Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Islam Is Not For Me

They try to tell me my religion is wrong
They try to tell me to follow Islam
They said their prophet was a righteous dude
But I found out none of their words were true
I read the Quran and I read the hadith
And the sickness of Muhammad was apparent to me
He justified perversion in the name of Allah
When he married a girl too young for a bra
She was playing with dolls when the prophet came
Her childhood was stolen in Allah’s name
Aisha was nine when he took her to bed
Don’t tell me that fool’s not sick in the head
Ain’t gonna follow no child molester, sex offender, prophet pretender.
Ain't gonna follow no child molester,
Islam is not for me.
Islam is not for me.

The sickness of the Islamic mind
Has caused the Mullahs to be blind
To justify their prophet they would justify sin
So the sins of the prophet are repeated again
All over the world in Islamic states
9 year old girls suffer cruel fate
Sold into marriage to twisted men
And Aisha’s sad story is repeated again
Ain’t gonna follow no child molester, sex offender, prophet pretender.
Ain't gonna follow no child molester,
Islam is not for me.
Islam is not for me.

Do you care about women all over the world?
Do you care about those little girls?
Then stand up and fight for human rights
Speak out against the laws of Islam
Ain’t gonna follow no child molester, sex offender, prophet pretender.
Ain't gonna follow no child molester,
Islam is not for me.
Islam is not for me.
Islam is not for me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jammu Hindus intensify the demand of Amarnath land transfer

The protest in Jammu over transfer of land to Amarnath Shrine is not political as it is made out to be, it is the protest by the common man of this country who are fed up by being taken for granted and sheer disrespect shown by the Pseudo-Secularist towards their faith, sentiments and religion.

Amarnath agitation is result of the pent up frustration of the Hindus of Jammu always having to face step mother treatment from the minority appeasing divisive political groups. In Kashmir people are openly & fearlessly chanting the slogans of ‘Azaadi ‘ and saying they are Pakistanis & will die for Pakistan- In Jammu ,picture is quite different you can see people carrying our National Flag chanting " Bharat Mata ki Jai & Vande Matraram".

Secularism was never there in Kashmir. The so called secular Kashmir was there only because Kashmiri Pandits believed in peace and non violence. The secular character of the kashmiris can be judged from the fact that they started massacre of Kashmir Hindu’s in Kashmir and eventually Kashmir pundits were hounded out of their motherland to become refugee in their own country. On the other hand Jammu has always been a true picture of patriotism and no such situation arises there even the people there were provocated repeatedly.

Amarnath Land fight is neither against the People of Kashmir nor against the Kashmiriyat as has been projected by National English Media. This fight is against the leadership of Kashmir & Administration of the State who rather than resolving the issue is more concentrated on curbing the ongoing agitation as well as the voice of the Hindu’s of Jammu. Its a fight between Nationalist people of Jammu & Anti National elements of Kashmir Valley. Its more than fifty days since the protests started in Jammu but the Govt. seems to be in no hurry to solve the crisis. This shows the attitude of govt towards Jammu region. This is a mass movement of Hindu’s of Jammu region who has been suffering at the hands of Kashmiri leadership for the past 60 years. Now the time has come for the Jammu people to rise and fight for their rights. People are coming out on streets defying the curfew protesting against the govt. and this will remain until the demands are met with.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BJP, Dump the Vajpayee line

Unless BJP Dumps the Vajpayee line theres no great future for it .Will it ever come back to Hindutva line ,One has to wait and see till next general elections in 2009.
1. Muslims are expansionists , so cut them in bud
2. Until the last Hindu is killed, converted, subjugated or expelled, they wont rest
3. So unless BJP wants to become like AGP which started on a nationalist note and ended up doing vote-banking with Bangladesh illegals, don't follow this
4. BJP also run the risk of being subverted from within like Maulana Azad subverted the congress
5. While individual nationalistic Muslims and Christians are welcome to join BJP, don't go around starting minority cells and other forms of appeasement
6 BJP must give up stupid acts like building Mosques ,hiking Haj subsidy and other forms of appeasement. In fact deal with muslims as Jamaat deals with Hindus India
7. Stop BJP leaders from saying "This is unislamic" everytime there is an islamic atrocity. This is just whitewashing islam
8. Remember Savarkar wanted to ban Muslims from Hindu organisations. Perhaps nationalistic minorities can be accomodated in a separate front. But muslims must be kept out of most sangh parivar groups
9. Bring BJP back to Hindutva line, by appeasing Muslims BJP will end as “B” team of congress
10. If BJP comes to power it shud scrap all the Pro-Muslim schemes given by UPA .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

'Hindu Unity' Upsurge in Jammu over Amarnath Land

It’s beyond my comprehension as to why should Muslims have a problem if the land is allotted to Amarnath shrine. This country and land belongs to the Hindus first and then to all others . Kashmir is part of India and the state has all the rights to allot the land to a Hindu shrine. Hindus from all over India go on piligrimage to Amarnath , Entire Hindu community should raise for this issue , what is happening in J&K can happen tomorrow any where in India . Our vote loving politicians can go to any extent appeasing Muslims . Hindus shud raise and protest this step-mother treatment of Congress, If not now it will be never for Hindus.

Our spine less governments at state and centre have brought the matters to the present state. The Muslim loving policies of congress is the root cause of all this evil. If these Muslims have a problem with the decision of the state government let them approach the courts.. When Hindus or Hindu shrines are given some land they protest violently. If Hindus do the same for all lands given to them for masjids in kashmir and other places of India what will happen to them.

They first drove the kashmiri Hindus out of the valley and now speak as if it will alter the demography of the valley, environmental issue etc, and at the same time they indulge in cutting off thousands of trees to facilitate a road . The plain truth is that this is the trait of any society where Muslims become close to majority. These fellows are total fundamentalists and have a terrorist mindset coming out of Jihadi propagations of islam. There is nothing else to it. If they behave intolerant and insensitive they have to be kicked and thrown out of this country .

When our country is magnanimous to foot Haj expenses to one lakh pilgrims per year which costs Rs 400 Crores and Hindus have to bear it for Muslims . From the tax payers amount Govts fund the Madarasas and give maintenance to Mosques, then why should the muslims protest for the land allotted to the Hindus for their pilgrimage to Amarnath and Vaishno Devi temples? This protest is unwarranted and politically motivated. On the one hand they shed crocodile tears for the displaced Kashmir pandits and on the other resort to violence for a legitimate issue for humanity cause.

In Jammu & Kashmir a Muslim CM withdraws the land granted to a Hindu temple and elsewhere in India , An Christian CM Rajashekar Reddy gives 5% reservation to muslins . Another Atheist CM of Tamil Nadu gives communal quota for Muslims and Christians – Both Happens in SECULAR India ! Today in Andhra & Tamilnadu, issue of 5-7% reservation to Christians and Muslims are referred to Backward class Commission to ensure that they get the benefits of this ‘gift’ to Minorities which was announced last year.

The Hindus have been in minority in J & K and North-East states, but secularists never talk of giving reservations to Hindus on the basis of minority or their economical backwardness. It is a secular wonder that the Article 16 (5) of Indian Constitution which never works for Hindus in secular India .