Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hindu Help Line 24 / 7 for Uttarakhand Flood Victims by RSS & VHP

RSS , Sewa Bharathi , Vishwa Hindu Parishad together have started Hindu-Help-Line to coordinate in rescuing and helping the Uttarakhand flood victims . Hundreds of Swayamsevaks are working in tandem with Indian Army at Ground Zero. Indian Army has rescued most of the Pilgrims who were stranded in affected area. Next big thing is to give them Food , Shelter , Medicines and see that they all reach their respective homes safely .

Many of the rescued Piligrims have lost Money and Train tickets . RSS/VHP has put up camps at all Railway Stations to assist them in buying Rail tickets and providing financial assistance for travelling back to their destinations.

Many of the rescued Piligirms have lost their dear ones, they were found weak mentally/physically and not able to travel all by themselves . RSS/VHP is taking care of their travel , RSS/VHP Volunteers are accompanying them in their travel till they reach safely to their homes.

In the wake of the horrible catastrophe that struck Uttarakhand in which hundreds are dead & thousands still missing right from Gangotri to Kedarnath – Gouri Kund & Badrinath to Gopeshwar, Govind Ghat, Gupt Prayag, Karna Prayag, Rudra Prayag, Srinagar, Chamoli & the areas, VHP & Hindu Help Line have set up a system jointly with the Uttarakhand Unit to try & locate missing people from various states.

***Relatives of the missing / non-traceable pilgrims should contact Hindu-Help-Line on 020 -66803300 / 07588682181 and inform the following:

*Caller’s name / place / Dist / state
* Name of the relative missing at 4 Dhaam
*Male / Female
* Accompanied by
* If traveling with a tour company / Group, then its name & main person
*Mobile number of the missing person
*When did he / she last called & from where; what was the information given
*If found alive & injured, whom to contact: Mobile number, email , address
*Any known medical condition already existing (Diabetes / Kidney problem / Cancer / High or Low Blood Pressure / known allergies / Asthma / Any other)

Relatives can also send the above details on email along with the missing person / persons’ photos in JPG format to: Do not forget to mention full name of the person, place & state on the photo.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sewa Bharathi Appeal for Support 2013 Uttarakhand Flood & Cloudburst

Appeal for Support 2013 Uttarakhand flood & Cloudburst.

Over a Million affected in the Himalayan Tsunami i.e. the cloudburst and floods in Uttarakhand.Villages together washed away, pain, death and helpless victims everywhere. 38 hours of incessant rains in the hilly garhwal region left local people and pilgrims visiting the holy shrines desperate and helpless.
  Kilometers of roads had been washed away. Many bridges, houses, water lines, canals, check dams, electricity lines, power houses and other public and private property had been severely damaged. Kedarnath which is the worst affected has 60 villages washed away in the flood fury is awaiting relief and rescue. An expected 72,000 pilgrims and over a million local people have been affected by the floods.

Sewa Bharati Appeals for support to the flood victims and the pilgrims stranded there without food and water.

Appeal to support the Flood affected :
· Online transfer can be done to Seva Bharati A/C.
· You can also write a cheque/draft and drop it in any ICICI branch.
· All contributions to Seva Bharathi are tax-exempt under 80G.

ICICI Bank number 630501065297
IFSC Code ICIC0006305
Himayatnagar Branch, Hyderabad

Please do mention your name and address so that we can update you along with a receipt of your contribution.

For Contributions from Abroad :


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let there be a CBI inquiry on KCR Family assets and his "Ghost Businesses'

Let there be a CBI Inquiry against KCR . Part IV

It looks like KCR maneuvered Raghunandan Drama very well and gifted himself a breathing time . Or else a COUP was imminent . Few assume Raghunandan hereafter be dumped as an used condom , as KCR hereafter doesnt like to be seen as the Director of the Drama ?? Nope , The Drama is not over , The Plot is unfinished, KCR , The maverick will use Raghunandan to consolidate his position further and neutralise all the threats which are hanging like a Damocles Sword over his Head.

