Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hundred's of new born babies died due to Samikyandhra agitation.

During #Samikyandhra Electricity employees strike nearly 4000 babies have died as incubators did not function due to blackout. Wot kind of agitation was that which killed its own new born babies. Even Telangana went on strike , but we never cut off emergency services , we never bothered common man . Just imagine the catastrophe that would have been let loose by  Andhra #ChorMedia if it had happened during Telangana agitation. Unlike Samikyandhra agitation our leaders did not profited from the strike. A news report said Seemandhra MP lagdapati Rajgopal has profited nearly Rs 100 Crores by selling LANCO Power at a higher price. MLA JC Diwakar Reddy , TDP Leader Kesineni Nani and other Politicians who have Pvt Busses have doubled the Bus rates and robbed the Seemandhra common man. During Day time they participated and supported the Samikyandhra Stike while in Nights they minted the Money and profited . Its beyond anybody's comprehension as to  why they are so greedy , just imagine how much they might have robbed Telangana resources in last 60 years. They have stopped RTC buses , but operated their own travels with profit motive . Poor children were deprived of Education as Govt Schools were closed and Politicians  allowed Corporate Schools/Colleges to run as their Children study there. Electricity Employees were forced to shut down the production at Govt Power Plants but Cong MP Lagdapati Rajgopal LANCO Power in Vijayawada  was allowed to run full fledged. These Politicains are mere Contractors and Business Men , they are into Politics to save their hegemony . Quicker the Seemandhra people realise better for them. This agitation has exposed the Seemandhra Politicians now the natives have to teach them a lesson for taking them a ride for their political ends

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Support Sewa Bharati efforts in relief and rehabilation of Cyclone Phailin victims in Odisha & Andhra

Please Support Sewa Bharati efforts in relief and rehabilation of #CyclonePhailin victims in Odisha and Uttar Andhra.

1. All Sewa work for this cyclone relief will be conducted under UBSS ( Utkal Bipanna Sahayata Samiti).
2. For the next 3 to 5 days point of focus will be to supply cooked and dry foods, safe drinking water health services , fodder for the cattle and temporary shelters.
3. The requirements on ground has to be reported to UBSS Organising Secretary by local volunteers through the Pranta Sewa Pramukh.

4. Medical teams are to be formed for visiting required sites.
5. UBSS shall adopt some villages for rehabilitation, based on the survey reports of the karyakartas.
6. A team of UBSS and Prachar Vibhag will visit Ganjam and other affected areas on 15th October.
7. UBSS will appeal for help in cash and kind to individuals, corporate houses, philanthropic organisations both at national and international level.

A. Ongoing Relief Centers are Present
1. Beharmpur – 4 centers
2. Gopalpur – 3 centers
3. Chatrapur – 1 center

B. 30 Villages including village Aryapalli around Gopalpur, Nimakhandi and Chatrapur, in Ganjam district are currently submerged underwater. 3 to 4 blocks in Gajapati District are also badly affected.

C. Total Casualties reported by 4:45PM on 13th October 2013
a. Ganjam – 12 Nos.

Support Sewabharathi efforts in relief and rehab of #CyclonePhailin victims

Please do mention your name and address so that we can update you along with a receipt of your contribution.

Online transfer can be done to Seva Bharati A/C.
You can also write a cheque/draft and drop it in any ICICI branch.
All contributions to Seva Bharati are tax-exempt under 80G.

ICICI Bank number 630501065297
IFSC Code ICIC0006305
Himayatnagar Branch, Hyderabad

Seva Bharati,
3-2-106, Nimboliadda,
Kachiguda, Hydrabad-500027
Ph: 040-24610056
Contact person Sri Murthy ,09618667939

If you are in USA and willing to donate , you can do it here >>>

Sewa International USA
P O Box 820867, Houston,TX 77282-0867

If you are in UK and willing to donate , you can do it here >>>

Sewa UK,
110 High Street, Edgware,
Middlesex, HA8 7HF

Friday, October 11, 2013

Dussehra : The Story of Vijayadasami – Why we observe Vijaya Dashami?

