Monday, July 5, 2010

My replies to RSS Andhra Joker over posting of Telangana info on FB

I worked for RSS parivar since my childhood , I am not sure if  Iam still one of them . But I had enough of reasons to believe that they have abounded me mid way . Since then neither of us acknowledge our past association . No matter what my association with Sangh , but I still believe in Hindutva more than any Swayam sewak does . My fight for Hindu Rashtra , My loaylty towards Bhagwa Dwaj , My dream of seeing Telangana State has not and will not change . My commitment towards establishing Hindu Rashtra and formation of Telangana state are like Himalayan Mountain and no Hurricane can change its roots.  RSS itself supported the formation of Telangana state , moreover RSS by now has decided its AP-State Unit into Two states Viz Paschim AP and Purva AP . Still this Joker has a problem wit Tstate .

These days one of RSS Andhra Joker "Ravi Shankar Chavali' native of Tenali has been indifferent to me for my support to Telangana state . I assume him to be the Moderator of "RSS Samparkh Vibagh Andhrapradesh" on Facebook . For long time I been a practical observer on their wall of an Andhra website propogating commercially . No one took objection to it . Hence I decided to spread the message of an Telangana website . This has annoyed this RSS Andhra Joker and he sent me Msg saying to stop posting HATE messages . I wondered and tried to reason with him how come a 50 yr old demand which has support of 4 crore native telanganites for  a seperate state can be HATE propoganda .

Like their masters  Andhra Joker and coward escaped from the debate and gagged my voice . Not stopping at it , he created fake ID's on Youtube and other sites same day and started using choicest abuses that includes abuses against  family . This is the Sanskar of these days Swayamsewaks . They have no guts to fight but hide in their drawing rooms and abuse other'sand still claim credit of worshiping Bharat Mata religiously .

Perhaps this  Andhra Joker 'Ravi Shankar Chavali ' might not know me well , but his masters certainly do . With this I wanna convey him that I am not submitting my head down to threats and filthy abuses . lemme tell him , when I was in college I was targeted by Radicals/.Naxalites , they put up posters all over the college threatening to kill me and issued the same threat thru Media too . But I stood in the campus and challenged them till the last day of study in the college . If  I can face Naxalite threat with brave heart , will I kneel down before these Andhra Chaddiwala Jokers ???? Never . Never . Never .

RSS Andhraite jokers from "Samparkh Vibagh RSS Andhrapradesh" has just banned me on its FB. Wot else can these Chaddiwala's do?? My resolve to fight for Telangana now has doubled. This Andhra RSS guy 'Ravi Shankar Chavali' who has no balls to fight openly has created fake ID's and spreading abuses & threats against me all over NET. Like his masters this joker is hiding behind the Computer and posting abuses. Wot a Jerk !!
He and his other  chaddiwala's have taken my posts from my blog on Telangana and are extensively posting on Samikya Andhra FB Wall. They demand i shud be punished and calls me a Murderer , and spreading false info abt me that i have murdered several Andhra people LOLLLLLL. I wonder till now did any Telanganite killed one Andhra guy ?? May  be now we shud start thinking about it too ....... check this wall!/group.php?gid=67428258522&v=wall
This Guy lives in Telangana(HYD) but hates every bit of Telangana. Asked me to stop posting T-content on RSS wall, which ...I declined. Here I'am posting his comments in "///// " , My replies as "***"

Read the Jugalbandi below

///this is to request u to keep away from posting the hate messages or of regional differences from RSS FB///

*** If demand for Telangana is hate then SarasangChalak who openly supported Telanagana in his last HYD visit is also an hate monger ??? Demand for separate state is HATE then unification is also hate . You are ready for some fake profiles to propagate commercial websites on ur wall but not an legitimate public voice . The problem is in your birth roots , u are not able to digest anything called Telangana .

