Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hindus are themselves to blame for bomb blasts

The serial bomb blasts in Bangalore and Amhedabad prove beyond an iota of doubt that the Government. has failed to curb terrorism. The reaction of the Government this time is no different than what it has been in the past, nor is it going to undergo any change in the future. The common man is now convinced that it matters little to the Government whether 10 innocent people are killed or hundreds are slaughtered.

What matters to the Congress-led Government is that its minority vote bank should not feel annoyed. It is for this reason that on more than one occasion, the Government has declared that it is against bringing in any law which would put an end to the killing of innocent people. All major cities have been affected by terrorist attacks. It is the second round that has now begun with the killing of people in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. With election round the corner, terrorists will feel emboldened to carry out more such attacks.

In this context, it is worth recalling an incident of an attack by a Muslim fanatic on the Commissioner of Peshawar division around 1853 and the way the British nipped the evil in the bud. While sitting in his verandah the Commissioner was listening to complaints and receiving petitions from the people. Suddenly, a Muslim fanatic delivered his petition with one hand and stabbed the Commissioner with the other. The Commissioner died after a few days. The culprit was caught and shot in an open maidan. Further, his body was burnt and not buried, as otherwise he would have been considered a martyr (shaheed) after his death.

This incident is recorded by Field Marshal Roberts of Kandhar in his book An Eye Witness Account of Mutiny. This is how the British ruled India.

It is now for the Indian leaders to decide. It is not the fault of the Muslims that they have always treated Hindus as kafirs. They have simply dealt with the kafirs in they have always treated Hindus as kafirs. They have simply dealt with the kafirs in the way prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet. If even after 600 years of slavery and Muslim rule the Hindus have not learnt any lesson then they have no right to blame Muslims. It is high time our country's leadership wakes up from its slumber and starts acting tough on terror.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Indian Democracy - Cash N Carry

Singh Is King Of Dalaal !! an Sonia Gandhi film

Trust vote , which can not be trusted anymore. Because of their access to Money-Power Sonia’s window-dresser MM Singh had won the trust vote . Prime Minister should come clean on “Deal behind the Deal” . Now MM Singh can carry out agenda of Sonia with lot more zeal , but he shud take note that Indians are stressed at this LEASE of life he got , and are demanding that this Govt and he shud go at any cost.

Is this democracy?Is this way to survive the trust vote ? Prime Minister owes nation an explanation. I , like all other Indians were shocked to see BJP MPs displaying bundled money from gunny bags . This money was given to make sure Govt survives and triumph the trust vote. The core of Indian democracy has taken an ugly turn.The great betrayal of Democracy was unfurled on the floor of the LokSabha. MM Singh was practical observer of this betrayal , and further he tainted his clean image.

The Prime Minister may have won the vote comfortably ,but this victory will haunt him the rest of his life. Parliament now had been degraded as the the theatre of Political Absurdity. This is an irony which is quite hard for the Indians at large to fathom . The legitimacy of this triumph is under a cloud since the people know all about the murky deals in Delhi and the unethical means used by the MM Singh and his new found allies to trade horses, the price at which each horse is being traded raised lot of eyebrows , some political pundits say almost 500 Crore rupees has changed hands in total to facilitate UPA Govt leased tenure.

Congress has appealed to Opposition party’s to defy their respective party line on Nuke-Deal , and vote according to their "Conscience". It went further and put a price tag for so called "Conscience" . Promises were made to name Lucknow airport on Charan Singh to please Ajith Singh, Promises of ministerial berths to convicted criminals and their sons were also made. Crore’s of rupees said to have changed hands to please vulnerable Parliamentarians to break their party line an toe UPA Govt trust vote.

Shocking is that UPA govt bought 6 Convicted Criminals serving sentence in different Jails, few of them were sentenced for LIFE on charges of murder and these were dashed to Parliament to save Indias future energy crisis , there cannot be a big joke than this . The Congress call of "Conscience" was so appealing to Parliamentarians that 20 NDA MP’s changed their loyalty on the floor of the house. That’s the reason it has been seen as a Black-Day in the history of Parliament. Let’s hope this sinful incidents are not repeated in future , nor replicated in State legislatures.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Communists are like Condoms

Communist are Like condoms

Wear It

Use It &

Flush It

Indian communists were never comfortable with anything called 'Nationalism'. It could be for a reason that communism as an ideology shuns borders and recognizes Totalitarian Internationalism. Where as on issue of toppling UPA-MM Singh Govt on Nuke-Deal they have adored new avatar of Protecters of Indias Sovereignity .They have mastered this art of treachery and deception ,they change their colour much faster than a chameleon.

