Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma - II

In Ancient Hindu – India , women were treated on par with Man . Courage, Valour, Strength were feminine and was represented by Women . Goddess Durga Mata was one such symbol of Shakti, The Power. Hindu Scrip
ture’s says, that all the power in this Universe comes from Shakti , The Mother . Hindus believe that the Universe was created on behest of Gayatri Mata, She again an Woman. Lord Brahma whom we often credit him with creation of Universe is just an tool in the hands of “Shakti”.

Many of Holy scripture in India were written by women. Women were rulers too , not just rulers they went into battlefield and fought with the enemy . Rukmini fought for her husband Sri Krishna , in fact she saved his life . How can one forget the Heroic episode of Jhasi Ki Rani , Laksmi Bhai . It clearly shows that Hindu Women were not confined in to Kitchens . They were Rulers, Warriors, Poetess , Spiritualists and excelled better than men in many fields .

Hindu scriptures are the only religious texts which gave a status of Divinity to Mothers . Hindu texts says that God have created Women coz God cannot be visible every time and one can see God himself in her . I remember reading a Sanskrit Sloka from ancient Hindu Scriptures in my childhood days , “Janani  Janmabhoomisha Swargadapi Gariyasi”, it meant “Mother and Motherland are greater than Heavens “. Where wud you find such a beautiful saying which says even Heaven is not equal to Mother . That’s the respect a woman use to get in ancient Hindu-India.

(will be continued)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Liberate Telangana from neo-Kasim Razvi KCR

Vande Mataram !!
Vande Bharata Mataram !!

Celebrate September 17th as Telangana Liberation Day. My Salutes to Martyrs who laid down their Lives fighting against Nizam & Razakars. Arise Dear Telangana , our forefathers have fought aginst Nizam and granted Independence, but sadly Telangana is now back to neo-Nizam KCR. Present KCR rule reminds that of Nizams Razakar draconian days.

Arise , My dear brave men of Telangana to fight the KCR and his Lumpen elements . Remember it is your sacred duty to protect your region from people like KCR, who gets inspiration from Razakars legacy. Lets on this auspicious day take oath to fight another battle to liberate Telangana from Razakar mindset of KCR.

September 17 తెలంగాణా విమోచన దినం, భారత్ దేశం లో విలీనమైన పర్వ దినం .

15 ఆగస్ట్ 1947 భారత్ దేశానికి స్వతంత్రం వచ్చిన, తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్రం ఇంకా బానిస బందనాలో నే ముగ్గింది . ప్రత్యెక దేశం గా ప్రకటించ బడింది . అప్పటి నిజాం రాజు తెలంగాణా ప్రాంతాన్ని పాకిస్తాన్ దేశం లో విలీనం చేయాలనీ కుట్ర పన్నినాడు. అట్టి నిజాం దేశ ద్రోహ కుట్రలను ఇక్కడి దేశభక్తులు వ్యతెరేకించి , నిజాం కు విరుద్దంగా పోరు చేసినారు . వీరి పోరు ఫలితం , నాటి గృహ మంత్రి సర్దార్ వల్లభాయీ పటేల్ తన సైన్యం ను పంపి నిజాం ను లొంగ తీస్కొని , తెలంగాణా ప్రాంతాన్ని భారత దేశం లో సెప్టెంబర్ 17, 1948 న విలీనం చేసినాడు .

హైదరాబాద్ రాష్ట్ర విమోచన కోసం పోరాడి అమరులైన వరంగల్ పరకాల వీరులకు, మతం కన్నా స్వేచ గొప్పది అని పోరుబాట పట్టి రజాకర్ల చేతులో హతుడైన జర్నలిస్ట్ శోయబుల్లః ఖాన్ కు మరీయు నిజం నిరంకుశ పాలనా కు వ్యతీరేకంగా పోరాడుతూ ప్రాణాలను అసువులు బాసిన పోరు బిడ్డలకు జాతీయ విప్లవ జోహార్లు . అమరవీరులారా మీ త్యాగమును మేము మరవము మీ పోరు బాట లోనే తెలంగాణా పునర్ నిర్మాణం కొరకు పునరంకీతం అవుతాం .

మమ్ములను నిజాం బానిస నుండి విముక్తులను చేసిన నాటి గృహ మంత్రి సర్దార్ వల్లభాయీ పటేల్ కు , భారత్ మిలిటరీ కి శత కోటి ప్రణామాలు .

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Seva Bharati plunges in to Help Jammu & Kasmir flood victims .

