Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanks to Telangana , Andhraites will have first Capital City of their own in 1000 years of History

My History knowledge tells me that Seemandhra region never had a permanent Capital City in last 1000 years (correct me If am wrong). Telangana had number of Capital City's before , Warangal, Hyderabad and even Karinagar . Its because of Telangana Formation , Seemandhra likely to get a Capital City in next 10 years and they shud be thankful to us for the same. It tells that they have been always ruled by other Kingdoms and were never been Rulers. Efforts of Telangana has now given them a maiden chance of "Self-Rule" for the first time in History.

Opponents of Telangana state always put forward a wrong argument that both these regions were under the same political unit for thousands of years. The truth is, Andhra – Telangana were always ruled by different kings and kingdoms. Here are a set of historic maps compiled by Savaal Reddy and published by Namasthe Telangana, which prove that Andhra Telangana were under different political entities for most of our known history.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Andhra Settlers Mission >>> Destroy Hyderabad and let #Telangana State suffer.

Overheard an conversation of group of Andhra Settlers who seems to be IT professionals. These Guys were unanimous in wishing that Hyderabad shud be made an Union Territory and Let Delhi enjoy the revenue of HYD but it shud not go to Telangana State. These people(TG) shud pay the price for dividing the AP , we shud make sure that #Telangana is destroyed by all the means.

Their conversation went on and on each spitting venom against Telangana . i thought of trashing them single handedly but somehow got control of my emotions.

This incident is an glaring example of how these Andhra Settlers who had come to our Land for a living wish to destroy our region before leaving . Dint these Andhra foxes lectured us about Telugu Unity and staying together in the name of Samikyandhra ??? Their Telugu unity is Fake and Samikyandhra is sham. All they want is make a living Looting Telangana . Shameless Dacoits.

Shud Telangana natives forgive & forget these cunning foxes living in HYD ???

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ISRO aims at Red Planet , All The Best For Mangalyaan .

Bharath Varsh to send its maiden Mars Mission satellite today , a proud day for all of us. I wish ISRO scientists all the best for #mangalyaan . Glad atleast our Scientists are doing some meaningful work , wish our Politicians & bureaucrats get some inspiration from them. Mangalyaan project cost less than Rs 450 Crore , its the cheapest inter planetary mission till now by any Country. If succeeds Bharath will be the fourth country after Soviet union , USA and Europe (Group of Countries) to reach Red Planet Mars. This is Bharath's first misiion and till now no country has been successful on its first attempt . Half of the worlds missions to reach Mars have failed, that includes attempts made by China & Japan. I hope Bharath Varsh attempt to reach Red Planet will be successful and inturn will be a major turning point in countrys space programe .

Just-Asking: How about taking some of Indian Politicians with one-way ticket to Mars ??? Bharath Varsh will be better off without them. If humans can be sent in Mangalyaan  then I wud have recommended Gandhi-Nehru Dynasty, YS Jagan Family & KCR Family.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nov 1st, 2nd & 3rd : Remembering Congress pogrom against Sikh's after Indira Gandhi assasination

After Indira Gandhi assassination by her Sikh Bodyguards on 31 Oct 1984 , Congress Party Goondas on Nov 1st, 2nd & 3rd have carried the unprecedented genocide as a revenge by killing 8000 Sikhs and out of it 3000 Sikhs were killed in Delhi alone. I hang my head in Shame & Guilt for the pogrom unleashed against my Sikh bandhu's with the support of Rajiv Gandhi Govt. 

Do not forget those thousands of Sikhs who sacrificed their lives protecting Hindu Men & Women during Muslim rule. How can Hindu Society forget Guru Govind Singh ?? How can we forget the Warrior Guru Teg Bahadur ?? How can we forget the great sacrifice of Sikh Kids Zoravar Singh (age 9 yrs) and his younger brother Fateh Singh (age 7 years) who were bricked "alive" by Muslim ruler Auragazeb for not converting to ISLAM ???

I still remember the song which i used to recite during my school days on Zorawar Singh & Fateh Singh ( not in the same order)

Zorawar Jor Se Bola
Fateh Singh Shor Se Bola
Hume Nija Desh Pyara Hain
Hume Nija Dharm Pyara Hain

Umar Mein Honge Hum Kacche
Lekin Hum Hain Simha Ke Bucche
Aur Dharm Hee Mante Sacche

Kabhi Parwat Jhookey Bhi Hain ??
Kahi Nadiya Rukhi Bhi Hain ??
Nahi Rukti Rawani Hain
Nahi Jukti Jawani Hain

Its been 30 years now yet the justice has not been delivered to the victims of Congress genocide. The Perpetrators of Sikh Killings are still moving freely in Civil Society with Congress Govt patronage. SHAME. The carnage was so severe that then President of India Gyani Zial Singh was so helpless that he requested RSS & Vajpayee to save his kin. It tells the intensity of Pogrom unleashed against Sikh bandhu's in Delhi by Congress Goons.

I can't stop myself from chanting
Hindu Dharm Ki Jai Ho
Sikh Panth Ki Jai Ho
Guru Granth Saheb Ki Jai Ho
Dashme (Ten) Guru Ki Jai Ho

Jo Bole So Nihal !
Sat Sri Akal !!