Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Open Letter to Chiranjeevi , Praja Rajyam Party

Dear Dr Chiranjivi,

Sub: Your promises to the 71st Conference of the Bible Mission of Andhra Pradesh near Guntur in January 2009 Not a few but many intelligent and true citizens of secular India are stunned by what you promised to the Christians assembled there.

1 First let me refer to what your party office is displaying. One of the photos is of Mother Teresa. I wonder how much you know by your own effort, through published literature and a BBC TV show ("Hell's Angel" is a 1994 BBC television documentary about Mother Theresa by Christopher Hitchens ) on Mother Teresa or whether you are accepting the propaganda. I request you especially since you aspire to be Chief Minister of the state and leader of our people, to read the book on Mother Teresa by Arup Chatterjee, "The Final Verdict" available on
http://www.meteorbo tion.html

2 Mother Teresa has not only accepted money from criminals, narcotics dealers, smugglers but even wrote to the Governor of a State in the USA to show leniency to a person who was convicted for serious crimes. Her plea was that he donated money to her cause. Suppose the fake stamp printer, Telgi of Rs.35000 cr scam donates money to your Party, would you first accept it and second, tell the public that he is a good man as he donated for a good cause and so, he should be treated leniently ? I urge upon you to remove that photo and to convince yourself, please read the book and also see the BBC TV show which exposed her frauds.

3 You have stated that you attended the conference of the Bible Mission because of your faith in Jesus Christ. This is of course the common naivety of every Hindu because when we accept thousands of people as gods and goddesses and divine, one more could also be accepted, as god's son, born immaculately to a virgin, Mary. Have you ever asked a Christian or Muslim whether he would in a reciprocal manner, say he has faith in Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva or Sri Rama? Every Hindu can sincerely and passionably say Easwar Allah tere naam.

4 Have you ever asked a Muslim to say that? I have asked Muslims who were my interlocutors in several public meetings to tell this, just as I said and whether they would repeat it. None of them repeated. I would not question your faith in Christ but I request you to introspect within yourself whether your faith is not misplaced as we do not have a reciprocal affirmation from non-Hindus; that is, Christians and Muslims.

5 You promised to the conference of Christians the continuation of and extension and intensification of state-funding for Christians' pilgrimage to Jerusalem. We are a 'secular' state. There is not a single 'secular' state in the world which uses the tax monies of people to fund or subsidise religious pilgrimage of its citizens. Not a single one of the more than 40 Muslim countries in the world funds or subsidises the pilgrimages of its Muslim citizens to Mecca. It is only the 'secular' and peculiar state of India that subsidises Muslims' pilgrimage to Mecca at Rs.35000 per person, increasing annually, costing an amount of over Rs 400 cr in 2008 and increasing every year. It may be of interest to you to know that the Bill to this effect was moved by the so called "secularist" and "socialist" great man, Jawaharlal Nehru himself.

6 As nowhere else in this country or anywhere in the world, the Christian Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy of this state has started funding Christians' pilgrimage to Jerusalem from the coffers of the 'secular' state of Andhra Pradesh. This is subversion of our Constitution. Not a single Hindu Minister in his Cabinet had the honor, much less courage to demand that like Muslims and Christians, Hindus forming 85% of the state's population and contributing 95% of the tax revenues to the government be also subsidised for their pilgrimages to Manasarover,Amaranth, Kasi, Prayaga, Mathura, Ayodhya, Vashno Devi, Simhachalam, Tirupati, Sabarimalai etc. Not a single MLA or MLC of AP has condemned this anti-secular, anti-Hindu measure of the GOAP.

7 Surprisingly, you have promised to the Christians that your party would continue this type of subsidies for religious pilgrimages of Christians. It did not occur to you to say that it is wrongfor a 'secular' state to do so. Not even that; you did not invoke the principle that a 'secular' state should treat all religions alike; you do not say that Hindus pilgrimages would also be subsidised. This makes us to suspect that you and your party, like all the so-called 'secular' parties, are engaged in appeasement of minorities in the fond hope of getting their votes. This is reprehensible for a leader and a party which is espousing CHANGE, as the war slogan of the Praja Rajyam Party (PRP).

