Thursday, December 26, 2013

Adivasis agitating to save Telangana Niagara

The agitation to save Kuntala – Telangana’s own Niagara, has gathered pace. Several organizations met at Kuntala yesterday and have vowed to protect this beautiful waterfall from destruction by Seemandhra lobby.

Kunatala waterfalls is a beautiful location with natural beauty and good picnic spot. It is located in the Neredigonda mandal of Adilabad district.
Raji Power Pvt Ltd, owned by a Seemandhra businessman, has been trying to set up a hydel power plant at Kuntala since last several years. The local tribals have been opposing this project tooth and nail.
In 2011 too, the power plant management attempted to start the project works, but couldn’t owing to stiff resistance from locals.
As the Telangana statehood process is progressing at breakneck speed, conspiracy to revive the hydel power project on Kuntala waterfall has started again.
Last month, the project management and government forest officials did an inspection of the project site.
The Kuntala Gram Panchayat has already conducted a Gram Sabha and rejected permission for this hydel power project. Locals say that this water fall and the surrounding forest offers them livelihood. They say that the proposed hydel power plant would severaly impact their livelihoods.
~Mission Telangana

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

International Research Scholar on Andhra Castes.

Dalel Benbabaali recently completed a Ph.D. in social geography focused on dominant caste and territory in South India from University of Paris Ouest-Nanterre. She has taught at the Sorbonne and is currently in a postdoctoral position at the Department of Anthropology of the London School of Economics and Political Science as part of the international research program, “Inequality and Poverty in India: Dalits and Adivasis.” Benbabaali is working on a book on the Kamma caste based on her doctoral thesis.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

We fought for REAL Telangana not for Rayal Telangana.

Rayal Telangana is Mad Man's idea. There is no rationale behind it. If Seemandhra Plutocrats think with such absurd ideas they can still rule us post bifurcation then let them rethink their strategy. We gonna never compromise on our Self Rule & Self Respect. Telangana will never accept anything other than that of its 10 districts. 

We are ageless Warriors , fighting for our state for last 60 years and we have enough power & patience to carry on the battle till our goal is achieved. Probably now the time had come to wage one final battle with Andhra brigands. 

Final War >> Its "us v/s them" , "us" is all the people of Telangana and "them" is those Andhratards who treat our region as their colony. Does Delhi rulers wants us to go back to 1969 "Quit Telangana - Idli Sambar Go Back" agitation where in Andhra Settlers fled Telangana in middle of the the night. Then, So be it. 

We have no personal grudge against Rayalseema people , both the regions are one way or other victims of Andhra Plutocrats. This new state concept could be an Andhra brigands cunning strategy to make Telangana & Seema fight among themselves. Andhra brigands are capable of hatching such conspiracies.

1200 Telangana students gave their today for formation of TG with 10 Dists , we will not allow their Martyrdom to go waste. We will not stop till Telangana state with 10 dists is formed . Such State formation will be the real tribute for our Martyrs.

Let the Delhi Rulers boil this down to simplest solution possible >>> Its Telangana with 10 Dists. Nothing Less Nothing More. Our 60 years fight is for REAL Telangana Not For Rayal Telangana. THere is no political consensus on RT . Except Owaisi MIM all other political Partys BJP, TRS & CPI vehemently oppose Rayal Telangana State . Any step by Delhi on RT will vitiate the peaceful atmosphere .

Lets hope gud sense prevail over UPA-II and stop experimenting with the lives of Telangana Natives. Let Congress standby its CWC resolution and create REAL Telangana. I have a strong feeling that it will be a REAL TG and the new Idea floated in Media is just an diversion from main issue so that GoM be free from Andhra pressure.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rayal Telangana is fantastical nonsense .

Lot has been written and said about formation of Rayal Telangana state clubbing Anantapur and Kurnool districts in TG. I strongly feel its just an well planned leak, cleverly planted by Congress to divert the attention of Politicians & Masses so that it finishes its pending work on AP bifurcation. I feel it will be a normal Telangana with 10 Districts. There can be some strings attached to Hyderabad , it cud be minor strings . 

Rayalseema has its own Culture & History , like any region its their pride. It can not and shud not be truncated to facilitate the political ambitions of Political partys. Any Idea of dividing Rayalseema shud be challenged and such proceedings should be immediately arrested . 

The concept of Rayal Telangana itself is weird and totally absurd. If we consider Rayal Telangana as an possibility in an hypothetical scenario then it will be a major advantage for Telangana with Srisailam Dam and Power generating units going TG way. At the same time Telangana will have to feed Ananatapur the most backward Dist with Hyderabad surplus revenues.

Lets hope good sense prevail on our rulers and desist from playing the sentiments of Rayalseema natives. Apart from few Political brigands (who have Bus Transport business whose interest lie in Hyderabad) there is no popular demand for Rayal Telangana from masses . Neither UPA-II or GoM has done any exercise on the same. It shud also be noted that almost all Political Party's and Stake holders are vehemently opposing any division of Seema region .

Clubbing Anantapur & Kurnool with TG will also not go well with Telanganaites. They will see it as an yet another conspiracy to dominate them politically in post-bifurcation era. Such Idea will kick start yet another Separate movement against the 2 districts of Seema . This will further vitiate the atmosphere and make Settlers the soft target . Lets hope Congress will not sow the seeds of hatred in the name of finding solution for the present problem . Considering all the probabilities , I strongly feel that Rayal Telangana is an ploy to take off focus from GoM and confuse the stakeholders.