Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Tree , Environment & Hindu's .

Christmas Tree , Environment  &  Hindu's.
There are some Hindus who come out of shell to Text, write on FB/twitter wishing Christmas or Eid. No Problem, No harm in wishing their other coreligionists on their festival , but this same bunch of people are never seen wishing fellow Hindus on Dasara/Diwali . How shameless !! Jo Hindu hokar, Hinduon ka kuch nahi ho saka- woh christian ka, ya musalman ka kya hoga??  These English educated jokers are just exhibiting their slavery mentality & they are big burden on Hindu Samaj. This Garbage shud be sent to Recycle.
For Xmas decoration Lakhs of trees are cut . Where are Eco friendly Environ fighters who beat their chest at Ganesh Nimajan, saying water get polluted and cry to stop it. Are they blind now ?? Cant they see lakhs of trees are uprooted for Xmas. Oooopss i forgot moral lessons are only for Peace loving Hindus .

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mad race for 'Prime Minister' chair in Congress

Telecom 2G spectrum allotment , which has costed countrys exchequer to the tune of 1.70 Crores , has also rocked internal fight between Manmohan Singh , Pranab Mukharjee and Chidambaram. Every other minister is trying to corner his immediate competitor . There is a Mad race going on to dethrone MM Singh and occupy PM Chair . Sonia Gandhi , in turn wants to keep the PM Chair warm until her Prince Rahul Gandhi can take it over. But recent Bihar elections have  punctured Sonia’s dream of seeing Rahul baba in HOT chair , before the 2014 General Elections.

Though Telangana issue has taken much of my mind space these days , still Iam following 2G Spectrum fiasco very closely . Its not 2G scandal that amused me , but the dirty Politico-Corporate alliance .

  1.  Have you ever wonder why Radia tapes were released now and by whom ?
  2. Why leaks are aimed at corporate  biggies like TATA ?
  3.  Who exposed Adarsh Housing Scam , and at whom it is aimed at? 
  4. Why Digvijay Singh is issuing statements that can compromise Internal Security?
  5. Was recent  Varnasi small Bomb Blast part of larger game plan ??
  6. Does CBI has produced new teeth overnite, now that it is biting DMK, if so on whose behest?
  7. Is it true a Prime Ministrial candidate has encouraged YS Jagan to start new Party ?

Like wise there are hundreds of Q’s which are unanswered . Lemme try to ponder in detail on above Q’s for the sake of my readers .

Friends if you were a practical observer of national politics you mite see a hidden game by Sonia to kick out Manmohan Singh from PM chair , citing corruption or misrule or may be forced to quit showing his old age . There’s enough evidence to say MMSingh now has outgrown from Sonia’s shadow and is not ready to play second fiddle to her .  He may be forced to step down any moment by Sonia , sacking of Maharashtra CM Chavan on Adarsh Scam or cutting wings of Kalamdi over CWG Scam clearly indicates that Sonia Gandi wants MMSingh out of PM chair.

This understanding of things has led to MAD rat race between Pranab Mukherjee and Chidambaram . Each of them want to be in HOT chair and thus rattling to corner the other by leaking one scam after the other . The beauty is both Pranab & Chidambaram want MM Singh to be replaced , and in their hearts they knew ,Rahul Gandhi is not ready yet to ascend the chair. Which makes one of them as favorite.

Not to forget 2G Spectrum was first exposed by Pioneer Newspaper whose Editor is an BJP Rajya Sabha Member. Subramanya Swamy who is spearheading movement against 2G Spectrum scandal is close to BJP . Chandra Shekar Rajya Sabha MP who exposed Corporate biggie Ratan Tata is also an BJP associate member . MJ Akbar  Wud-be editor of India-Today magazine , who have just started firing salvos is rumored to be close to BJP . Wot I dont understand is how BJP is so involved in exposing scandals and who is supplying fodder to her???

So, let me do the anatomy of dirty power games being played by our Leaders.

Manmohan Singh : He is mute . Though he is  seated in HOT chair , he has no clue of whats happening in his Govt . Still , he wants to be in power . Unlike his two competitors he is naïve to dirty politics , so he is just a mute spectator , until he is kicked out. But for sure he knows that formula TINA( there is no alternative). Yep there is no TINA to Rahul Gandhi ascending chair , and until he is ready Sonia has to support him . She cant risk making Pranab or Chidambaram sit in PM chair. So he feels he is safe until year 2014 . To make water more messy his PMO is releasing secret Info on Pranab & Chidambaram scandals  to Subramanya Swamy and MJ Akbar.