For last few months , I have been spearheading a campaign against KCR on Twitter. I had clearly mentioned in my Tweets of the possibility of CBI Inquiry against KCR , on par with YS Jagan. I was proved right , one of the Telugu Newspaper has published the story on same lines . On 12 the April I tweeted that SoniaG has prepared a dossier on KCR illgotten money , his investment in ShipYards and Mines will be part of CBI investigation, Telugu Newspaper Suryaa
Dt 1-05-2013 has complimented my Tweet with its story on its Main Edition .

I have produced My Tweet in this Post.

As i mentioned earlier , Raghunandan is used by KCR not just to preclude Harish Rao from doing Coup , but also to clear his path of thorns like that of CBI Inquiry and all other things which can jeoparadise his Political career.

Did you ever wondered , why Raghunandan met CBI Jt Dir JD Lakshmi Narayana ?? We were made to believe that he met CBI Jt Dir to hand over evidences against KCR ??? Do you believe this ???

If Raghunandan has any worthwhile evidence against KCR and if he really wanted to nail him , he would have preferred to present them to Media and expose KCR. Media , with its biased telecast could have done more damage to KCR credibility . Thus Raghunandan had a chance to make KCR stand guilty in front of the Public. But he chosed to go to CBI and submit the "said" proof in secret.

Raghunandan meeting CBI Dir is a fact , but my question is what is the gaurentee that Raghunandan has submitted "said" proofs against KCR to CBI. He said to media standing outside the CBI Office and we are forced to believe it. My understanding of this episode of 'Soap Opera' is , its part of KCR script that Raghunandan met CBI.

I'll explain how , Raghunandan is an Senior Lawyer , he is the one who is credited to have got bail for Asaddudin Owaisi , who was arrested after his Bro's hate speech. Raghunandan being a Lawyer should know how CBI Works. CBI is just an investigating agency and does not file F.I.R on its own. To book a case against KCR extortion , Raghunandan either has to Lodge a case with Local Police Dept or file a petition in High Court asking for a CBI inquiry against KCR Corruption.

But Raghunandan , did not do any of the above. he neither filed an F.I.R with Police nor submitted a petition in High Court. All this is done to neutralise and pre-empt others who are willing to file cases against KCR. Mind you one cud not file a case against anyone with CBI , can bring it to its notice .

On May 13th I Tweeted that a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) will be shortly filed against KCR in High Court. KCR too is well aware of a PIL ( the way Minister Shankar Rao filed against YS Jagan) being filed against him in High Court demanding a CBI Inquiry on KCR Assets. KCR cleverly using Raghunandan to file the PIL and again prempt others from filing another PIL against him.

Raghu 2 days back said he will file the PIL ( I Tweeted this almost 10 days back) , was part of a clever ploy, he will for sure file the PIL , but will present weak evidence during the Court proceedingd . With no substantial proofs being present to Court , Honorable Judge will quash the PIL. The result of this ploy is KCR will be safe from CBI Inquiry and so any new PIL's will not be entertained in near future by any Court against KCR. With this all the treats of CBI & PIL have been neatralised.

This is the big story behind KCR's Raghunandan Drama . One should praise the selection of Actor (Raghu) for this Drama. He chosed someone from His own caste , Velama , someone who is part of his coterie and someone who is an Lawyer . All praises for KCR , for his shrewd cunningness.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

KCR : The Raghunandan Drama. Part III

Who is behind Raghunadan's attacking Harish Rao ? Is Raghunandan part of well scripted Drama by KCR Family to protect their hegemony ?? Will the said CD which has proof of taking Money from KVP will see the Light ??? Who is behind video recording of suitcases filled with currency notes in posh Delhi Asoka Hotel ????

When Raghunandan suspension was announced by TRS , one can hear the the heightening disturbed sounds of Bees around beehive . The man who was part of the TRS , since its formation day has been shown the Door. He was also part of the KCR coterie , more than that he was familiar to Telanganaites coz of his Oratory skills presented in defending KCR on all TV Channel debates.

Yet , he was thrown out , much to the happiness of Andhra Media. The media danced on its own showcasing Raghunandan as an Hero taking on mighty KCR in Telangana. Overnight Raghunandan was seen on all TV Channels parroting the same words again and again. Yet Andhra Media eugalised him with out any shame.

