Monday, June 23, 2008

India's Dilemma : Nuclear - Unclear

It looks like Soorpanaka Sonia Maino and Manmohan Singh have taken a high level decision to sign Nuclear treaty with USA ,and thereof surrendering India’s sovereignty. Publicly Sonia keeps mum on the subject , but instigates her lapdog Manmohan /Pranab to go onwards signing the treaty. Manmohan assures now and then that National Integrity will never be compromised but privately he is doing everything which can be assumed as total –surrender on India's Nuclear future to USA.

The most disturbing fact is till now Manmohan Govt has not disclosed the content of two drafts of “123 Agreement” .This secrecy of UPA govt is raising lot of suspicion among the Indians. The other disturbing fact is UPA Govt agreeing for International scrutiny of our Nuclear Projects . This is nothing short of surrendering the nations sovereignty. America pressurizing us to to sign the Nuclear Treaty shows its dubious nature of targeting India’s Sovereignty . One wonders, for USA whether India is an natural ally or long time target.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Manmohan Singh call's for Austerity

Our Incumbent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh feels that he can beat the Inflation with Cost-Cutting . May be he had a wild dream of ever rising Inflation last nite and immediatly gave a call for Austerity. Pity, our UPA Govt works more on assumption rather on clear cut planning. Now cost-cutting is on top of the priorties of Manmohan's Govt. But who cares.....even after a desperate SoS call from PM himself, many of Central ministers left for foreign trips . Such is the status of our dummy PM .
I wonder to what extent these small measures of putting brakes on foreign trips , cutting over-head expences of ministries etc will help to over come crisis . I feel arresting Political and Burecratic corruption , bringing out ill-gotten black money of Industrialist will for sure make a diiference at this time of fuel crisis and inflation . This will boost confidence of common man and install sort of discipline among citizens . How about starting this campaign from 10 janpath Soorpanaka-Sonia Gandhi residence by making her surrender her ill-gotten money of Bofors deal and the bribes she took from Russia's secret agency KGB .

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hindu Mindset

The Hindu, till he develops a virile mindset that will make him unite and become a huge vote bank, is slated to remain the beast of burden, the proverbial donkey, for other plundering communities.

In a forest a single hyena can cause panic amongst a Hundred zebras and donkeys, and they become its food because each zebra or donkey is for himself and easily panicked.

In the past the fault of Hindus is that they had made the nation prosperous but did not realise that riches have to be defended against greedy foreigners. Today the fault of the Hindu is that he does not realise numbers mean nothing unless he is united.

Hence we Hindus are condemned to live as second grade citizens in ones own country

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cya....on MONDAY

Petrol prices up by 5Rs ,Diesel 3Rs,Gas 50Rs

Iam in strange situation whether to shout at Govt for petrol price hike or keep mum looking at surging International Oil prices. At my heart i feel Petrol price hike is inevitable, though it hurts my pocket very badly. I would definetly appreciate if govt finds some solutions to checkmate the ever surging prices. Any alternatives like mixing ethonol or cutting some taxes over fuel etc.. May be time had come where we have to adjust our living standards in terms to ever rising Fuel prices.

Iam more astonished to see Communists protesting in streets over Petrol price rise. In first place they support the UPA govt policies at Delhi and they are the in front to fight the same Govt policies in streets . If they are really against price rise , why dont they withdraw the support ?? Why these Double standards? I feel its high time people defeat and discard these Leftists.