Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hundred's of new born babies died due to Samikyandhra agitation.

During #Samikyandhra Electricity employees strike nearly 4000 babies have died as incubators did not function due to blackout. Wot kind of agitation was that which killed its own new born babies. Even Telangana went on strike , but we never cut off emergency services , we never bothered common man . Just imagine the catastrophe that would have been let loose by  Andhra #ChorMedia if it had happened during Telangana agitation. Unlike Samikyandhra agitation our leaders did not profited from the strike. A news report said Seemandhra MP lagdapati Rajgopal has profited nearly Rs 100 Crores by selling LANCO Power at a higher price. MLA JC Diwakar Reddy , TDP Leader Kesineni Nani and other Politicians who have Pvt Busses have doubled the Bus rates and robbed the Seemandhra common man. During Day time they participated and supported the Samikyandhra Stike while in Nights they minted the Money and profited . Its beyond anybody's comprehension as to  why they are so greedy , just imagine how much they might have robbed Telangana resources in last 60 years. They have stopped RTC buses , but operated their own travels with profit motive . Poor children were deprived of Education as Govt Schools were closed and Politicians  allowed Corporate Schools/Colleges to run as their Children study there. Electricity Employees were forced to shut down the production at Govt Power Plants but Cong MP Lagdapati Rajgopal LANCO Power in Vijayawada  was allowed to run full fledged. These Politicains are mere Contractors and Business Men , they are into Politics to save their hegemony . Quicker the Seemandhra people realise better for them. This agitation has exposed the Seemandhra Politicians now the natives have to teach them a lesson for taking them a ride for their political ends

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