Friday, August 19, 2016

Sriman Modi Ji we are Gau Rakshak's not political dalaal's. We live & die for Gau Mata & Bharata Mata .

Glad to share good news that Warangal (Telangana) Gau premi's have chased a container on Highway y'day around mid night 2:00 AM on a tip off that Cows & Oxen are being smuggled to slaughter house from Hanuman Jn of Vijayawada. Appreciate the daring work of Prof Sudhir Arya and other #GauRakshaks in saving 55 cows/oxen . A case has been booked in Kazipet Police Station against the Cow smugglers and vehicle seized. Dist' administration shifted them to Brindavan GauShala being run by Gau premi's Prof Sudhir Arya & CA Ravi.

Now I want to know from Hon' Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji what dossier his Govt will prepare on these Gau Rakshaks ? Sriman Modi Ji it is you who garnered votes in the name of Gau in elections, now you find yourself helpless in banning Cow slaughter and blame Gau Rakshaks.

Thousands of Illegal slaughter house kill approx' 100,000 cows every year , Modi doesnt see criminality in such killings but blame Gau Rakshaks who risk their lives to save Gau's.

Let Modi understand if we can make him we know how to unmake him. Gau Rakshaks are above your vote bank politics for us nothing else but Gau mata & Bharata mata matters.