Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TDP "Middle Drop" Telangana in Delhi Streets

 ChandraBabu Naidu & TDP, Booted Out Of Telangana

Telangana TDP goes for a “Middle Drop” on Telangana Statehood in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar . TDP Picnic was over even before it was started . After Babli drama fiasco this Delhi yatra turned up as a big Flop . Around 1200 activists in a special train marched to Delhi to present a memorandun and force Prime Minister & Sonia Gandhi to introduce a bill on Telangana in coming Parliament session .

But people had their own reservation on TDP’s commitment over Telangana Statehood . These reservations turned to be true when , TDP activists were caught red-hand on camera drinking liquor & dancing (see video here http://tinyurl.com/3a33rnx ) . And once these 1000 odd activists alighted at Delhi Station , half of them skipped the Dharna(Sit-In) programme . They were busy touring the tourist spots in and around Delhi . Such is the commitment of TDP towards Telangana Statehood.

It is said that Chandra Babu was Unhappy over Nagam Janardhan Reddy, the Convener of Telangana TDP Forum, for organising ‘Chalo Delhi’ program. CBN is furious that his photo was deliberately avoided on wall Posters and leaflets made by Nagam for Delhi yatra .So, Chandrababu used all the tricks to make this ‘Chalo Delhi’ a Flop and he succeeded in the end . Babu was uncomfortable over Telangana issue from the begining , he saw a pressure group forming inside the party in the name of ‘Telangana TDP Forum’ .

To scuttle it down Babu’s men are supposed to have liberally supplied Liquor bottles to Delhi going activists. His coterie filmed activist consuming Liquor on train over Mobile phones and passed it to TV channels to telecast it. This way they want to showcase Telangana people are just Drunkards . Nagam Janardhan Reddy is said to be furious over these antics of CBN coterie.

How wud Telanganites believe CBN , The Jackal , he collaborated with Rosaiah and took U-turn on support to the TG bill in AP assembly , and further made his MLA’s to enact the Drama of resignation after Dec 9 chidambaram announcement, to stop the formation of Telangana statehood. Since then he cites two regions as his two eyes playing the dangerous double game. This has angered Telanganites and in turn erased TDP from the hearts of 4 Crore Telanganites . This was evident during the result’s of By-Polls held recently , TDP lost deposits in all the seats it contested.

Reading on the Wall is quite clear , Telanganite has shunned TDP and branded them as “Enemy # 1 . These SeemaAndhra tricks will not work in TG anymore. CBN is more worried about coming December 31 , by then he has to take a clear stand otherwise the whole of party will merge in TRS .

There’s a bad news for CBN (he knows it as well) , according to my source, there’s a big talk at TDP HQ (NTR Bhavan) that at least 10 MLAs from TG region are going to side with KCR during the coming Dec-31 TG agitation . These 10-12 TDP MLA’s are said to be in regular touch with KCR . If this comes true , it wud be a death knell to CBN .

Even SeemaAndhra MLA’s are seriously disillusioned with CBN style of running the party . Equal number of MLA’s (10-12) from SeemaAndhra are said to be on verge of jumping out of TDP to join the bandwagon of YS Jagan . As soon as YS Jagan come out of Congress to start his own party these MLAs may change there loyalties. Its clear now CBN days are numbered , and count down for his burial has just begun.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chandrababu Naidu and his Yellow Media

Chandra Babu Naidu and his family displays
 their vulgar hatred towards Telangana

Another Coup happened in one of Hyderbad Media House. This news will add to another sad story of partisan media sailing to fight the political combat of their respective political parties. The Buzz is Nara ChandraBabu Naidu , The Jackal, has taken over Andhra-Jyothy Newspaper recently by paying whopping Rs 400 Crores . AJ employees(Journalists) are hardcore pro-Telanganites , with Naidu taking over, their Jobs are now at risk . There’s a strong rumor that Congress leader Md Shabbir Ali too has huge stakes in Andhra Jyothy , he said to have invested his ill gotten money earned during YSR corrupt regime into AJ.