Indian communists should fast change their party symbol to CONDOM , this symbol suits their ideology and their actions . Infact communists are like Condoms, it actually reflect their persistent political stance.
A condom allows Inflation , so do our Communists, they have allowed Inflation to grow as high as 11.48% in last 4years .

A condom stops Production , so do our Communists, In last 4 years Industrial development has fallen to lowest ebb . By opposing economic reforms and FDI in Insurance, Infrastructure, Aviation and others sectors they halted its onwards production.

A condom usage takes away Real pleasure during the Act , so do our Communist , Any association with commies inside the government or outside support to government had proved to be thorn in flesh they never allow one to act smoothly , thus takeaway the real pleasure of any association .

A condom can tear off during the act, and not always secure , so do our Communists , one never can rely on their support they can withdrew anytime on any flimsy ground.

A condom interferes in natural act , so do our Communists , with their outdated ideology and anti-reforms attitude they always interfere in every policy decision of the Govt.

A Condom destroys Next Generation , so do our Communists , They have allowed prices to rise thus have derailed the development, which will be a big curse on Next generation.

In end Condom is the loser, after the pleasure act, it is flushed down the drain , so do our Communist, they were used in last 4 years and proved to be thorn in flesh . Now MM Singh have dumped them and going to flush down the drain on the floor of the house. . In a way, the ultimate loser in the Nuclear game are communists. Congress has once again proved it is smarter than the left. But, the future is not going to be smoother for both the parties Congress and Left.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In UPA-Left Nuclear Drama, "Singh is King"

I couldn’t stop myself appreciating the Drama enacted jointly by Congress & Left over Nuclear deal. Its screenplay is worth applauding , it has outsmarted Aam Admi . This Soap-Opera is well directed by Soorpanaka-Sonia Gandhi. For long time Aam Admi was crying over inflation , price rise of fuel and other essential commodities. This new drama of Left withdrawl has overshadowed Aam Admi’s agony over price rise.

Though Iam not a great votary of N-Deal , Iam glad Left has withdrawn its support and Iam more happy for MM Singh , now he can really focus on development. Finally communists won't be able to interfere with interests of India. Left was a thorn in the flesh. With them leaving, the country can march forward. We are fed up of seeing Bardan and Karat on TVgiving useless sondbites. What rubbish they are talking? They always try to put a spanner into the wheels of development. I do not have a soft corner for the Congress whatsoever but the Left is really trying to blackmail the Govt on any issue. I hope Bengalis will vote them out this time.

I wish that Congress to fail to proove majority and election to be held. So that I, we and all citizens of India can select the next government and PM. Now the ball is in Rashtrapati Bahavan’s court . Will Prathiba Patil stick to the book or will bend and break the rules in support of Congress ,as part of the paying the gratitude she been carrying over her shoulders for making her President of India ??

Climax of this UPA-Left Drama is worth watching and it will continue for coming days. It will be Interesting to see whether MM Singh will succeed in proving majority on the floor of Lok Sabha. Even if he fails on the floor he has nothing to loose , he will be portrayed as a Martyr by congress and will be given a place next to Soorpanaka Sonia Gandhi, claiming he too like Sonia has sacrificed his chair in the Interest of the country . Now this will give him a chance for Bharath Ratna . With Bharath Ratna shining on his chest MM Singh will quit the politics and fly to USA where he will fill the Vacant advisor post with Bush family Oil business. Nuclear Deal or No Deal, its win-win situation for MM Singh, True “Singh is King”.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