Pranab Mukherjee: Old Jackal , knows all the tricks of the book. His “Secret Dream” is to be in PM Chair for Once in his life time. He knows Sonia’s mind that she is planning to replace MMSingh , and he felt he would be her natural choice . But heavens fell over him when he found out Chidambaram is in race .  So to keep him off the race he started targeting him . Pranab has cleverly exposed  Bank Housing Loan Scam , then Chidambaram was the Finance Minister and also nailed Sharad Pawar thru Food Scandal. Pawar is an votary of Chidambaram . Filed criminal cases against all Banking top shots who are said to be close to Chidambaram . Pranab dint even spared Chidambarams wife who is is an legal advisor to few of these Banks. He instigated his protégée Digvijay Singh to target Chidambaram on Internal Security . Watch Digvijays statement for last 2 years all are targeted at Chidambaram policies. Pranab wants Left parties support so he planed Mamata Banerji exit by not forming alliance in local body elections in Bengal . He put blame on Chidambaram for mishandling & supporting Telangana formation which has divide congress in AP. He said to have adviced YS Jagan to start new party , so that in future he gets his MPs to support him . He want another Sharad Pawar to be installed in form of YS Jagan in South India.

Chidambaram : Youngest . He knows that only by defaming Pranab , he can get into HOT chair . So, he leaked Radia tapes and made sure Ratan Tata come under scanner . Ratan Tata is an old friend of Pranab Mukherjee . He leaked Adarsh Defence Scam to put Pranab in Dock, as Pranab was former defence minister . Allowed raids on DMK , with whom he had long enmity. What concrete evidence this delayed raids will gather is an different matter . With exit of DMK he want some space of his own on his home Turf . To win over new friends like KCR , he convinced Sonia and hurriedly declared formation of Telangana state. To prove his Secular credentials and out smart Pranabs protégée Digvijay , he started nailing RSS-BJP by inventing an illusionary “Saffron Terror”. Both Pranab and Chidambaram are using RSS as punch bag to prove their Secularism.

Sonia Gandhi : Knows how to use her trump card . She knows of the MAD race in her party  for HOT chair . So , to nuke all the dirty plans and to keep HOT chair warm for her Prince Rahul , she may go for an mid term poll . She know public outrage against her UPA Govt is at its peak . MMSingh is not so submissive to her as he was earlier . To vaporize all these threats , snap poll is the only solution left for her .  To maker Prince sit on HOT chair , she knows RSS-BJP are the biggest immediate threat . To overcome and divert the attention of masses from corruption , she will encourage every sundry in her party to hit at RSS-BJP and plant the seeds of  illusionary  ‘Saffron –Terror’in the minds of Aam Admi .  This will push RSS-BJP in Defense and win over minority votes .

Aam Hindu : This Aam-Hindu is furious , he always is, as peaceful as Lord Shiva sitting in Yoga mudra with eyes closed . But, When someone pokes him ( as now Sonia poking Hindus with Saffron Terror) he gets furious and does a Tandav Nritya which will shake all the Tri-Loks and imagine what happens if Lord Shiva like Aam-Hindu opens his Third Eye ???  Snap polls may boomerang on Sonia Gandhi , coz Aam-Hindu is  furiously waiting to put  whole of corrupt Congress behind bars, lock it and throw away Keys in Indian Ocean .

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Woman's position in Islam - Harry Potter actress was 'beaten and branded a prostitute by her family after dating man who was not a Muslim'

Woman's position in Islam-

Harry Potter actress was 'beaten and branded a prostitute
by her family after dating man who was not a Muslim'

Subj: Woman's position in Islam
1. Quote: Harry Potter actress was 'beaten and branded a prostitute by her family after dating man who was not a Muslim'

Read more:

COMMENT: This is a perfect example of Islam's treatment of its women. This treatment has been part of Islam for 1400 years. Look into the face of Islam, and you are looking into the face of evil. Most Moslems accept the teachings of Islam, without questioning, but Islam's teachings are out & out bizarre & brutal. Islam is full of barbarism.

2. What was the crime of Harry Potter actress, Afshan Azad, a 22 year old Moslem girl ?
Answer: She dated a Hindu boy, a Kafir, and her Brother Ashraf & her Father Abdul Azad did not like it. They beat the tar out of her, and threatened to kill her.