8 You have also promised to these Christians that the reservations meant for Hindu SCs would be extended to the dalits in Christianity. I am sure you are not ignorant about the claims of Christianity that in it, there is no caste and no untouchability and that all are equal according to the Christian creed. It is by propagandizing this tenet of Christianity that missionaries and evangelists and churches are luring SC Hindus to convert to Christianity. Christianity is hundreds of years old in this country; yet it is practising discrimination against the Hindu SCs who are converted to Christianity. Are you aware that out of over 300 Bishops just only one or two are from the so-called dalit Christians whereas they constitute more than 80% of Christians in India? It is the Brahmin, Reddy, Kamma and such upper caste converts to Christianity that are Bishops. Church organizations, Christian-managed educational and medical institutions do not provide reservations for dalit Christians. Why should secular governments do so?

9 You must be aware that in South Africa, the white European-descent Christian rulers practised untouchability against the black Africans converted to Christianity until the year 1994. White European Christians exterminated 40 million indigenous people in Americas. White Christians traded in slaves and held slaves. The American civil war was fought on the issue of abolition of slavery. Abolition of slavery was proclaimed over 150 years ago, untouchability and segregation against the black Afro- Americans were practiced by the white Christians in the USA till the 1960s. Even today, Afro-American Blacks have their churches separate from the churches of the white European origin Christians.

10 Christianity is thus a great fraud in saying that there is no untouchability or discrimination against low-class, low-caste converts like Hindu SCs or black Africans or Afro-Americans. To such fraudster Christianity, you are promising that reservations meant for Hindu SCs would be extended to converts. It would mean encouragement of Hindu SCs and others to convert to Christianity! Do you please realize this? Is it not an anti-Hindu position?

11 90% of the government servants who have got their jobs in reservation quota by declaring themselves as Hindu SCs are in fact practising Christians-. After retirement Stanley Babu, of South Central Railways, Sri Danam retired IAS officer etc., are examples. One William, an SC Christian is Chairman of the AP State SC/ST Finance Corporation. What do Hindus owe to them, to such fraudster Christianity in Andhra Pradesh that you are promising to help? Should not 85% of voters who are Hindus deem your promise as an anti-Hindu stand? Do you know that Dr B R Ambedkar, whose photo you are exhibiting along with Mother Teresa, told his people not to convert to Christianity as the moment they do so, they cease to be Indians; they get denationlised ? Dr B R Ambedkar also told SCs that they should not convert to Islam either as the brotherhood in that religion is confined to Muslims and the rest are all kafirs, fit to converted or killed. Mahatma Gandhi, whom hundreds of millions of Indians revere, answering a pointed question by missionaries before Independence said, that 'if I had the power I would, after India gained Independence , send out all the missionaries from the country. He held conversion as the greatest violence, involving utmost fraud. This is what Christian missionaries and Christian organisations in Andhra Pradesh are engaged in and to them you are promising subsidised pilgrimage and extension of reservations for Hindu dalits converted to Christianity. This is a blatant, in fact, a competitive exercise to appease minorities.

12 I appeal to you not to compete with fraudsters, vote gatherers and traitors to Hinduism in making promises to Christians and Muslims in the hope of getting their votes. Have you promised to Hindus what you promise to Christians (and Muslims)? Do you know that the so called minority colleges sell 70% of their seats to Hindus and they don't give them all to minority students?

13 Finally, I request you to read the enclosed articles and booklets which bear upon the great assault that Hindus and India are being subjected to by the evil quartet of Marxists, Muslims, Missionaries and Macaulayans (i.e., English medium educated persons, who are only in colour and blood Indian, but in culture, belief, tastes, view of India,un-Indian, western, now-a-days, American), resident non-Indians (RNIs) all.

14 You are constantly talking of Change I suggest to you that the Change should be to move away from corruption, anti-Hinduism, diversion of Hindus' funds and tax monies by a 'secular' state to Muslims and to Christians. This nation and our people owe nothing to Muslims or Christians. The former had been the ruthless anti-Hindu rulers in several parts of the country for several centuries, looting and humiliating Hindus. The latter had been collaborators with the British rule, bringing into India un-Indian, anti-Hindu faiths and beliefs and religious intolerance. Your party and you which are repeatedly using the phrase change should discard the colonizedmindset and cultivate and promote Indian mindset of Sanatana Dharma, that is Hindu and Bharat.

With regards,


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Maha Shiv Ratri Shub Kamnaye !!!

Shambo Shankara - Har , Har MahaDeva !!!