Hundreds of Seva Bharathi Swayamsevaks are working day and night in Jammu Kashmir in rescuing the trapped ones . Flood has washed away many villages and rendered them homeless, Seva Bharati Swayamsevaks are providing temporary shelters in J & K. Thousands of stranded flood victims are given food, medicines and warm clothes. Doctors and para medical teams too are moved to J & K by Seva Bharati. First aid , medical assistance , counseling provided to needy by Doctors working with Seva Bharati.

We Swayamsevaks do not see religion when helping the needy , yet we are labeled as Hindu communalist by Media . Watch the below Vid and listen to Muzzafar ( yep a Musalman) an Seva Bharati Swayamsevak working in rescue and rehabilitating the J & K flood victims.

We need Helping Hands , Pl support the efforts of Seva Bharati in rehabilitating Jammu & Kashmir Flood victims.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sewa Bharati gives clarion call to Help Jammu & Kashmir flood victims .

Dear Brother & Sister,
Natural Calamities may strike anybody, anytime in any region.
The flood due to continuous raining for past few days in Jammu & Kashmir has caused,
  1. Thousands of people are trapped
  2. Death toll in Jammu region 105 and Kashmir region 15.
  3. Hundreds of houses have been swept away
  4. Roads are blocked due to landslides.

While our affiliate Sewa Bharati J&K with hundreds of Karyakartas are working day & night, to rescue thousands of people trapped, arranging the last rites of the dead, the temporary shelter for the homeless, distributing blankets & warm clothes, arranging langars, milk for children, medical aid etc, there are much bigger task of assessing the loss of human lives, cattles, houses etc. The blocking of roads are being repaired by the govt/army.

Now for the time being it is a clarion call to all the citizens of this country, NGOs, other philanthropist organizations, corporates to rise to the occasion and help our needy brethren in Jammu & Kashmir to come out of the present crisis by donating generously by way of Cash, material etc.

Since roads are blocked in these regions, the donors of material are requested to send by air to Jammu/ Sri Nagar as the case may be.
Our control rooms are setup at,
1.Sewa Bharti, Jammu & Kashmir
Ved Mandir Complex,
Ambphalla, Jammu 180001

Contact person:-Ms Arpana Gupta,7298113350,
Ph.No:- 94191-12841, 94191-10940, 0191-2570750, 2547000.

2.Fayaz ahmed Mir,  H/o Lt Sh. Z H Mirza, Retd. SSP
Magharmal Bagh Chowk, Behind Masjid, Srinagar, J&K
Contact person – Mr Fayaz Ahmed Mir
Ph no.  94190-16193, 97972-47053
The Cash donation may be remitted to State Bank of India, Karan Nagar, Jammu
Sewa Bharati, Jammu,
Account No 10088448366
IFSC Code: SBIN0007970
Rashtriya Sewa Bharati
SBI, Jhandewala, New Delhi
Account No 10080533451
IFSC Code SBIN0009371
Contact person: K L Mallya, Treasurer, Rashtriya Sewa Bharati, 09810898333

Kindly be a partner in extending help to
our bretheren in J&K
S P Tonk
Rashtriya Sewa Bharati

Friday, September 5, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma - Part-I

"Kuputra Jayeta Kvachidapi Kumata na bhavati"

"A bad son maybe be born but there is no such thing as a bad mother"
- Adi Shankaracharya

This piece of write-up is series of posts that will follow in coming days on Women’s Role in Modern and Ancient India . Stalking/rape of Women aired on TV, dowry harassment reported in press and stupid talk of mindless Feminism by educated women forced me to write the below one . Iam trying to be sincere in presenting my views with out any prejudice. Neither, I’am against Men nor Women, If at all I have to stand against anything , then I would fight all “ism’s”. Be it Male-Chauvin"ism” or Femin"ism” . Both are hindrance for existence of an Happy family . And both the above "ism’s” are worst than Nazism.

Apart from this , the other subject I want to venture into in coming posts is the diabolical claims of so called equal rights by educated women , who feels that working somewhere and getting a paycheck gives them the real freedom. This has been the one of root cause of heartburn between couples. In fact this is the social chaos created by the neo-economic policies where in she has to work to meet the family needs. Let these Women understand sooner, that in a family there are responsibilities not rights . I will get into this subject in other write-up.

"Matri devo bhava, Pitra devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava..."
Mother is first god, then father, then guru...

The importance of mother in Hinduism reveals that women were regarded highly. Hindu scriptures preach that women is eternal mother, full of Love and compassion and shud be revered. Many parts of the vedas were written by women. The wives of great rishis such as Gautama, Agastya, etc. all had wives who were their equals and authored many scripts. Hindu women enjoyed greater freedom before the invasion of India by Muslims. “Swayamvaram” the concept of choosing her own Groom tells the freedom she enjoyed in olden Vedic days.

(will be continued)