RSS own's Gandhi , Condemn's Godse

Khadiwala, Chaddiwala - Strange Bedfellows

M.G.Vaidya is a old spin doctor of RSS, who recently spoke to press condemning Godse’s action of Gandhi-Vadh. I feel , M.G.Vaidya lost his senses and his thought process shrunk with his growing age . They (RSS) are trying to get people in the India and elsewhere to believe, little by little, that they had no role in Gandhi’s assassination .
Just like any other ordinary, middle-class Hindu , RSS too have indoctrined the art of self hate. The cowardly, escapist RSS refuses to acknowledge the patriotic act of Godse ji in assassinating Gandhi. They do this under the pretext of Hinduism being peace-loving and non-violent, but Sangh Parivar accept and practise only those aspects of Hinduism which suits them. More fundamentally, it is important that RSS thinkers outgrow the habit of uncritical acceptance of the ideas of someone simply because he is considered ‘great’. Gandhi was just an impostor and a hypocrite to the core.

Ghandhi is a person who tried to link politics and spiritualism. He always wanted to be in his stands,what ever he says would be the final word. This is not the determination or confidence. If u say so then even Hitler stood for what he thought, even died for it.. is that we accept his policies for development ?? Never. Gandhi is a clour changing chameleon who changed his action only to establish himself. He saw the future Indian rupee with his photo, so he spent his mind to do it. He is a cheap politician who deserves to be killed. Nathuram was bit late.. lakhs of hindus suffered coz of his worth less, selfish decisions.

Mohandas Gandhi was a page in the history book of India that needed to be turned over otherwise the rest of the pages would have remained blank. Gandhi was not killed, he was executed by Shri Godse. Practically speaking it is then Congress who killed Gandhi politically ,Godse ji just performed the last rites.

My agony is, why did Godse had to wait till the dismemberment of our motherland to kill Gandhi ???? So many hindu lives would have been saved if only he had acted sooner. History would have been changed if only he acted sooner. Gandhi was killed but he had already done whatever damage he could've possibly done to our beloved motherland.If only godse had killed gandhi sooner !!!!!!

Yes ,Gandhi Vadh should have been done in 1906 when he opposed zulu rebellion in South Africa & promoted racism against black natives .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Muslim riot over land allotment to Amarnath Shrine in Kashmir

Every time one hears of a riot one does not need supermind to know who the perpetrators are . The ongoing crisis over land alottment to Amarnath Shrine in the kashmir Valley is a planed exercise by the muslim separatists and Kashmiri politicians. This issue has been raised at a time when the Amarnath pilgrimage is in progress and the J&K elections are round the corner . Kashmiri s protesting land transfer are islamic zealots . They are puppets in the hands of Kashmiri Separatists who are unfortunately intolerant to other Faiths.

Every year thousands of Hindus march to Amarnath shrine to have darshan of Shiv-Ling . And they have to bear lot of hardships during Piligrimage. Many Organisations have represented the Govt to provide basic amenities like small Huts where they can rest and toilets. As a result Govt allotted 40 acres to Amarnath Board . This had given ammunition to Islamic zealots to come on to streets .After all, the land is allotted to the Shrine, which is existing from times immemorial, and the allotment is specifically meant to provide facilities for the pilgrims and the floating population and not for permanent settlements.

When the Amarnath Yatris need temporary shelters, the Muslims object and complain about ecological problems. What ecological problems are they referring to? Producing dozen children and living in filth helps ecology? How come in Bharat, the Hindus can not have shelters for Yatris and the shameless Govt. provides all facilities to perform Hajj. Why don’t they ask Govt to stop subsidy to Haj ,which mostly comes from Hindu-Kafir tax payers and which according to their Quran is HARAAM to do Haj on Kafirs money .

Revoking of land transfer to the Amarnath Temple is another example showing the Soorpanaka Sonia Gandhi led UPA's appeasement and vote-bank politics.

It is shame for India that Hindus cannot worship comfortably in Amarnath Temple .

Over five lakh Kashmiri Hindus have been hounded out and they live like refugees in their own country. Now their number might have drastically increased during 20 years of their “EXODUS “ And iam ashamed of my fellow Hindus else where who ignore the plight of kashmiri Hindu who had been victims of Islamic terrorism . They are too pre-occupied with their routine work of eating samosa,having Tea and watching cricket . If they don’t change now even Lord above cant save them from yet another Exodus.