Friday, May 31, 2013

KCR, The Pied Piper, as a leader offers Telangana masses delusive enticements . Part-II

Getting back to the stroy , Corruption has become a part and parcel of our daily Life. We have become so immune to that issue that a Loot of 1 Lakh Crore by YS jagan does not move us. Our thoughts have become so strong that we support such brigands just coz , his name has our Caste Tag. Many times my argument with friends that how cud Jagan be a Reddy when he is not an Hindu has resulted in deafening silence. Caste & Corruption (Greeed for Money) has over burden our thought process.

KCR offlate has become a Hero of Telangana cause . His stature has outgrown his natural size. He started behaving like a Bagpiper swaying the activists at his wish. Agitation rises when he wishes and Dies in the same manner. He never comes on to streets to wage a direct War for Telangana nor goes to parliament to raise & question ths cause. Still he is the Darling of the Soil.

There is tremendous anger against him , but this anger does not have a direction . There is no other leader who can take up the gauntlet and blew the counch and address the aspiration of 4 Crore Telangana people. Out of no choice many of the natives unwillingly either have to follow him or stay calm on the banks as an Mute spectators.

His sharp tongue , command on Telugu dialect , small stories belonging to Local area and promising a Heaven kind of Life after Telangana formation are his Weapons to win the Hearts of People. And undoubtedly the Money Power he has which he collects from Andhra Industrialists is used to arrange Big Public Meetings to showcase his Power in gathering the Masses.

When I talk of KCR Corruption , People Question me how can I call it Corruption , as KCR was never a Minister ( He was Minister for brief period with out Portfolio) in Last one decade . If that argument is taken , then there should not be any case against YS jagan too , Jagan was never an Minister , he is an MP and not in Power. So should CBI Inquiry be dropped against YS Jagan too ???

The Word "Corruption" may not fit to KCR , but does not and should not give any benefit of doubt for his corrupt practices . For that matter we can use any other word like graft , embezzlement or extortion . But for easy understanding of the events, iam using the word Corruption .

Running a Political Party in India is not easy . Belive Me or Not , an Yearly expenditure of any Political Party such as TRS , TDP or YSRCP would be not less than Rs 100 Crore. My Question is from Where does KCR collects such a huge amount to run the Party. For sure like any other Politician , he would collect it from the Business Houses. If he collects it thru Cheques its legal according to Election Commission. But i seriously doubt the Collections pouring thru Cheques . Taking Cash above Rs 1Lakh is an Criminal offence according to Indian Laws.

Let me now address the Core corruption and Lies of KCR. As per Election Commission every candidate contesting in an election has to submit an affidavit of his & his Spouce Movable and Fixed Assets on an Stamp Paper. Even KCR has submitted his Asstes to EC dated 28-3-2009 . ( The Copy of that Affiadavit is Produced here) . It Clearly says that all his Fixed Asster according to him is not more than Rs 2.25 Crores as on the market Price of year 2009. As we can see KCR signature on the bottom of page , so it validates the affidavit.

In Second page of the Affidavit , S.No ( iii ) under "Heading" Bonds Debentures and Shares he mentioned -Nil-. No one shud have a problem with that , coz by then neither T-NEWs nor Namaste Telangana paper were  started. But if you see the other Document of Namaste Telangana ( produced above) , you can see that nearly 4 Crore shares have been allotted to KCR . Surprisingly each equity share was valued at Rs 1 Only. But its face value in the Market be minimum of Rs 10 or can be more than that.

My Point is KCR to EC in his Affidavit has shown his and Spouce Joint " Life" time earnings as just Rs 2.25 Crores Approx . if the Affidavit is real then what kind of fortunes does KCR made in from year 2009 to year 2011 that he has Legally Invested Rs 4 Crore in Namste Telangana paper ??? A simple common sence tells that he has amassedd wealth lot thru coersion .

  One might rise the point that KCR might have taken Loans from his friends, relatives and invested Rs 4 Crore in Namaste Telangana . My Point wud be , lets wait and watch till 2014 to see if he shows these Loans in his new Affidavit. I seriously Doubt if it wud reflect there. KCR has already taken a bank Loan of more than Rs 3 Crore on his Farmhouse to do farming in green House . While talking of Loans we have to remember that KCR in Affidavit has mentioned his Total Assets are worth Rs 2.25 Cr. Will any sensible man take Loan multiple times to his property value ??

