Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shoot Out At Lahore, On Sri Lanka Cricket Team

Nuke Pakistan for World Peace .

As you sow , so you reap , Pakistan today is enjoying the fruits of its own hard work .

Just minutes after attack on Sri Lankan team in Pakistan flashed on NET & TV sets , one of my friend has called me and raised an hypothetical question that what cud have been the scene if Indian players in Pakistan were attacked?. I replied that Indian Public with whatever they can take in their hands wud have raided all cities of Pakistan, ( even before Indian Military have planed any action ) and have hoisted Indian Flags all over Pakistan . Pakistan wud have been erased and merged with Akhand Bharat . Long time dream of many of erasing Pakistan from World Map been a Reality by now.

This whole firing exercise must have been planed for Indian cricket team . As Indian tour got cancelled, these paid mercenaries were tried and tested on Sri Lankans . Was this firing exercise an frustrating act of fringe ISI, coz recently it totally failed in executing a COUP in Bangladesh .

The Humorous part is, even Pakistan has some Lunatic Antulays , one of it Minister has blamed India (RAW) for this incident . This is really funny , even before any one got caught or any evidence came out he started the fingering Game . Probably tomorrow its President “MR 10 % (percentage) Zardari” will amuse himself , saying that India took revenge for Mumbai Blasts and very next day he may fancy himself saying that firing on Sri Lankan cricket team has never occurred on their country Soil.

Having made some sarcastic comments , I stand in respect to pay tributes to slain Pakistani Police Officers and daring Bus Driver who have sacrificed their life facing terrorist bullets to save Sri Lankans . They bought some dignity to the nation . It’s always the Pakistani police officers who bear the brunt of these terrorists , where as Pak-Army and ISI are safe in their Dens .

I don’t understand what sort of country Pakistan is ? Almost on daily basis some or other bomb blast happens , one will be surprised if any day goes with out any terror activity. Hotels are not safe , nor their religious places and even Death or Marriage processions are not left by these terror attacks. This recent incident has totally dented the Image of Pakistan in the eyes of International community .

Learn a lesson or two from Israelis in combating Jihadi Terror. Even Pakistan shud seriously think of taking help of Israel and annihilate terrorism roots from their soil. If by chance, Pakistan hesitates to take pro-active steps in curbing jihadists , Free World shud consider the option to NUKE the whole Pakistan . This will be a great step towards eradicating Jihadi Cry’s and in restoring World-Peace . Total wipe out of Pakistan is need of the Hour or else even our coming generations too will face and subject to read this sort of News-Stories . So NUKE Pakistan .


coffee said...

this attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team was senseless to say the least, nothing but destructive to all parties involved

Anonymous said...

U son of bitch......

Start counting your days......

U have been traced now. We will show u what the terrorism is? and what the jihad is?

Be prepared...