Afshan fled through ther bed-room window, little did she realize that this was her window of opportunity, because her Brother & Father had threatened actually, to kill her.

4. Afshan stayed with friends in London, and reported to Police. But despite her harrowing experience, she would not voluntarily come to court. Strange but dumb. Islam tears into, not only the body but also into the soul of its victim. It is not only lethally-effective, but also psychologically-successful. It blocks the cognitive powers of the victim.

5. Islam's treatment of its women is pitiful & doleful. After Islam took over Arabia, the position of women became much worse. The old rituals & practices of Un-Civilized Bedouins, became the revealed commands of Allah.

In the world of today, the social position of Islamic women, is depressed. The source of this dejection & deprivation, is the depressed theological position of women in Islam. Women in Islam can neither receive any honor nor any justice, from Islamic Sharia law. Quran talks again & again, about man's unquestioned superiority over women. Under the compulsions & impulses of Islam's theology & its Sharia law, the fate of Islamic women is sealed.

Surinder Paul Attri
( Above comments are of Sri Surinder Paul Attri ,California, USA . He posted it on my Blog comments section , Iam just reproducing it)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Foxy Chandra Babu Naidu does it again

Foxy Chandra Babu Naidu Enacts Drama Again

 ఫై ఫోటో ను క్షుణ్ణంగా చూసినట్టయితే చంద్రబాబు దీక్ష యెంత నాటకమో అర్ధం అవుతది . 3 మెట్లు దిగడానికి వాటి ఫై దుది దిండ్లు వేయిన్చుకొన్నాడు , ఇనప మెట్ల ఫై తను కాలు మోపితే అవి కండి పోతాయి అనుకున్నాడో ఏమో . YS Rajashekar Reddy ఎలాంటి రాజకీయ   నాయకుడైన , రైతుల కొరకు మండే ఎండలో సైతం దాదాపు 1500 KM లు పాదయాత్ర చేసి వారి మన్నలను పొందాడు. కానీ ఈ నక్క బాబు 3 ఇనప మెట్ల ఫై కాలు మోపేందుకు దుది దిండ్లు వేయించుకున్నాడు . ఇక రైతు లు ఎలా నమ్ముతారు ఈ నక్క బాబు ను ???

ఈ రాష్ట్రంలో వరదలు వస్తు , వస్తు బురుధ ను తెచ్చాయి  . ఆ బురుద లో పందుల వలె పోట్లాడుకుంటున్నారు మన రాజకీయ  నాయకులు . పొటీ పడి మరి నిరహార దీక్ష లు చేస్తున్నారు . నక్క బాబు మాత్రం డ్రామా ను రక్తి కట్టించాడు , ఇక పిల్ల కాకి జగన్ వంతు వుంది. నలుగురు సీమంద్ర రైతులు చని పోయే సరికి ఇంత తెగిన్చుత్న్రు , కానీ  600 మంది తెలంగాణా విద్యార్దులు ఆత్మ బలిదానం చేసుకుంటే పలికరించాడని వీరికి నోరు రాలేదు .

Cunning Chanra Babu Babli Drama Click below link


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ignorant Seemandhraite compares Telangana to Kashmir Issue .

 Jai Telangana

 Ignorant Seemandhraite compares Telangana to Kashmir Issue .

Neharika Writes ....
1) తెలంగాణా వాదులు 50 సంవత్సరాలుగా తెలంగాణా ఇవ్వాలని కోరుకుంటున్నారు కాబట్టి ఇవ్వాల్సిందే అని వీరంటున్నారు, అయితే పాకిస్థాన్ కూడా కాశ్మీర్ ఇచ్చేయమని అడుగుతోంది కదా ఇచ్చేద్దామా? బిల్లు పెట్టేద్దామా? ఒకే దెబ్బకి... రెండు పిట్టలు ఏమంటారు?
2) రాజ్ కరసేవక్ గారు,
సరే ,మీ అభిప్రాయం ప్రకారం మనమూ పాకిస్థానీయులూ కూడా కలిసే ఉందాం .
3) It's shame on your part by celebrating sourya divas, we cannot able to build ramalayam with out the help of muslims. It's my chalenge.

