Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanks to Telangana , Andhraites will have first Capital City of their own in 1000 years of History

My History knowledge tells me that Seemandhra region never had a permanent Capital City in last 1000 years (correct me If am wrong). Telangana had number of Capital City's before , Warangal, Hyderabad and even Karinagar . Its because of Telangana Formation , Seemandhra likely to get a Capital City in next 10 years and they shud be thankful to us for the same. It tells that they have been always ruled by other Kingdoms and were never been Rulers. Efforts of Telangana has now given them a maiden chance of "Self-Rule" for the first time in History.

Opponents of Telangana state always put forward a wrong argument that both these regions were under the same political unit for thousands of years. The truth is, Andhra – Telangana were always ruled by different kings and kingdoms. Here are a set of historic maps compiled by Savaal Reddy and published by Namasthe Telangana, which prove that Andhra Telangana were under different political entities for most of our known history.


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