Shivratri is celebrated a night before ‘amavasya’ (full dark night) in the month of Magh or phalgun (February – March). Shivaratri, or Maha shivaratri, in 2009 is on February 23. This is as per the Indian Standard Time. In United States and Canada, Shivratri in 2009 begins on February 22 (This is as per the popular Panchagams and calendars that are based on North American timing). In India, the pujas for Shivratri start in the early morning at Shiva temples on February 23 and continues till the morning of February 24.

Shivaratri worship leads to fulfillment of a devotee’s wishes. There are certain days and time frames in a year that enhance one’s mental and spiritual faculties. In such times, whatever one wishes, materializes. Shivaratri is one such day.

Apart from fasting and keeping vigil at night, Hindu devotees also chant sacred prayers and mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva on Maha Shivratri night. In fact these mantras can be chanted on a daily basis.

Some of the Holy Siva mantras recommended for Maha Sivaratri are...

Shiva Panchakshari Mantra - Om Namah Shivaya
Shiva Sakti Panchakshari Mantra - Om Hrim Namah Shivaya

Mrutyunjaya Mantra –
Om Trayambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanat
Mrutyor Mukshiya Mamrutat

Shiva Gayatri Mantra
Om Tapurushaye vidmahe
Mahadevaya dhimahi
Tanno rudrah prachodayat

Apart from this one can chant the 108 names or 1008 names of Lord Shiva or the 24 Sacred Names of Lord Siva.

Twenty Four Sacred Names of Shiva.

1. Om maheswaraya namaha
2. Om mahadevaya namaha
3. Om sarveswaraya namaha
4. Om shivaya namaha
5. Om Shankaraya namaha
6. Om Saswataya namaha
7. Om pasupataye namaha
8. Om umapataye namaha
9. Om brahmadhipataye namaha
10. Om parameswaraya namaha
11. Om bhasmangaragaya namaha
12. Om mahesaya namaha
13. Om nityaya namaha
14. Om shuddhaya namaha
15. Om mrutyunjayaya namaha
16. Om bhutesaya namaha
17. Om mrudaya namaha
18. Om sarvaya namaha
19. Om sadashivaya namaha
20. Om bhavaya namaha
21. Om sarvajnaya namaha
22. Om bhimaya namaha
23. Om vasudevaya namaha
24. Om tripurantakaya namaha

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sadhvi Pragya Singh Way Of Hindu Retaliation

Hindu Woman Pragya, shows the way of self defense .

These days lot of hue-cry raised over incidents related to Mangalore and Sadhvi Pragya Singhs involment in Malegaon blast. Tons of paper is wasted by English print media accusing Hindu Org’s as fastly donning the avatar of Taliban’s. Media is trying to create a non existent Hindu terrorism to balance Hindu Org's with Jihadis. If Pragya Singh has done which Police blame her for, then she has shown the incumbent Hindu society a new way of Living , ”Hindu Retaliation”.

PPL reading this page also refresh their memory about Newtons 3rd Law ‘ For every action , there will be equal and Opposite reaction’. If this is indeed true, it shows how much Hindus have been pushed to a corner, and finally thinks it is time to wake up and protect themselves. If Islam can show its ugly side through terrorism then Hinduism can show its guts through retaliation .

Hindus are proud that Pragya have managed to do such a thing to counter Islamic terrorism. How long can Hindus be expected to keep quiet and take every shit hurled at them by these pseudo-secular brigade. This is an apt answer to all these Sonias, Lalus, Mullayams, Teesta Setalvads, etc. Great Work. Keep it up. Terrorist supporters(English media, Pseudo-Seculars) are branding even army officers as terrorists .

Hindus can't sit back and watch terror acts, someday they have to hit back. All the arrested in Malegaon Incidents will walk out freely soon. It is a game plan by Cogress NCP Maharastra govt to take the focus away from real Islamic terrorist like SIMI,HUJI. IM to get Muslim votes.

You think that only Islamic terrorists have guts to blow bombs? Beware!! Now Hindus too have been organised to fight the islamic terror.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oppose Valentine Day - Save Culture ,Save Women

Say 'No' to Valentine Day

I want to ask all Secularist and phony-liberals, can any one show a country celebrating Hindu festival , then in the name of freedom of expression why christian festivals like Valentine Day are forced upon gullible Indian Youth . I dont know what kind of sick people would encourage the meaningless Valentine Day & Pub culture? Phoney-Liberals propagate V'Day in the name of freedom of expression and talk of Liberty, what about ones responsibility towards Society and family ? But our youngsters don't mind this. Just want to enjoy and have fun, Youngsters are blindly following rotten Western culture.

