Saturday, March 29, 2008

What was Rahul Gandhi's mid-night mission with a Christian NGO in Orissa?

The colourful ‘Discover India’ trip of AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi to Orissa concluded colourlessly, without discovering anything except two missionary run evangelical institutions. Shri Gandhi only proved that mere Gandhi-Nehru origin can neither discover India nor identify its soul. It was just a pre-poll campaign of his party for which the state spent crores of rupees from the public exchequer.

Rahul Gandhi’s last visit to Orissa kept the administration and the security forces on their toes as he went away to some unknown place in the late night, without informing even the police. During his visit to Berhampur, he went away to a village named Kankia, about 30 kms from Gopalpur township. He was accompanied by the chief of a missionary run NGO and two bodyguards. He went to the office of that NGO at about 10 in the night and spent some hours there. Then he visited a residential school run by that missionary and distributed chocolates. He took his dinner in the school and rested in the village. Reliable source said that Rahul Gandhi spent a lot of time with the NGO men than his party workers. The NGO is well-known as a Christian institution and is allegedly involved in proselytisation and evangelical activities in the southern part of the state.

He returned to his camp in the morning where all his party leaders were searching for him. He did a similar disappearing act during his visit to Koraput district, where he was warmly welcomed by a reputed evangelical institution. Rahul visited it late night, accompanied only by four bodyguards. In both the cases, the police and the administration were kept in dark. Rahul allegedly did not permit the police force, no police pilot nor even the Superintendent of Police of Koraput to follow him, fully knowing that it was a Naxal-prone area. When contacted about the Berhampur incident, the S.P. of Ganjam district admitted the unscheduled visit to an unknown place but declined to disclose more.

@Debasis Tripathy ,Bhubaneswar

Thursday, March 27, 2008

India trip to Moon

Manmohan Singh to Bush - We are sending Indians to the moon next year.
Bush - Wow! How Many?
Manmohan Singh - Total 100.
25 - OBC
25 - SC
20 - ST
10 - Minorities
5 - Handicapped
5 - Sports Persons
4th generation 9 - Politicians
And if possible......
1 - Astronnaut..............!!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

e- Voting To Save Ram Sethu

Ram Sethu Raksha Manch has started electronic voting to get the Ram Sethu declared an international monument. Inaugurating the e-voting in Delhi, Shri Vinod Bansal, media incharge of Indraprastha VHP, appealed to the people to write “ram” in the write message box of their mobile phone and send it to 53030. After sending this message a confirmation SMS would be received. “We have stored these votes in a database and will present it to the authorities concerned at an appropriate time. A large number of SMS were sent by the VHP and Bajrang Dal workers the same day for the Sethu. The campaign is still on.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holi Hai !!! - Celebrate Holi With Natural Colors

It is said that Lord Krishna used play Holi with bright-orange Tesu flowers. Earlier, many people used to make natural colours for Holi at home. Today, most people might not be aware of this fact as we are used to ready made chemical colors. Often these chemical colours are harmful and we tend ignore it during the fun. But if you have time, then you can make your own natural colours at home.

  • Dry Red Colour: You can use red sandal wood powder. Powder of dry red hibiscus flowers mixed with any flour will give natural red colour.

  • Wet Red Colour: Mix turmeric powder in water and add few drops of lemon juice. within seconds, you will get bright red colour.

  • Dry Yellow Colour: Mix two spoons of turmeric powder with four spoons of besan for bright yellow color.

  • Wet Yellow Colour: Mix Two spoons of turmeric in four liters of water and stir well.

  • Wet Orange or Saffron Colour: Peel around 12 large onions and boil in half liter water. Remove the onion peels. Now you will get an orange color with a light pink shade. Another method is to soak Tesu flowers in water for a night to get yellowish – orange color.

  • Dry Green Colour: Make a paste out of different leaves like spinach, coriander, mint etc in water and leave it to dry. Another method is to mix mehndi and any flour.

  • Wet Green Colour: Take four spoons of henna and mix in two liter of water.

  • Wet Magenta Colour: Grate beetroot and soak in one liter water for magenta colour.

  • Wet Brown Colour: Boil tea or coffee in water and cool it.

If you are planning to play large scale Holi, then it is better to buy genuine natural colors from the market. This is because there is a limit to which you can produce natural Holi colours at home. There are more methods of making natural colours but it involves large scale use of flowers which are sadly not available in large quantities.