Early this year CBN 's Son Nara Lokesh Naidu is rumoured to have bought Studio-N an News TV Channel for Rs 40 Crores. Within an year of taking charge of Studio-N news Channel Chandrababu & his son have shown their animosity towards Telangana by removing almost 70 Telangana region employees at one go from their TV channel . Not caring for the Dussera festival ahead , they been dismissed in a sadistic manner , making Studio-N Telangana employees to cry on streets during festival season.

 They were fired without following Statutory law procedures , Notice period which is a mandatory before someone is fired , but this basic rule too was not followed by Nara Lokesh Naidu’s Studio-N. Shameless are TG leaders of TDP Errabelli Dayakar Rao, Srihari, Nagam Janardhan Reddy who instead of doing justice to the employees of their region  they sided with CBN to safeguard their slave jobs.

This Hatred of Chandrababu & his son Nara Lokesh was taken with pinch of salt by expelled employees. They came on to streets to fight for Justice. They met Chandrababu also , he refused to help them . He further said that he doesn't interfere in his son’s business . But few Journalist unions stood by the expelled employees . Since the day of firing of Studio-N Telangana employees all the cable operators under MOS banner have blocked the signals of Studio-N channel . For last few days Studio-N TV channel is not beamed anywhere in Telangana as a mark of protest .

I do think the rise of politically influenced biased media can throw a lethal challenge to Indian democracy. There was a time we believed what we read in newspapers . But now we are forced to check with atleast 2-3 Media House publication’s to gauge the authenticity of the NEWS published/broadcasted .

Why politicians are now after investing in Media houses , its simple , Billions & Billions of Money are at stake to the road that leads to "Political Power" . Those Billions of money can be accessed only if one is in power, so to influence the masses politicians are using their own MEDIA houses as trump cards .

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are Telangana Women terrorist's ? Is Telangana another Kashmir ??

Bathukamma Glimses On Tankbund,HYD

 Are Telangana women terrorist's ?? Is Telangana another Kashmir ??? Andhra Plutocrats have denied Bathukamma festival celebration permission on Tankbund HYD . We have to fight it out in High Court to get permission for Bathukamma celebrations on Tankbund .

మా తెలంగాణా ఏమైనా కల్లోలిత కాశ్మీరా ? మా తెలంగాణా ఆడపడచులు ఏమైనా ఉగ్రవాదుల ?? నిన్న హైదాబాద్ లో ట్యాంక్ బాండ్ ఫై జర్గిన బతుకమ్మ పండుగకు సీమ-ఆంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం అనుమతి నిరాకరంచింది , తెలంగాణా సంస్థలు హైకోర్ట్ నుండి అనుమతి తీసుకోవలిసి వచ్చింది . ఈ సమైక్య రాష్ట్రంలో మాకు పండుగలు చేసుకునే స్వతంత్రం కూడా లేకుండా పోయింది . ట్యాంక్ బాండ్ ఫై బతుకమ్మ పండుగ కు సీమ - ఆంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం కనీసం ఏర్పాట్లు చేయలేదు , తెలంగాణా ఆడపడచులు ట్యాంక్ బాండ్ ఫై చాల చోట్ల  లైట్ వెలుగు లేక పోయిన చీకట్లోనే బతుకమ్మను నిమజనం చేయాల్సి వచ్చింది


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

YS Jagan Mohan Reddys annual income is Rs 500 crores , Via corruption

 YS Jagan loots Andhra Pradesh .

Y.S Jagan earnings can put to shame
corporate biggies like the Tatas, Birlas or Ambanis.

Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s earnings in the first six months of the current financial year can put to shame some corporate biggies like the Tatas, Birlas or the Ambanis.

His individual advance tax collection showcases his anticipated income this year. In the first six months of the current financial year, he has already paid a whopping Rs 84 crore as advance tax, anticipating his annual income to be in the vicinity of Rs 500 crore or much more.

Considering the fact that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had paid a mere Rs 2.92 lakh tax for the financial year 2008-09, and Rs 6.72 crore for 2009-10. His growth in the half-yearly tax outgo has been more than 1,100% as compared to what he had paid for the same period in 2009.

