Monday, May 16, 2016

Women in Hindu Dharma. Part VI

I felt, I should address this Feminism topic a bit more. I hate it as much I hate Socialism or Communism. Infantilism's are bad. I sincerely wish Hindu Women does not fall for such "misandry".

Do not precipitate of having a notion me taking sides or discriminating on gender topic. I always side with women forgetting what they did to me. I RESPECT the fairer sex as much I respect myself. If i hate any, then its Feminism preachers ( & also male chauvinists). As a Male , I reject Male chauvinism, equality can not be achieved by ghetto thinking of "us & them", it should be viewed as Human rights. One should understand that, Total equality does not exist anywhere in the world.

To survive one does not have to break traditionalism and inject ugliness in the name of activism or revolution, there would be a backlash for certain . Equality among men and women is OK but on what platforms , this can be debated. Let the women understand forever, MEN are powerful ANIMAL's . Equality on all fronts is just impossible. BTW why should we discuss EQUALITY among men & women ? Who are the givers and who are the takers among them ?? I feel one should have RESPECT for each other and it would solve all the gender problems.

There is lot of difference between a modern Man and Woman's greed . Man gets greedy to protect his Family from starvation and give them prosperous life. Where as Woman greed is too personal , most of the time she do it for her fame and success. For a Man, his Kids & Wife come first, for greedy woman its her Success & Fame . That what i was trying to say, gender EQUALITY is not possible on lot of platforms. Its good to acknowledge that Man & Woman are 2 different species, recognise their space and respect it.

My observation of fairer sex is women who are less emotional and more greedy for money, fame & better life, always choose a loser for life-partner. Maybe it has to do with their inflated Ego or they know the truth that they cant handle the real Man. All such greedy women have now taken to activism to seek the fame & attention. How would they who do not understand the importance of family will reform their own gender in the name of equality ?

Why dont they try and reform themselves instead of being divisive and disturb harmony among Men & Women in the name of Feminism ? Instead, should vouch for Egalitarianism and its basic tenets of harmonious equality without playing victimhood .

My Take :: Dear activists , you do not become stronger by constantly attacking men as villains. Do not exemplify men as less precious. Because you are a woman that does not automatically make you victim . Its high time you understand that you are pretty responsible for your actions. You as a Feminist harming women more than all men did to her since evolution. Gender equality by and large is possible provided we respect each others rights.