Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Muslim Population Explosion A Threat To The Nation

The Muslim population growth in India at one and half times the rate of Hindu population growth rate is very much alarming .The high rate of Muslim population is not unique to India alone. Barring the isolated case of Indonesia, Muslim population growth outpaces almost every other group in just about any country in the world

Some have put forward the argument that the Muslims being minority feel threatened and hence they need to increase in numbers, holds no water. High Muslim population growth is in fact a part of a greater global plan to make Islam the dominant religion in the world by sheer demographics. In all fairness to Muslims, their religious leaders and most rank and file are quite open about why the Muslims want to increase their population at a faster rate. As many Muslim leaders have pointed out they are not interested in "quality of life" -- they are interested in "the quantity of the Muslim population".

What can India do?

The results of Islamization are evident from looking at what Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are today. If India and the Hindus do not want to go the same route, the immediate things India should do prevent exploding Muslim population are:-

> Without any further delay implement Uniform Civil Code for all religions across India.-

>Implement and enforce strict birth control measures and abolish polygamy.

>Strict border control to stop any illegal immigration of Muslims from Bangladesh and eventually from Pakistan.

>Abolish article 370 and make the State of J&K open to all Indians.

These are the preliminary steps that should be taken immediately.

And above all, propagation of hate against other religions in the name of religion should be made a crime.

Any "romantic" and "sentimental" ideas regarding reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as prpogated by RSS and its affiliates should be summarily dismissed. Such action would result in Islamization of India within the next few decades. If India wants to preserve its culture, ethos and integrity, these are the minimum first steps that should be taken immediately.

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