Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sri Virodhi Nama Ugadi Subhakankshalu !!!

Ugadi : Nava Varsh Mangalmai Ho !!!

Ugadi is the New Year (Lunar New Year) for Telugu and Kannada speaking people and it ushers in the spring season. Ugadi (yuga and adi) means beginning of an astronomical cycle. It is also the first day of Chaitra, the first month of the traditional Hindu calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Ugadi is also known as Chadramana Ugadi or Chandramana Varsha Thodaku or Vatsara Arambha. In 2009, the date of Ugadi is March 27.

A major event on the day is “Panchanga Sravanam” – predictions for the year. It is organized at temples and by cultural and social organizations. Ugadi Pachadi which is distributed on the day is a unique dish with a mixture of six tastes ranging from sweet to bitter. It comprises of jaggery, raw mango, tamarind, neem flowers, salt and green chilli. This is the first dish that people have on Ugadi day.

There are many Hindus who perform the Navagraha puja on Ugadi day. This is done by an experienced family member or priest. At night, it is considered highly auspicious to look at the moon. This is referred as Ugadi Chandra Darshana.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pope says dont have sex and you wont get AIDS

Pope Benedict says Condom Spread AIDS virus and Solution is ... dont have Sex and you wont get AIDS

Condom Spreads AIDS Virus and don’t have Sex you wont get AIDS
, Pope Benedict said yesterday in Africa . Is he out of his mind or drank too much before making his speech ? After reading this , Jesus Christ must be weeping somewhere on the mindless out burst of Pope Benedict . I’ am almost speechless with rage at Pope Benedict senseless outburst against usage of Condoms. Cannot say how irresponsible is Pope Benedict attitude is towards using of Condom in arresting the ever spreading Virus-AIDS/HIV. Thus, Pope and Catholic Church has reignited the never ending controversy over its understanding of safe SEX .

Its simple , whenever Catholic Church Pontiff’s open their mouth it’s the shit that comes out , instead of coming from back . If I had a Time-Machine I cud have made this stupid Pope sit in it and sent him to Stone Age , where he rightly belongs to . In the interest of Free - World, he shud be confined and locked in a room, any free movement of this Lunatic will bring danger to the World . Me , not getting into ethical-Sex debate , I disagree with pope and will advice to wear a Condom for safe Sex.

The Catholic Church and Pope wants the world to live according to their Ideals and Ethics . Still in 21st century they don’t want to give people ones CHOICE of their own to Live in regard to SEX and Religion . Let these Pontiffs propagate their religious texts and Intercept as they like , but stay away from personal choices of World . And, one fails to understand how come a Pope who is supposed to be enjoying Celibacy knows so much about Condom usage .

Abstinence , Fidelity which Pope talks about is good in theory , but cant be a solution for AIDS . Let Pope look into his Catholic backyard, hordes of it clergy are arrested for child abuse or for raping Nuns . Now he talks about abstinence when his own clergies are not able to keep their penises in their trousers . Pope who religiously preaching for abstinence, shud understand that all are not blessed to be born to a Virgin , as happened with Mother Mary .

The Pope continues his vulgar war on world and jeopardizes the lives of others . Though I am not an great votary of Free–Sex , but one shud acknowledge most of us are Sexual (aka: Human) Beings and given a chance one enjoy Sex with others . Its but the reality, that in this World, Sex is not just confined to Marriage (Husband & Wife ) . People of all ages fall for Sex in different situations for different temptations and reasons . These temptations will not be easily arrested coz some Pope or Swami Ji has asked for ..

Catholic Church is not short of controversies, be it Benedict anti Condom utterance, Evolution theory or days passed till 1995 to admit Galileo theory . It always used its Forked tongue to deter the opposition . With Pontiffs like Benedict at helm , Young have a reason to abandon Christanity . I pray God for a day in which World can be free from these Lunatics ..

Lastly , I would ask all readers here to have ethical-Sex (with one partner and obviously it got to be ones Spouse ) and stay faithful to ones Life partner and no Sex before Marriage . In all other cases of relations (viz: Live-In , one night stand ) one shud have knowledge about the sexual history of partner and go for a testing and use Condom for safety . So guys we will debate about Ethical-Sex some other time , untill then let every one have Safe-Sex by using Condom . Condoms not only help with AIDS prevention are also a pretty good contraceptive .

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hindu Rashtra Ki Jai !!!

जिन्ना अंतुले जयचंदों से राष्ट्र बहुत शर्मिंदा है ,

माँ को डायन कहने वाला दुष्ट (आजम खान) अभी तक जिंदा है ,

भारत की स्वतंत्रता का पूर्ण सूर्य खिला होता ,
नेहरू - गाँधी को भी यदि काले पानी का दंड मिल होता।

राष्ट्र-भक्त कब निर्भर रहता सरकारी दरबारों पर,
सावरकर का नाम लिखा है हृदयों कि दीवारों पर।

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Holi : Play Holi With Natural Colors

Happy Holi : Play Holi With Natural Colors .

It is said that Lord Krishna used play Holi with bright-orange Tesu flowers. Earlier, many people used to make natural colours for Holi at home. Today, most people might not be aware of this fact as we are used to ready made chemical colors. Often these chemical colours are harmful and we tend ignore it during the fun. But if you have time, then you can make your own natural colours at home.

* Dry Red Colour: You can use red sandal wood powder. Powder of dry red hibiscus flowers mixed with any flour will give natural red colour.

* Wet Red Colour: Mix turmeric powder in water and add few drops of lemon juice. within seconds, you will get bright red colour.