We are not westerners and we are proud of our history ,We Love our culture and we respect women too. What happened in Manglore with those girls is condemnable. But how many pondered upon the real facts ove Mangalore incident . Most assumed it to be a pub and girls who were attacked there were mere pub goers , in fact truth is it was an dancebar , Women who were attacked were 'strip-teasers' . In simple words it was Den running prostitution . Do we need to encourage these vicious Pubs,Drugs and Unethical Sex in the name of freedom of Expression ???

Does the protagonist of Valentine Day wont mind , if their Siblings , Girlfriend's, Spouse after they gallop few pegs and lie on public places topless and even if they are gangraped or drugged ??? Since when did the consumption of alcohol, that too by women became a freedom of expression ??? Phony-Liberals need to answer it .


What happens when you loose your Culture and ape Westernism ??

Girl seriously drunk and police dragging her away in front of the public. The girl is so much drunk that her clothes are not even in right place.( Faces Blocked to protect Identity)

See how this drunk girl don't even have their clothes in place, they're so passed out.

This modern Pub goer is so drunk that she is not aware of the place where she is resting .


Friday, February 6, 2009

We Indians are not Slum Dogs !!

Indian bashing is a normal thing for all the developing countries. We definitely are not a country of slum dogs. Our people including our news channels are all praise for the movie "Slum Dog -millionaire." A small group of Indians are aghast at portraying of begging , eye - plucking, prostitution in slums . They were horrified at the portrayal of India in this slander campaign.

Irrespective of caste , religion one has respect for Neo-Islamic convert( from Hindu Dharm) A.R.Rahman , but he shud think twice associating with projects which try to degrade Indian Identity and has a hidden agenda of trying to divide Hindus,Muslim communally . In future he shud desist from playing tunes to Dollar rich crusading Western-Masters who try to down look India .

This film target easiest of all ,the HINDU .The Film Hero is Jamaal , an Muslim who gives protection to an Hindu girl in a communal riot started by Hindu mob .The heros Mother was shown as killed by an rioting Hindu mob . And a boy in middle of all the riots depicted as Lord Ram in a horrible facial expression and hero looks at him flees as if he is terrified looking at Lord Ram .If they would have shown anything like Jesus or Allah there would have been a strict ban in India done by pseudo seculars.But they have shown Lord Ram in a pathetic pose and nothing will be done. Same is with MF Hussain , he portrayed Hindu Goddesses Nude nothing much was done , wish he comes up with a a paint by giving a much needed Face to Allah and Prophet. Further it was shown that Hindu quiz master doubts the Hero Jamaal and handovers him to Hindu-policemen . Hindu policemen tortures the Muslim hero by giving ‘electric therapy’ . This shot was intentionally made to propagate that Hindu policemen tortures innocent Muslims . An Hindu henchman shown running a racket of street children make them learn and sing Hindu Bhajan of Surdas and to make them beg he disfigures them by pouring lead into kids eyes . And with all these anti-Hindu ingredients it got to be at right place , Oscars .

But thanks to great legacy of Hindu Sadhu ,Sants and Reformists , The Hindu culture is alive and kicking inspite of all these invasions.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Media shud stop demonising Hindus

When I began reporting, I went to interview the RSS leadership in Delhi, expecting, from what I had heard, a few bloodthirsty fascists. I was surprised to meet those old daddies with their long khaki shorts, who would not hurt a fly. Twenty-five years later, the word 'Hindu Talibanisation' is being heard amidst the clamour following the odious pub episode in Mangalore. Such incidents should be condemned, as it has no precedent in Indian history—from Prithviraj Chauhan to Shivaji, Hindus respected the women of even their enemies. Yet, I beg to disagree: this is not about the Talibanisation of Hindu groups, it is about their demonisation.

Francois Gautier
(Francois Gautier is the editor-in-chief of the Paris-based La Revue l'Inde)

Read Full text Here ---->

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monkey stops Demolition of Hanuman Temple

Monkey stops Demolition of Hanuman Temple

Monkey with a mission

Jan 30 - In India's southern Karnataka, a monkey prevents the authorities from demolishing a roadside temple by attacking officials who venture near the temple premises.

The bizarre incident saw the monkey defending the temple dedicated to Hindu monkey god 'Hanuman'.

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