If it takes decades for some one to become a Tata or an Ambani, it took just a few years for Jagan to be what he is today. So, where has he got all this ill rotten wealth from? We all know don’t we?

Another individual taxpayer who has enriched the government coffers this fiscal with Rs 7 crore (367% up compared to last year) is wife of politician Janardan Reddy from Karnataka. Gali Lakshmi Aruna has a mining company floated in Bellary. Her husband Janardan Reddy is Karnataka’s minister for tourism and infrastructure and Gali was a strong ally of YS Rajashekar Reddy.
Source: Internet News Portals

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christian Church is saving YS JaganMohan Reddy from Sonia's ire .

International christian community pressurising Sonia Gandhi
from taking action against YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

కడప MP, YS JaganMohan Reddy  ఫై సోనియా గాంధీ చర్య తీస్కోవడానికి జన్కుతున్నాటు తెలుస్తునది . YS జగన్ కుటుంబానికి అంతర్జాతీయ క్రిస్టియన్ సంస్థలతో సన్నిహీత సంబందాలు ఆయనకు అంతర్జాతీయ మద్దతు కూదతేస్కొవదనికి తోడ్పద్తున్నవి . జగన్ రాజకీయంగా ఎదిగి , అధికార పదవులో వుంటే రాష్ట్రంలో క్రైస్తావికరణకు పెద్ద అండగా ఉండగలరని భావించడమే దీనికి కారణం .

YS Rajashekar Reddy కాలంలో క్రైస్తవమత సంస్థలు విశృంక్కలంగా వ్యవహరించడం గమనార్హం . తిరుమల-తిరుపతి వంటి పవిత్ర హిందూ ప్రర్దానస్తలములలో సహితం క్రైస్తవ మతప్రచారానికి అప్పుడు పెద్ద ఎత్తున ప్రయత్నాలు జారిగాయ్.

జగన్ బావ బ్రదర్ అనిల్ కుమార్ క్రైస్తవమత ప్రచారమే వృత్తిగాగాలవారు . ఖమ్మం జిల్లలో వేలకోట్లు రూపాయలు విలువగల మూడు మండలాలో ఖనిజసంపదను బినామీ పేరు తో అతనికి YS.రాజశేకర్ రెడ్డి దారాదత్తం చేయడం నిరత్తంకంగా క్రైస్తవమత ప్రచారాలు కొనసాగించడానికేనని ప్రజలు భావించారు .

అంతర్జాతీయ క్రిస్టియన్ సంస్థల ప్రోతసాహంతో అమెరిక ప్రభుత్వం సహితం జగన్మోహన్ రెడ్డి రాజకీయంగా ఎదగాలని కోరుకుంటున్నట్లు తెలుస్తున్నది . రాజశేకర్ రెడ్డి మృతి అనంతరం సానుభూతి తెలపడానికి వచ్చిన సోనియాగాంధి కి ఈ విషయమై అమెరిక దవూతదకరి ఒకరు ఆమె కు సూచనా కూడా చేసినట్లు తెలుస్తునది .

courtesy : praveen

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gandhi Jayanti : RSS finds its love in Gandhi

Oh Duratma Gandhi !
You are a still an Hot Topic For a debate
People take sides debating over you
On blogs’s, forums and groups .
These days your charm is on RSS too
They lost their senses & started owning you
In the name of Soft Hindutva , RSS now
Became a symbol of treachery , by praising you .
Suddenly RSS found Villainous act
In Godse s tribute of eliminating you
Cowardly they condemn His patriotic act
to wash away the stigma of killing you.
You were so cunning and clever politician
That you saw the future Indian Rupee with your photo
And u spent your mind in making it happen
You time and again changed your actions
Only to establish Yourself as the sole leader of India
For this autocratic Hitler-ism We curse you !
Hey Duratma unlike cowardly RSS
Hindu youth are still against you
We never forget that ,You were the Villian
Because of whom my motherland got vivisected
You have pampered the Muslim thugs
And sow the seeds of partition
For this Oh Duratma Gandhi We curse You !