* Dry Yellow Colour: Mix two spoons of turmeric powder with four spoons of besan for bright yellow color.

* Wet Yellow Colour: Mix Two spoons of turmeric in four liters of water and stir well.

* Wet Orange or Saffron Colour: Peel around 12 large onions and boil in half liter water. Remove the onion peels. Now you will get an orange color with a light pink shade. Another method is to soak Tesu flowers in water for a night to get yellowish – orange color.

* Dry Green Colour: Make a paste out of different leaves like spinach, coriander, mint etc in water and leave it to dry. Another method is to mix mehndi and any flour.

* Wet Green Colour: Take four spoons of henna and mix in two liter of water.

* Wet Magenta Colour: Grate beetroot and soak in one liter water for magenta colour.

* Wet Brown Colour: Boil tea or coffee in water and cool it.

If you are planning to play large scale Holi, then it is better to buy genuine natural colors from the market. This is because there is a limit to which you can produce natural Holi colours at home. There are more methods of making natural colours but it involves large scale use of flowers which are sadly not available in large quantities.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shoot Out At Lahore, On Sri Lanka Cricket Team

Nuke Pakistan for World Peace .

As you sow , so you reap , Pakistan today is enjoying the fruits of its own hard work .

Just minutes after attack on Sri Lankan team in Pakistan flashed on NET & TV sets , one of my friend has called me and raised an hypothetical question that what cud have been the scene if Indian players in Pakistan were attacked?. I replied that Indian Public with whatever they can take in their hands wud have raided all cities of Pakistan, ( even before Indian Military have planed any action ) and have hoisted Indian Flags all over Pakistan . Pakistan wud have been erased and merged with Akhand Bharat . Long time dream of many of erasing Pakistan from World Map been a Reality by now.

This whole firing exercise must have been planed for Indian cricket team . As Indian tour got cancelled, these paid mercenaries were tried and tested on Sri Lankans . Was this firing exercise an frustrating act of fringe ISI, coz recently it totally failed in executing a COUP in Bangladesh .

The Humorous part is, even Pakistan has some Lunatic Antulays , one of it Minister has blamed India (RAW) for this incident . This is really funny , even before any one got caught or any evidence came out he started the fingering Game . Probably tomorrow its President “MR 10 % (percentage) Zardari” will amuse himself , saying that India took revenge for Mumbai Blasts and very next day he may fancy himself saying that firing on Sri Lankan cricket team has never occurred on their country Soil.

Having made some sarcastic comments , I stand in respect to pay tributes to slain Pakistani Police Officers and daring Bus Driver who have sacrificed their life facing terrorist bullets to save Sri Lankans . They bought some dignity to the nation . It’s always the Pakistani police officers who bear the brunt of these terrorists , where as Pak-Army and ISI are safe in their Dens .

I don’t understand what sort of country Pakistan is ? Almost on daily basis some or other bomb blast happens , one will be surprised if any day goes with out any terror activity. Hotels are not safe , nor their religious places and even Death or Marriage processions are not left by these terror attacks. This recent incident has totally dented the Image of Pakistan in the eyes of International community .

Learn a lesson or two from Israelis in combating Jihadi Terror. Even Pakistan shud seriously think of taking help of Israel and annihilate terrorism roots from their soil. If by chance, Pakistan hesitates to take pro-active steps in curbing jihadists , Free World shud consider the option to NUKE the whole Pakistan . This will be a great step towards eradicating Jihadi Cry’s and in restoring World-Peace . Total wipe out of Pakistan is need of the Hour or else even our coming generations too will face and subject to read this sort of News-Stories . So NUKE Pakistan .

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Indian Agriculture in crisis

Indian Farmer in crisis .

While travelling every Weekend to my Home town , When I glance at barren land ’s through moving train , I keep thinking of farmer’s pathetic condition . I wonder ,why once an ” Anna data “ (Food Giver) is now in debt trap and committing suicides. Who is responsible for such a downfall ? Respective ruling classes and insensitive working class for sure.

Why our farmers are in such debt ridden situation? In an rough estimation by an statutory Authority almost 60% of Indian farmers are in serious debt .It’s reported in media that average debt of an farmer family is around Rs:15000/- . Agriculture yield per acre ia quite low in India in comparison with Global Average . Coz of this poor yield , farmers have moved to cash crops , But coz of spurious seeds and fake fertilizers disaster took over them here too and forced them to commit suicides .

If Indian Economy has to be saved from recession and falling further into depression, Government has to seriously think about the Agriculture sector . Apart from manufacturing sector, only Agriculture sector has strength in reviving the ever slowing Indian Economy.

Our food security is slowly threatened coz of anti–former policies of the State Government policies in allowing fertile land to corporate’s in the name of SEZ’s. To save agriculture all SEZ allotments done in recent past has to be revived . State Government should ask SEZ owners to procure land on their own by paying farmers the market price , thus farmer get a choice to sell or reject the offer of SEZ’s.

An prosperous India is possible when there is a good output in farming sector . So Govt with help of NGOs shud educate and encourage farmers in cultivating fields in traditional way . Problems in providing 9 hours of undisturbed quality Power shud be sorted Immediately . Farm implements shud be totally subsidized and shud have a strong policy on market-selling-price of foodgrains . More sophisticated Godowns and Cold-Storage plants shud be built in all Mandal ( taluk) HQ , so that when farmer doest not get a gud price he can store it in these plants. Co-operative societies shud be encouraged , and like Gujarat did , respective states shud build big database of ‘ Soil Health Card’ .