Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Andaman Island's fast turning into mini-Bangladesh

The Indian Navy, Coast Guard and the Union Home Ministry are worried about a spurt in the influx of foreigners, particularly Bangladeshis, into the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands in the past five years. Officials of these agencies say the easy issue of identification papers such as ration cards, voter ID cards and residence certificates by littoral states on India’s east coast is aiding this influx.
A senior merchant navy official told Express, ‘‘It is very easy to get residence certificates, ration cards and other ID documents from these state governments, particularly Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.’’ A senior official of the Coast Guard put the onus of checking the influx on the Andamans administration. ‘‘The Coast Guard checks illegal entry into India’s territorial waters. But illegal aliens coming in through Kolkata, Visakhapatnam and Chennai harbours on passengers ships with state government ID papers ought to be checked by the Andamans administration.’’ Most of the influx consists of people from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, an official said. IB officials have found that most of the infiltrators settle and find work in Port Blair, Havelock, Diglipur, Middle Nicobar, Campbell’s Bay, Nell Island and Rangott Island.
There are no restrictions on Indians taking up work in the Andamans.
Foreigners have to register their arrival with the local authorities.
The intelligence agencies have reportedly alerted the home and defence ministries to this influx, and the Andamans administration has been told to keep its eyes open. IB officials told Express that while many of the infiltrators have already secured identification papers from the Andamans administration, there are a large number of paperless people living on the loose.
Most of the illegal infiltrators take up work as labourers for civil projects, which have mushroomed in the atoll in recent years. Many work as crane operators, masons and tailors.
The state coordination meeting on coastal security held in Visakhapatnam on April 22, presided over by Gowtham Kumar, principal secretary in the State Home Department, discussed the illegal influx.

Source : V K L Gayatri 
Indian Express 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Telangana speaks in one voice

 Real Telangana want Separate T- State
When asked upon by the members of visiting Sri Krishna committee as to why you need separate T-State?? 
" Maa aastulu ga Andhrolu inni yelu dochuko poleda, ika saalu ,maa udyagalu, maa neelu, maa Telangana maku kavali " was the War-Cry reply  of 60 year old illiterate Lakshmamma to the visiting Sri Krishna Committe members in Palamoor District. Ramulu an poor farmer who had come to town to sell his paddy but cud not get a price , heard of visiting Sri Krishna Panel rushed there and wrote wot ever he felt on white paper to members in support of telangana . He urged further saying that " if we get telangana my children will get jobs , I will get water to fields and price to my crop .These were just 2 examples of tumultuous response that was witnessed by the visiting panel in favour of separate state . 
Wherever they went, Whom ever they met, the only response the panel got was "We Want Telangana". Real People of Telangana thus spoke in one voice. People made it loud and clear, nothing less than seperate state is acceptable.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vanara Shows The Way !!!

Jay Ho Vanara , Jay Ho !!!

 Two blind persons wanted to drink water at the Ragi Gudda Anjaneya temple, Bangalore. When they were unable to operate the tap, this mother monkey opened the tap for them, allowed them to drink water, drank some water herself and then closed the tap before leaving the scene.

I dont believe in God these days , I consider myself a Agnostic , more over have some personal enmity sort of feelings with Lord Hanuman in particular and all Hindu Gods in general . But still I found the PIX touching my heart . Wot amused me most is , it happened at Hanuman temple .
Source : Pic captured by Kishore Kumar Bolar , thanks to Prajavani Daily & HaindavaKeralam

PS: Do share this pic/link with your friends. It is proof that humanity does exist - even if we humans have forgotten it ourselves...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sania Mirza , Masti Unlimited

Sania Mirza , Masti Unlimited

Hold your breath, Sania's show is not yet over and show must(will) go on . Above is the Pic of a Guy called Manzy said to be born to another Mother and in a way he is Sania's Step Bro . There is no resemblance maybe it cud be of diff Father too , its time to check out if her father did it when the Burqa was on . With... this Burqa thing , no Muslim kid these days are sure of their Father :) . BTW , How many Wives does her Father have??

Watch this space in coming days . If I'am not labeled insensitive , who knows Sania too can do a Shoaib sort in coming days . After dumping Shoaib in year or two , Sania may go with this Manzy too ? Sania is never an innocent girl , this girl has lot of Itch between her legs . Within month of her broken engagement with her childhood friend , she created havoc with Sohiab Malik. Not just this, its rumored that, she streched her legs for Tennis Star Bhupathi , and dint stopped there, she stretched her legs far more for Bollywood Star Shahid Kapur . After being dumped by all the sundries, she found a great hope in a loser like Shoiab . Like Father, Like Daughter .

Sania Mirza is following her fathers footsteps & taking the Family legacy to a newest level with Ugly relationships. InshaAllah , Sania will make her father Proud :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8th : Memorial Day of VandeMataram song composer Sri Bankim Chanra Ji

April 8th :  Memorial Day of Vande Mataram song composer Sri Bankim Chanra Ji

April 8th , Memomorial Day of 'Vandemataram' song composer Sri Bankim Chandra Chaterjee . Lets pay Homage to this great patriot .

This historic Song was written by Sri Bankim Chandra on 7th November 1875 and was published in the novel ‘ Anandhmath’ . This was the story of Hindu Sadhu’s and Sant’s taking up arms to revolt against the atrocities committed by Muslims and British in Bengal during 1772 .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sania Mirza ready to be Porkistanis "Concubine"

Sania Mirza and controversies go hand in hand . Once there were Islamic  fatwas against her by Mullahs for wearing short skirts while playing Tennis. Then , I felt like Mullahs were watching her exposed body rather than her game . She was also middle of an controversy once for showing disrespect to the national flag. An now for her marrige with Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik , whos was accused to have married another Hyderabadi gul and dumped her for being overweight .

After sleeping with his said to be first wife Ayesha Siddiqi , Shoiab Malik says he moved around with her  feeling her as elder sister. Does in Islam, Muslims allowed to  sleep with their elder sister & make her pregnant ?? Wot a culture?  What a religion ??  Its high time the Shoaib marry both the Concubines & leave India. Thus India will be less of few Pigs & Piglets.

Ayesha want to play with the enemy. Sania wants to sleep with the enemy...
Both are "Conjoined Concubine Twins"