Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Indian Agriculture in crisis

Indian Farmer in crisis .

While travelling every Weekend to my Home town , When I glance at barren land ’s through moving train , I keep thinking of farmer’s pathetic condition . I wonder ,why once an ” Anna data “ (Food Giver) is now in debt trap and committing suicides. Who is responsible for such a downfall ? Respective ruling classes and insensitive working class for sure.

Why our farmers are in such debt ridden situation? In an rough estimation by an statutory Authority almost 60% of Indian farmers are in serious debt .It’s reported in media that average debt of an farmer family is around Rs:15000/- . Agriculture yield per acre ia quite low in India in comparison with Global Average . Coz of this poor yield , farmers have moved to cash crops , But coz of spurious seeds and fake fertilizers disaster took over them here too and forced them to commit suicides .

If Indian Economy has to be saved from recession and falling further into depression, Government has to seriously think about the Agriculture sector . Apart from manufacturing sector, only Agriculture sector has strength in reviving the ever slowing Indian Economy.

Our food security is slowly threatened coz of anti–former policies of the State Government policies in allowing fertile land to corporate’s in the name of SEZ’s. To save agriculture all SEZ allotments done in recent past has to be revived . State Government should ask SEZ owners to procure land on their own by paying farmers the market price , thus farmer get a choice to sell or reject the offer of SEZ’s.

An prosperous India is possible when there is a good output in farming sector . So Govt with help of NGOs shud educate and encourage farmers in cultivating fields in traditional way . Problems in providing 9 hours of undisturbed quality Power shud be sorted Immediately . Farm implements shud be totally subsidized and shud have a strong policy on market-selling-price of foodgrains . More sophisticated Godowns and Cold-Storage plants shud be built in all Mandal ( taluk) HQ , so that when farmer doest not get a gud price he can store it in these plants. Co-operative societies shud be encouraged , and like Gujarat did , respective states shud build big database of ‘ Soil Health Card’ .

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Trust in India said...

It is very true that Indian agricultural scenario is seeing dismal days since quite some time. I also feel that Indian Government should come forward and take some positive steps to solve the crisis prevailing…