Monday, June 23, 2008

India's Dilemma : Nuclear - Unclear

It looks like Soorpanaka Sonia Maino and Manmohan Singh have taken a high level decision to sign Nuclear treaty with USA ,and thereof surrendering India’s sovereignty. Publicly Sonia keeps mum on the subject , but instigates her lapdog Manmohan /Pranab to go onwards signing the treaty. Manmohan assures now and then that National Integrity will never be compromised but privately he is doing everything which can be assumed as total –surrender on India's Nuclear future to USA.

The most disturbing fact is till now Manmohan Govt has not disclosed the content of two drafts of “123 Agreement” .This secrecy of UPA govt is raising lot of suspicion among the Indians. The other disturbing fact is UPA Govt agreeing for International scrutiny of our Nuclear Projects . This is nothing short of surrendering the nations sovereignty. America pressurizing us to to sign the Nuclear Treaty shows its dubious nature of targeting India’s Sovereignty . One wonders, for USA whether India is an natural ally or long time target.

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