Where To Buy Natural Holi Colours :

Holi is fast approaching and thanks to the rigorous campaign carried out by NGOs and other environment organizations there is awareness in India among general public regarding natural Holi colors. But many people are notaware from where to buy natural Holi colors. eCoexist a Pune-based social enterprise dealing in natural and recycled products in India, is promoting a range of natural colours under the name Rang Dulaar. Natural Holi colors from eCoexist are available in select stores in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Baroda, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Goa, Ahmedabad and Aurangabad.

eCoexist is currently offering Red, Yellow, Green and Black colors. eCoexist says that colours are free from any chemical content and have been made by the women of Vanastree, the Malnad Forest Garden and Seed Keepers Collective in collaboration with the Kalpavriksh Environment Action Group.

To order the colours or for further inquiries write to or call 9850084383
Stores from where you can buy Holi natural colors promoted by eCoexist for Holi 2008. Information as found on eCoexist.

  • Mumbai
    Bombay Store, Fort, 40669999
    Spencers Hypermart (all outlets)
    Dhoop Crafts, Khar, 65819352 / 51
    Green Ways, Carmichael Road, 23520684
    The Culture Shop, Hiranandani Gardens, 66939777
    Radhika Arora, Juhu, 26121165

  • Pune
    Dorabjees, Camp 26052882
    Bombay Store, M G Road, 26131891
    Spencers Hyper Mart ( all outlets)
    Either Or, Sohrab Hall, 26050225
    Sade, Koregaon Park, 30922900
    Nilaya Bandhej, Senapati Bapat Road, 25660790
    24 Lettered Mantra, Baner, 64002456
    Poona Club Store, Poona Club, 26331785

  • Bangalore
    Namdharis (all outlets)
    For further queries call Sunita 9480299200

  • Delhi
    Good Earth: 9 ABC, Khan Market, New Delhi, Ph: 24647475 (Lodi Colony)
    Kriti: S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019Ph: 26027845/ 26213088, (Greater Kailash)
    Toxics Link: H2 (Ground Floor), Jungpura Extension,New Delhi 110 014, Ph: 24328006, 24320711 (Jungpura)
    Central Delhi: Connaught Place
    People Tree: 8, Regal Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001, Ph: 23744877
    East Delhi: Mayur Vihar
    Kalpavriksh: 134, Tower 10, Supreme Enclave, mayor Vihar Phase-I, Delhi- 110091, Ph: 22753714

  • Gurgaon:
    Gifts of Love: 224, DT City Centre Mall, M. G. Road, DLF City Phase – II, Ph: 0124-4014721
    Northwest Delhi: Karol Bagh
    Meenakshi Kapoor, Kapoor Niwas, 9774-A, Behind 1C-9, New Rohtak Road, New Delhi-110005, Ph: 28713184

  • Baroda
    Suneet Dabke, 09824091307

  • Secunderabad / Hyderabad
    Sandeep Rhode 09348552218

  • Ahmedabad
    Spencers Hypermart
    Center for Environment Education

  • Goa
    For queries call Roopa 9766358343

  • Aurangabad
    Quadrangle Contact: Shyam Chhawchharia Quadrangle, Samyak Plaza, Cidco Cannought,

  • Aurangabad - 431003 Ph: 0240-2482030 Cell: 9890449132

Monday, March 17, 2008

Free Tibet From Chinese Occupation

We can and should attack Chinese for an oppressive undemocratic regime, discrimination against Tibetans, human rights violations. It is the responsibility of the Free world and India, in particular, to help Tibetans and help them realise a Free Tibet. Its high time we raise our voice and fight 'Red Terror' .If china is not stopped now it will not hesitate to replicate the same aggression near Indian border claiming Sikkim and Arunachal pradesh as part of China. Having shown Red Terror once at Tianman Square, Iam not astonished by the brutality of Beijing bosses on Tibets 'Sons of Soil'. Its high time for the rest of the world to take note of this Fascism unleashed by communist govt of china.It is disgusting to know that India and other countries continue to legitimize Chinese Aggression of Tibet.

What can we do?
>Stop Using chinese products.
>Pressurise our respective govt's to revoke Diplomatic relations with China
>Freeze all the Chinese Banking accounts outside China
>Discourage all the foreign companies investing in China
>More Imortant all the democratic countries should boycott Beijing Olympics

Chinese Occupation of Tibet : Q & A

Who runs Tibet?