Vijayadasami is celebrated on Ashwuina Shuda Dasami (10th day of the waxing phase of moon in Ashwin month). Vijaya Dashami is the last day of Durga Puja and Dasara Festival. It is observed on the day after nine-day Navratri festival. This day is also observed as Madhwa Jayanthi day - it is on this day that Vayu Deva made his Avatara as Sri Madhwacharya. Shirdi Sai Baba Mahasamadhi is also observed on the day.

Importance of Vijaya Dashami day as per Hindu Tradition:

It is on this day that in Tretayuga, Sri Ram killed Ravana. Sri Rama with the assistance of Kapi Sainya, under the able leadership of Sugreeva and Hanuman, invaded Lanka and killed Ravana, Kumbhakarna and rescued Sita devi, who was kidnapped by Ravana. To commemorate the divine event, people all over the country celebrate the day by burning the huge effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna (brother of Ravana) and Meghanad (son of Ravana).

Another legend has it that Goddess Durga (Mahishasuramardhini or Chamundeswari) killed Mahishasura on this day. Mahishasura – a demon with the head of a buffalo and body of human – had created havoc on the earth after defeating the demigods and unleashed the rule of Adharma. To restore Dharma, Goddess Shakti appeared as Durga. She fought Mahisha and numerous demons for nine days and on the tenth day She killed Mahisha. From then onwards the day is celebrated as Vijaya Dasami.

Another legend suggests that Arjuna in the Mahabharat during the last year of exile period took back his weapons on this day and fought against Kauravas to defend the Virata kingdom.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Cabinet Note , First step towards Telangana formation .

The Centre on Thursday took the first significant step towards creation of a separate Telangana state from out of Andhra Pradesh and decided that Hyderabad will be the joint capital of the two states for 10 years.

Over two months after the Congress Working Committee put its seal of approval, the Union Cabinet approved the proposal of the Home Ministry for creation of the 29th state and decided to set up a Group of Ministers (GoM) to work out modalities.

“The Cabinet has given its approval for the creation of a new state of Telangana,” Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told reporters after the meeting that lasted more than two hours.He said it was decided that Hyderabad will be the common capital of the two bifucated states for 10 years.
After the creation of the new state, the security and guarantees including fundamental rights of the people of coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana will be ensured, he said.

The Cabinet approved a GoM that will go into the issue of a special financial disbursement that may be required from the central government for the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh, for building its capital and to cater to special needs of the backward regions.The new state will have a geographical area of 10 of the 23 districts of undivided Andhra Pradesh.

Today’s decision brings to fruition the announcement made by the then Home Minister P Chidambaram on December 9, 2009 for creation of Telangana.

The Cabinet took the momentous decision despite stiff opposition from within Congress leaders from Seemandhra region, including Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and Union Ministers and MPs. Some of them even hreatened to quit.

Ever since the CWC took the decision, there have been agitations against the bifurcation in the Seemandhra region.In a bid to assuage feelings in the Seemandhra region, the Congress set up a committee headed by Defence Minister A K Antony to look into the grievances.

“The Cabinet has approved a Group of Ministers to determine an appropriate mechanism to ensure legal and administrative measures for both the successive states of the government to function from the common capital of Hyderabad for 10 years and to ensure safety and security of the residents of all three regions — Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana, including guarantees of their fundamental rights.

“The Cabinet also approved.. further sought from the GoM to determine a special financial disbursement that may be required from the central government revenues that would be available to the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh for the formation of new capital and to meet the special needs of backward region of the state,” Shinde said.

The districts that to be part of the new state will be Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Mahaboobnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Rangareddy and Warangal besides Hyderabad.
The Cabinet decision was on the lines of the July 30 CWC resolution which said, “It is resolved to request the Central government to take steps in accordance with the Constitution to form a separate state of Telangana ……within a definite timeframe.

The CWC had also decided to recommend to the government that Hyderabad be made the joint capital of the newly-proposed state and the other regions–Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra–for a period of 10 years.The momentous CWC decision came after hectic consultations, which involved consultations with UPA allies also.Source: PTI