Even a Layman knows that to start a News paper with 10 Editions , one need to invest atleast Rs 100 to 200 Crores . Where as KCR Namaste Telangana paper in total has show its total investment as just Rs 11 Crores. That itself is an erroneous Lie. Not to forget he has a TV Channel TV News . To start an TV Channel roughly Rs 15-20 Cr is needed ? From Where did KCR has bought the much needed money to invest in TV Channel ???

These 2 ( TNews Channel & Namaste Telangana ) are only visible/legal business of KCR. iam not talking of Ship yards and Mines he alleged to be the owner . If these added to his property it would run into 1000's of Crores. I regularly been Tweeting on Twitter about his Shipyards and Mines and my allegations were partly proved right when Surya Paper later published a news story on same Lines of my Tweets.

I have no Document proof to point to KCR alleged to be the owner of 100's of Crore worth Shipyards or Mines. So I wud not talk much about it. But KCR shud come out cleanly on his investments in TNews Channel & NT Paper. Also clear the clouds on sabotaging Sakala janula Samme to get Rs 4700 Crore Polavaram Project thru SEW company which is believed to be his "benaami".

Monday, May 27, 2013

Telangana sentiment a profitable business for KCR . Part- I

Iam writing this Disclaimer in the beginning coz i shud not be misunderstood. My write Up shud not be seen as anti Telangana . Mention of caste name in my write-up is intentional by me as it is part of the Subject. I always stayed away from castes to the extent that I never used caste Tag with my name.

I was discussing Politics with a Friend 2 days back , he asked me , " Why Raghunandan a Velama himself is taking on another Velama Biggie KCR ? Raj for last few months you have unleashed a WAR on KCR Politics on Twitter. Why ?? Is there no Unity in Velamas ???".

I had no answer for him . Coz Caste was never on my List. I told my Friend " I do not know of Velama Unity , i never researched on it. And i dont subscribe to caste related topics' and the discussion ended.

I am surprised that even today Caste is seen more important than ones character or ideology. Above Friend told me in a casual way, that there are people in our society by smelling ones Fart will tell you his/her Caste. I thought it was a Joke. Nope.It isnt. its a reality. Caste is here to stay. I have no issue with someone Owning up their Caste , but for sure have some reservations if someone discriminate the others on Caste. Feeling proud about ones caste is OK , but showcasing it outside the Humanity is condemnable.

Let me begin this discussion with KCR Politics and end with Raghunandan allegations. For your record , Both are Velama's. My father knew about KCR since his LLB days in Osmania University. .

It was 28/29 November 2009, a weekend , I was hooked up to TV since early morning for important news. KCR was supposed to sit on "Deeksha" at Siddipet. That was the time I started following KCR more seriously. Having seen me glued to TV watching KCR News , My Father said in harshest voice " why do you watch his rants , dont encourage such politicians , change the channel" . With respectful voice I said "I have strong feeling that this deeksha will lead to series of incidents which will create History and Telangana may be formed" . Yes I was right , it created History , his fake Deeksha which led to students outrage led to announcement of Telangana state by UPA2 Govt. 

I knew KCR was not perfect , but for me he was a tool to achieve Telangana. I heard  quite a few times  in detail about KCR alleged involvement in Saudi/Dubai VISA/Passport scams and other scandals . Yet, that did not dented my fan-ism for him.

A friend of mine who was once close to KCR Family gave all the details/ proofs how he siphoned Crores of Rupees in the name of "Jai Telangana" newspaper. Still i allowed my obsession to rule the Logic/Truth. His declaration to EC is just Rs 2.5 Crore, yet he owns , TV Channel , Newspaper and other businesses . During TRS foundation , he  promised that he
nor his family members will not take any position in the party , today he is MP , his son MLA , nephew former Minister and MLA and now planning to give Nizamabad ticket to his dughter Kavita. In simple he wants to keep power with his family.

More news of him compromising on Telangana started rolling in . It was Sakala Janula Samme by Telangana Govt Employees that really shattered my obsession. The manner in which he took all the Telangana stake holders of Sakala Janula Samme to Delhi and surrendered them raised many doubts. By then, writing on the Wall is clear that KCR compromised and sabotaged Sakala Janula Samme. It was hard to digest then , with no other alternative leadership visible , forced to remain calm.

