Friday, September 5, 2014

Women in Hindu Dharma - Part-I

"Kuputra Jayeta Kvachidapi Kumata na bhavati"

"A bad son maybe be born but there is no such thing as a bad mother"
- Adi Shankaracharya

This piece of write-up is series of posts that will follow in coming days on Women’s Role in Modern and Ancient India . Stalking/rape of Women aired on TV, dowry harassment reported in press and stupid talk of mindless Feminism by educated women forced me to write the below one . Iam trying to be sincere in presenting my views with out any prejudice. Neither, I’am against Men nor Women, If at all I have to stand against anything , then I would fight all “ism’s”. Be it Male-Chauvin"ism” or Femin"ism” . Both are hindrance for existence of an Happy family . And both the above "ism’s” are worst than Nazism.

Apart from this , the other subject I want to venture into in coming posts is the diabolical claims of so called equal rights by educated women , who feels that working somewhere and getting a paycheck gives them the real freedom. This has been the one of root cause of heartburn between couples. In fact this is the social chaos created by the neo-economic policies where in she has to work to meet the family needs. Let these Women understand sooner, that in a family there are responsibilities not rights . I will get into this subject in other write-up.

"Matri devo bhava, Pitra devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava..."
Mother is first god, then father, then guru...

The importance of mother in Hinduism reveals that women were regarded highly. Hindu scriptures preach that women is eternal mother, full of Love and compassion and shud be revered. Many parts of the vedas were written by women. The wives of great rishis such as Gautama, Agastya, etc. all had wives who were their equals and authored many scripts. Hindu women enjoyed greater freedom before the invasion of India by Muslims. “Swayamvaram” the concept of choosing her own Groom tells the freedom she enjoyed in olden Vedic days.

(will be continued)

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