Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sania Mirza ready to be Porkistanis "Concubine"

Sania Mirza and controversies go hand in hand . Once there were Islamic  fatwas against her by Mullahs for wearing short skirts while playing Tennis. Then , I felt like Mullahs were watching her exposed body rather than her game . She was also middle of an controversy once for showing disrespect to the national flag. An now for her marrige with Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik , whos was accused to have married another Hyderabadi gul and dumped her for being overweight .

After sleeping with his said to be first wife Ayesha Siddiqi , Shoiab Malik says he moved around with her  feeling her as elder sister. Does in Islam, Muslims allowed to  sleep with their elder sister & make her pregnant ?? Wot a culture?  What a religion ??  Its high time the Shoaib marry both the Concubines & leave India. Thus India will be less of few Pigs & Piglets.

Ayesha want to play with the enemy. Sania wants to sleep with the enemy...
Both are "Conjoined Concubine Twins"

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