I was watching all his TV Interviews , at times laughed at his Sound bytes. He kept on saying he will present all the proofs to the Media after 48 Hrs. his one sound byte of having a CD has charged the atmosphere. it was Music to Andhra Chor Media . The Andhra Chor Media believed him religiously and eagerly waitied the deadline of Raghunandan's 48 Hrs to complete. Andhra Media was expecting Raghunandan to present the and Explosive CD , which their TV Channels can play agaian and again till eternity and sling mud on pious Telangana agitation .

And the much awaited end of the Raghunandan's 48 Hrs deadline has finally arrived , but he did not present any evidence to the the Media for the allegations he made earlier against Harish Rao. But Raghunandan fancied himself without any remorse or shame gave a new sound byte of Harish Rao collection Rs 80 Lakhs from Padmalaya Studio . it was again a mere allegation and no concrete proof to substantiate his diatribe.

Not many people know that Monkey dance of Andhra Chor media on Raghunandan has helped KCR immensely . Watching the repeated telecast of Raghunandan episode on TV Channels , KCR must be rolling on floor with laughter in his farmhouse. KCR is the only one who is much happier with the Raghunandan events. This issue has brought him much happiness and relief.

KCR using Raghunandan has cleverly pre-empted all the threats to his political hegemony. There was a serious threat to his supremacy in the party coz of his failure deadlines on Telangana fromation . Harish Rao , his nephew was waiting in the wings to do the COUP against KCR to take the reigns of TRS and Telangana Bhavan.

The Haris Rao COUP threat was hanging on KCR head as damocles sword . Unless Harish Rao dignity is punctured and mud thrown on his character the COUP was imminent anytime after the Local Body Elections in July. The growing prominence of harish Rao popularity among Telangana people has also ringed the warning bells.

To avert the COUP KCR chosed his trusted Lieutenant Raghunandan to malign Harish Rao and defame him publicly. Entire Raghunandan talk was scripted by KCR. If you watch Raghunandan presser , one can notice he being very very soft on KCR but harsh on Harish Rao. The entire concentration of his diatribe was against Harish Rao. Where as the truth is KCR & his Family Son KTR, Daughter Kavitha are epicenter for the Corruption or extortion in Telangana.

Raghunandan being a hardcore follower & coterie member of KCR , doesnt he have any other better evidence to show aginst KCR & Family ?? I seriously doubt it. I an ordinary, naive Blogger cud bring better document evidence against KCR corruption , he being part of coterie did not had a chance to lay his hands on some document proof ???

Iam not surprised at why KCR chosed Ragunandan to do a Trojan horse kind of scripted Drama. KCR knew that Raghu is his pet dog, he will bark only when its rightful owner asks to bark. Raghu did the same. The choice of using Raghu in tarnishing Harish Rao image is also interesting. KCR did not trusted other but went with Raghu who is also a Velama by caste. KCT though wanted to checkmate Harish Rao , but did not used someone from other castes , coz that wud have drawn fury from entire Velama community.

Raghunandans sweet talk of KCR that he has details of KCR taking money thru Cheques from Business houses is trying to save his ass. if you try & read between the lines Raghu presser , he was giving a clean certificate to KCR saying that , KCR collected all the funds only theu Cheques , which is legal . Raghunandan was trying to tell us that KCR never took any cash but only dealt with Cheques. Let him understand public is not so foolish to believe his words or that of KCR's.

After much needed damage done to Harish Rao's integrity , KCR pulled back the strings from Raghunandan. mark My words, Raghunandan will bark for some more time , but just before 2014 elections he will come back to the TRS as his assigned mission is accomplished . For his obedience , KCR will appreciate him with MLA ticket as an Thanks-Giving gesture.

Not knowing all happenings as KCR scripted Drama , One  Foxy Seemandhra leader has given Raghunandan a CD which has some evidence against the money collection. Foxy  over jealous acts to down the KCR has boomeranged on him . Now he stands exposed for poking KCR at wrong place. Recording the private acts happening in Politicans Bedrooms is nothing new to this Seemandra Foxy. There's strong Buzz that Ex Governor ND Tiwari Sexcapade acts were recorded by Foxy henchemen to bring EL Narsimhan to RajBhavan to crush Telangana movement.

I was fully aware of Harish Rao revolting against the KCR , I Tweeted the same almost 40 days back ( My Tweet produced below) . Since then i was eagerly waiting to see how wud KCR pre-empt the COUP.