘Money & Muscle Power’ rule the world.  The shameless Loot of 1 Lakh Crores by YS Jagan thru embezzlement and cronyism  seems to have bought quite a few smiles among Kadapa electorate .  Kadapa By-elections might have lifted the spirits of Kadapa people knowing very well that Jagan will share the LOOT with them in return of their vote . Jagan has acknowledged the greedy Kadapa voters and said to have spent almost Rs 120 Crore’s during the campaign period , thus it has guaranteed him a landslide victory.  This is an obnoxious twist in Indian elections arena ,  where Low-Quality leader becomes darling of the masses

He had amassed lot of money using his fathers patronage , and now was not averse to sharing a good portion of the looted BOOTY with his native people. This WIN has showcased that LOOT done by politicians  is redistributed among the masses during the elections, thus peoples money come back to people. This elections has given rise to new phenomena that Candidate and Electorate did not go by their conscience but by choice of corrupt means .  Either both have Won or both failed miserably . its just matter of time , nation will know its outcome. Now we can only wait and wish Kadapa people come clean from the mistake they made and become little bit smarter .


Anonymous said...

you are not from kadapa
y do u bother so much about us???
nee pani nuvvu chsukovadam manchidi
anyway dochukoni unte dochukunnadu kaani he is much better than you kcr who creates divisions among people.

Anonymous said...

the same "rakshasa jathi" produced annamayya, vemana and brahmam gaaru
of course, the same jathi also produced ysr who verbally raped ur kcr in ap is another matter.
just as you have the right to think that seperate telangana will solve all your problems, in the same way people of kapdapa also have the right to think tht jagan(or for that mater anyone they like) can solve their problems.
atleast ysr family did a lot fortheir district unless trs president who NEVER spoke about his constituency problems in parliament.
telanagana demand may also look like suicide to some one.

kiran palvayi said...


orey vedava , Lanka Rakshasa Jati lo Ravanasurudi tammudi ga Vibhishanud puttadu , anta matrana aa jati goppadi avutunda .

Annamayya , brahnam garu , vemanna ekkada puttina vandaneeyule . Raj annadi neti factionislanu , rajakeeeya nayakulanu .

Comment rasey mundu tanu emi rasadu , ye sandarbamlo rasado chadivi , ardham chesukoni rayi .

@Rajanna nnevu mastu rastunnave , veeloku ekkodano tagultunnayi nee raatalu .

Anonymous said...

Rajshekar family is like pandikokkulu in AP... Time will come kukka savu sastaru.

Anonymous said...

that's the problem with us
we have read the Petha katha and we follow it all the time.
i hope some good sense prevails and we stop fighting among ourselves and get this people to book

jai Hind