My Take :
Look at the point 1) , its full of arrogance and stupidity . Seem-Andhraites minds are full of such poison and given a chance they keep hisssing at us . Unlike kashmir telangana people are not demanding to crave for a new independant country outside India . We Telanganites are just demanding to restore our state as it was before 1956 unification . Our demand for new state ( restoration of Old HYD state ) is our right , and our demand has legitimacy & it is very much gaurenteed under constitution of India . If legitimate demand of Telangana is anti-national , then what about 13 new states that were formed since 15 th aug 1947 ??? Doesn't their formation has legitimity ?? ?

మద్రాస్ ప్రెసిడెన్సి నుండి ఆంధ్ర ప్రత్యెక రాష్ట్రము అడిగినపుడు మీ ఆంధ్రులకు కాశ్మీర్ విష్యం గుర్తు రాలేదా ??? మీరు బాష పేరిట రాష్ట్రం అడిగి సాదించు కోవచ్చు కానీ తెలంగాణా వాలు అడుగుతీ మాత్రం మీకు మాత్రం మింగుడు పడదు .  మీ ప్రేమ సమైక్యంగా వుండడం ఫై కాదని కేవలం హైదరాబాద్ నగరం ఫై మాత్రమే అని ఎన్నో సార్లు నిరూపితమైంది .
Telangana comparision with kashmir is conceived by Seema-Andhra propaganda machinary . One can only sympathise with them for their understanding levels. Such schisms , they think will create a confusion among rank and file of Telangana . But it exposes their own stupidity and lack of understanding of Issue .

My Take on Point 2) , Thats been my dream to see Akhand Bharat and i want to happen it during my life time . Lemme witness History unfolding by erasing word Pakistan from World Map and merge with Bharath Varsh to form Akhand Bharat .The Land of Panini & Luv-Kush , the land where Holy river Sindhu(Indus) flows on whose banks Hindu holy texts "Vedas" were composed is ours and shud be part of Bharath Varsh .

My Take on Point 3) , Neeharika ,Let me be nice to you by not talking of your shameless slavery mindset . Tell me how was Somnath temple was built , with help of legislation or with the help of Muslims???
PS:  Earlier I had similar discussion over Telangana with another Andhraite, check this link


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Telangana 'Bhagath Singh' Sri Narayan Rao Pawar passes away

Telangana Hero, Arya Samaj activist  Sri Naryan Rao Pawar is no more.

The Bhagat Singh of Telangana Liberation Struggle, an Arya Samaj activist, Sri Narayan Rao Pawar, Who threw Bomb on fanatic Nizam convoy has passed away last nite . He was of 84 years. He came into limelite when he dared the Nizam Army and threw bomb at Nizam's car. Nizam escaped from the attempt , eventually Sri Narayan pawar was arrested and sentenced to Death. He was released when Nizam was dethroned and HYD state merged with India.

చుట్టూ ముట్టు సూర్యాపేట .... నట్ట నడుమ నల్గొండ .... నీవు వెళ్ళేది హైదరాబాదు .... దాని పక్కన గోల్కొండ .... గోల్కొండ ఖిల్లా కింద .... నీ ఘోరీ  కడ్తం కొడుకో నైజం సర్కరోడా... 

అంటూ గలమేట్టి పాడడమే కాదు నైజం అంటూ చూడాలని అనుకున్నాడు ఒక్క యువకుడు

(హిందువుల పై)  నైజం నిరంకుశ పాలనకు వ్యతిరేకంగా ... ప్రతి గుండె గర్జిస్తున్న సమయం అది.... 

చుట్టూ వేలాది పోలీసు బలగాలు ...  ఆ ఫై ముస్లిం రాజకారుల రక్షణ కవచం .... నైజం వద్ద కు వెళ్ళడమంటే ప్రాణాలు ఫై అసలు వాడులుకోవలిసిందే . అయినాసరే  , ఆ యువకుడు తన ప్రాణాలను కూడా లెక్క చేయలేదు . ఏకంగా నైజం ను అంతమొందిచడమే లక్ష్యంగా పెట్టుకున్నాడు . ఆర్య సమాజ్ కార్యకర్త అయిన నారాయణ్ రావు పవర్ ...ఏకంగా నైజం కారు ఫై బాంబు విసిరాడు . ఆ ప్రయత్నం ఫలించక పొగ మిత్రులో తో సహా పోలీసు లకు దొరికిపోయాడు .పోలీసుల కర్కశత్వానికి భారించాడే తప్ప... క్షమాపణ  కోరలేదు . ఊరి శిక్ష కూడా భయపడ లేదు.

