Thursday, July 24, 2008

Indian Democracy - Cash N Carry

Singh Is King Of Dalaal !! an Sonia Gandhi film

Trust vote , which can not be trusted anymore. Because of their access to Money-Power Sonia’s window-dresser MM Singh had won the trust vote . Prime Minister should come clean on “Deal behind the Deal” . Now MM Singh can carry out agenda of Sonia with lot more zeal , but he shud take note that Indians are stressed at this LEASE of life he got , and are demanding that this Govt and he shud go at any cost.

Is this democracy?Is this way to survive the trust vote ? Prime Minister owes nation an explanation. I , like all other Indians were shocked to see BJP MPs displaying bundled money from gunny bags . This money was given to make sure Govt survives and triumph the trust vote. The core of Indian democracy has taken an ugly turn.The great betrayal of Democracy was unfurled on the floor of the LokSabha. MM Singh was practical observer of this betrayal , and further he tainted his clean image.

The Prime Minister may have won the vote comfortably ,but this victory will haunt him the rest of his life. Parliament now had been degraded as the the theatre of Political Absurdity. This is an irony which is quite hard for the Indians at large to fathom . The legitimacy of this triumph is under a cloud since the people know all about the murky deals in Delhi and the unethical means used by the MM Singh and his new found allies to trade horses, the price at which each horse is being traded raised lot of eyebrows , some political pundits say almost 500 Crore rupees has changed hands in total to facilitate UPA Govt leased tenure.

Congress has appealed to Opposition party’s to defy their respective party line on Nuke-Deal , and vote according to their "Conscience". It went further and put a price tag for so called "Conscience" . Promises were made to name Lucknow airport on Charan Singh to please Ajith Singh, Promises of ministerial berths to convicted criminals and their sons were also made. Crore’s of rupees said to have changed hands to please vulnerable Parliamentarians to break their party line an toe UPA Govt trust vote.

Shocking is that UPA govt bought 6 Convicted Criminals serving sentence in different Jails, few of them were sentenced for LIFE on charges of murder and these were dashed to Parliament to save Indias future energy crisis , there cannot be a big joke than this . The Congress call of "Conscience" was so appealing to Parliamentarians that 20 NDA MP’s changed their loyalty on the floor of the house. That’s the reason it has been seen as a Black-Day in the history of Parliament. Let’s hope this sinful incidents are not repeated in future , nor replicated in State legislatures.

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