Tibet declared itself independent of China at the beginning of the 20th century and it wasn't until 1950 that China reasserted itself by invading eastern Tibet. A year later, the two countries signed the "Seventeen Point Agreement" guaranteeing Tibetan autonomy and freedom to practice Buddhism, but agreeing to the establishment of Chinese civil and military headquarters in the capital, Lhasa. Tibetans wrestled with this and in 1959 a full scale rebellion resulted in thousands killed and the Dalai Lama exiled to India. It is the anniversary of this rebellion that the current protests against China are marking. Despite the Chinese government establishing the Tibetan Autonomous Region in 1965, over the years, Tibetan monks felt China wasn't fulfilling its side of the Seventeen Point Agreement and there were repeated revolts. The most serious of these was in 1988, after which China imposed martial law. Though Tibet is called an "autonomous" region, Tibetans see the Chinese to be in control.

What historical claim does China have on Tibet?

Though it wasn't till 1950 that Chairman Mao's troops actually invaded, China regards Tibet to have been a part of its land since the Mongol dynasty extended into the Himalayan region some 700 years ago. This was formalised in the 18th and 19th centuries when Tibet was made a protectorate of China. Tibet achieved autonomy of sorts when it unilaterally declared independence in 1913.

How has China run Tibet?

After the invasion of the late 1950s there was large scale relocation of Han Chinese to Tibet and the rolling out of the 60s and 70s Chinese Cultural Revolution to Tibet saw monasteries and cultural artifacts destroyed. Though the Chinese government allowed "Open Door" reforms in the mid 80s with the aim of boosting investment, Tibetan monks still felt the Chinese stranglehold was too strong. In the last two years, a railway link has been opened up between Lhasa and the Chinese city of Golmud, which Tibetans fear will simply result in increased numbers of Han Chinese arriving.

What role does the Dalai Lama play in Tibet?

The Dalai Lama was made head of state at the age of 15 in the year China invaded the east of Tibet. Within a year, he was negotiating the "Seventeen Point Agreement" and at the age of 19 he was in Beijing unsuccessfully negotiating with Chairman Mao for a relaxing of Chinese involvement in the territory. Final bloody rebellion against the Chinese in 1959 left thousands dead and the Dalai Lama exiled to Dharamsala in India.From Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama continued to work for genuine self rule in Tibet, receiving the Nobel peace prize for his efforts in 1989. Though his negotiations faltered in 1993, they were resumed in 2002. For his part, the Dalai Lama has said that he has given up the idea of actual independence for the territory but instead hopes for Tibet to be given cultural autonomy, leaving the central government in Beijing in charge.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Muslim Population Explosion A Threat To The Nation

The Muslim population growth in India at one and half times the rate of Hindu population growth rate is very much alarming .The high rate of Muslim population is not unique to India alone. Barring the isolated case of Indonesia, Muslim population growth outpaces almost every other group in just about any country in the world

Some have put forward the argument that the Muslims being minority feel threatened and hence they need to increase in numbers, holds no water. High Muslim population growth is in fact a part of a greater global plan to make Islam the dominant religion in the world by sheer demographics. In all fairness to Muslims, their religious leaders and most rank and file are quite open about why the Muslims want to increase their population at a faster rate. As many Muslim leaders have pointed out they are not interested in "quality of life" -- they are interested in "the quantity of the Muslim population".

What can India do?

The results of Islamization are evident from looking at what Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are today. If India and the Hindus do not want to go the same route, the immediate things India should do prevent exploding Muslim population are:-

> Without any further delay implement Uniform Civil Code for all religions across India.-

>Implement and enforce strict birth control measures and abolish polygamy.

>Strict border control to stop any illegal immigration of Muslims from Bangladesh and eventually from Pakistan.

>Abolish article 370 and make the State of J&K open to all Indians.

These are the preliminary steps that should be taken immediately.

And above all, propagation of hate against other religions in the name of religion should be made a crime.

Any "romantic" and "sentimental" ideas regarding reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as prpogated by RSS and its affiliates should be summarily dismissed. Such action would result in Islamization of India within the next few decades. If India wants to preserve its culture, ethos and integrity, these are the minimum first steps that should be taken immediately.

Secularism In India Exposed