అతనీ నారాయణ్ రావు పవర్ ..... డిసెంబర్ 7 , 1947 .... కింగ్ కోటి లోని నైజం రెసిడెన్సి వద్దక నారాయణ్ రావు అతని మిత్రులు చేరుకున్నారు . కింగ్ కోటి నుంచి నైజం ఉస్మాన్ అలీ ఖాన్ మక్కా మస్జిద్ కు వెళ్ళీ దారిలో మత్తు వేసారు .   నైజం కారు దగ్గరకు రా గానే , నరాన్ రావు పోలీసులను తోసేసి నైజం కారు ఫై బాంబు విసిరాడు .కానీ అది కారు ముందు బాగానికి తాకి పెలిపొఏన్ది . మరో బాంబు వేసేలోపల పోలీసులు పట్టుకున్నారు . తన వెంట తెచుకున్న సైనైడ్(విషం ) మింగే అవకాశం లేకుండా పోయింది .

ఆ తరువాత స్థానిక కోర్టు లో వంగ్ములమిస్తూ "" నైజం దేశ ద్రోహి , ఏంటో మందిని పొట్టన పెట్టుకున్నాడు "" అని గర్జించినాడు . శరరిక మరణాన్ని అన్గికరిస్తం , కానీ రాజకీయ మరణాన్ని అన్గికరంచం అని వాదించినాడు . కోర్టు అతనికి ఊరి శిక్ష ను ఖాయం చేసింది , వందేమాతరం  ... భారత మాట కు జై అంటూ నినదించినాడు .ఊరి శిక్ష అమలు జరుపలోపే ఇండియన్ మిలిటరి ముందు నైజం తలవంచక తప్ప లేదు . హైదరాబాద్ రాష్ట్రం బానిస సంకెలను తెంచుకొని ...భారత దేశం లో విలీనం అయింది . ఆ వేణు వెంటే నరన రావు పవర్ జైళ్ళు నుండి విముక్తి పొదినాడు . అట్టి ఆ తెలంగాణా వీరుడు నిన్న అమరుడైనాడు . 

ఈనాడు సౌజన్యం 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Islamic terror stikes Hindu temple in Kasi , One Hindu dead.

 Muslim Terrorists attack Hindu Temple in Varanasi.
After a Longgggggg break , Bomb Blast Festival Season is back in India under Congress rule. One Dead, 25 injured in Bomb blast outside Hindu Temple in Kasi, Courtesy Islamic Jehadis . Die Hindus Die , You deserve it . You voted for these rulers , now you have no right to complain , Just simply DIE or go invisible .
As Islam has let loose itself with terror , our Home Minister is busy inventing an illusion  of non-existent 'Saffron Terror'  . Our 'Singh is King' Prime Minister is an Blind King, just like epic Mahabharata's Drutharashtra . As usual he will appeal for peace and harmony and go invisible untill another blast happens somewhere in India.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hindu's celebrate December 6th as Ayodhya "Shourya Diwas" !!!

 December 6th Ayodhya "Vijay Diwas"!!!

Today December 6th of 1992 in Ayodhya , By demolishing the shameful Babri Structure , We Karsewak’s have reclaimed our rightful Holy place, Sri Ram Janma Bhoomi . Since then December 6th is celebrated as Vijay/Shourya Diwas by Hindu’s all over the Globe. Still, many holy places of Hindu Gods & Goddess’s , wait the liberation from plundering that Islam has caused in its bloody history. Do you wish to see our Holy places rebuilt once again to the glory they once were ? If so, then support the Hindutva movement to help reclaim our Holy places . With the spirit of December 6 1992 , letz march together for re-establishing of Bharath Varsh as Vishwa Guru .

This is matter of the strength of out faith, show the world of the power of Hindu Dharma. Hindu Dharma is in need of protection from Islamic Jihad Terrorists & Christian Conversions. Join the Hindutva movements and find the solutions how to stop Islamic attacks on Hindu Dharma and how you can help in fight for formation of Hindhu Rashtra.

Our Hindu Dharma has been Insulted by Muslim Jehadis and Christian Crusaders , our temples desecrated , Hindu God Idols trampled under Islamic & Crusaders bloody feet and Hindu people were murdered by these aggressors in the past and now as well . Time has come to rise and fight these Muslim Jihadis and Christian Crusaders so that past mistakes are not repeated against our coming generations . Hindus believe in unity , together we can make a difference and work towards formation of our “Hindudom”.