Few months later Polavaram tenders were announced. It was whoppy Rs 4700 Crore Project. Govt declared that a company called SEW grabbed the tender . A simple research showed that SEW Company is very close to  KCR. SEW belongs to Laxmi Rajyam of KariNagar Dist. Interestingly Laxmi Rajyam and KCR are partners in Namaste Telangana paper. I was surprised how come SEW which is not into infra structure has bagged the Rs 4700 Crore Polavaram Project. The answer i got from my source is , Congress gave it to KCR for sabotaging "Sakala Janula Samme". That one revelation was enough for me to take this monster who is playing with sentiments of Crores of Telanganites.

I took him on online, mainly on Twitter , I started exposing him and his Farmhouse Politics. Many of my Telangana friends on Twitter did not like it. They cautioned me , warned me  of dire consequences if I dont stop my diatribe against KCR Politics on Twitter. Few reminded me the caste equations , few pleaded to stop taking on KCR for Telangana sake. I said I wont , he has betrayed my Telangana , My Motherland. Despite resistance from Near & Dear ones , my war against KCR diabolical & betraying Politics will continue .

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today is Adi Shankara Chary Jayanti

Today is Jayanti of Sri Adi Shankara Swamigal.

My Sashtang Pranam's to The Monk who has revitalised the dying Hindutva thru his preachings. He was the Man who saved Hindu Dharma from the meaning less rituals and arrested the growth of ever increasing conflicts among the various sects.

At the age of 8 , he wanted to renounce this materialistic world and preferred to go Sanyasi way . But his mother vehemently denied it and she dint permitted him. Later he was caught by a Crocodile in a Pond and was not leaving him , then he in pain cries and plead his mother to accept his earlier wish of becoming Sanyasi. His Mother from the banks agreed and Crocodile left Shankara Chary . it was an Miracle. Then he toured the entire Bharat Varsh as a Philosopher , Saint preaching the essence of Hindu Dharma.

The Popular devotional song "BhajaGovindam" is composed by Sri Adi Shankara Charya himself. The Song tells you to dump this greed of Materialism and take shelter in "Govinda". That alone will save you and grant Salvation. it is believed that Adi Shankara Charya has compsed the song in Varnasi addressing a stubborn aged Sanskrit scholar. This devotional Song gives the hints of Adi Shankara Swamigal "Advaita" philosophy.

Below I Quote One such Stanza and its meaning

døúûvá má gá moháveùam,
manasi vicintaya váram váram.

Seeing the seductive female form, do not fall prey to frenzied delusion. That (female form) is (but) a modification of flesh and fat. Think well thus in your mind and again and again.

Bhaja Govindam , Bhaja Govindam , Bhaja Govindam !!!
Seek Govinda , Seek Govinda , Seek Govinda !!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chiranjeevi son Ram Charan does a 'Chillar-jeevi' act on Hyderabad road

Daddy is known for betraying the Telangana cause , Babai is much famous for failed relationships, Abbai is Roadside Brawler , Ammai _______ . Wot a Mega Family !!! The rage was all about his Aston Martin. This Little Jerk is hardly visible with his 5'3'' height, but does a filmy act of Villainy and go scot free . He takes the advantage of his Minister father and escapes from demonic behaviour. This Lilliput has no guts to face the situation like a Man , calls his security to rough up the techies . If this Lilliput was a Man, should have fought it like a Man as he does in films, instead like filmy Villains sends Goondas to attack techies .Next time this Lilliput Ape man comes out on roads let him put a board on his car " Beware Ram Charan Inside , give way", on par with the boards we keep on our gate  " Beware of  Dog" . The State Law should immediately dwell upon this issue as this spoiled brat moving around may jeopardise the safety of civilians .

 Why Hyderabad Police is mute to all the Goonda acts of this spoiled brat ? Why Police are hesitating to book suo-motto case , which they always fancy to do with Telangana students ?? So different yardstick of Policing for different regions ?? Dear Hyderabad Police hereafter every time you see this  spoiled brat in his Aston Martin , pull him over to educate him of road manners .

Get Well Soon Ape Man .