///I only said if that andhrawisesh guys raise this kind of topics i will remove them immediately. I did not do the same with you so far despite u r raising this topic repeatedly and in your notes there is hatred while comparing various things. Still i did not remove them so far.///

*** Commercial propoganda by any website is OK with you , no matter if that websites carry any kind of objectionable content . You will allow it coz ur Tenali roots prides with the name of the title of that particular (Andhra) website . But if my T-demand raises some Q's of injustice done to my ppl by my so called Bro's of seemsandhra you start questioning my Hindu integrity .

///I demand the apology for bringing sarsanghachalakji into this discussion.///

*** Is Sarchanghchalak beyond comparison, is he a neo-demi God ??? wots wrong if i quote his sayings on Telangana and on smaller states ?? You seems to be hyper sensitive and ur demand for an apology makes me laugh . Grow Up kid .

///I do not think u r a swayamsevak at all with the way u behaved in ur last message.///

*** Define wot is the meaning of Swayamsevak ?? I’am what I’am . I dont have to take shelter of any Org to call myself an noble activist .

/// since I did not see u anywhere in reality. people do not know who u are in real. ///

*** Oh wot u think , I'am a Phanthom ??? So wot ever is not visible to you is a fake .

///Why don't u talk about the atrocities done by Nizam's razakars in Telangana. ///

*** I think u just woke up from slumber and hearing Telangana for first time , I do talk about Razakars , where ever necessary . Now we are in middle of war with Andhra Plutocrats . So we dont want to open more war posts . That wud be a bad war strategy. And do I need to remind that the same Nizam has given world famoust structures like Faluknuma , High Court , Assembly , Kachiguda,Nampally rail stations, Niloufer , osm hospitals ...etc/// and all the ponds and rivers which are lifeline for drinking water . Wot did we get in Andhra regime ???

///Join us in our movement in celebrating Telangana Vimochana Divas and educating our people who were driven by fascist TRS for the sake of petty needs of theirs.///

*** Thanks for the invitation , but i will celebrate it in my own way . Oh did u said Fascist TRS, but Bro i grew up ppl talking RSS as fascist ??? which one is true ??

///In this whole process those Telangana Leaders became crore patis and are bowing in front of Nizam's Grave for the sake of those Razakar Votes.///

*** What did ur HAJpayee and JinnahVani( ADVANI) do at Ajmer Dargah ??? Arent they Pracharaks once , BTW whose grave were they licking and wot for ???

///Where were these Telangana leaders and u (who show of karsevak in ur fake name) when thousands of our Telangana Hindus are being subjected to torture by Muslim mobs in old city. We were there to fight against them. I did not find u anywhere at that time. ///

***Atleast your Pranta Karyavaha know what I did on streets . But I wud defi like to know if ever u braved ur heart on streets or you just hide behind the computer and send threatening mails .

///Showing of shivaji in ur blog does make any difference in the real world, can u tell me what was ur contribution when thousands of our brothers and sisters living in fear all those days due to Razakar MIM mobs.//

*** Why do u xpect me to do those things which u like to do ??? I'am an freelancer activist . I hv my own way of doing it . I laugh at ur understanding levels when u xpect me to write all the street-smart things on an public forum.

///we don't need preachers who hate the work Andhra itself. ///

* We too dont want Andhra Pigs and their piglets in Telangana .In case u oppse T-State then Go to ur Andhra Piggery along with ur piglets . Quit Teangana.

You talk of ethics , lemme refresh ur memory . knowing ur Andhra cunningness you have been thrown out of Madras state in 1955/56 . You begged to stay with us in the name one language . we agreed but u looted our Jobs , Water , lands and wot not . Knowing ur FOXY nature even Seema ppl dont want to stay with u in case of seperation . In one word U andhraites have no ethics and none (T & Seema) want to stay with u . Wot a Shame .

///We made clear of our objectives, we really do not have anytime for this idiotic crap. ///

*This is a classic example of how Andhraites divert and escape when challenged upon . Neither I have anytime for those who talk big and just wave broomsticks (danda) in air and think they did big and saved Hindu Dharma.

///if u know any officer of my organization well then go to his discuss all these.A person afraid to come out openly with his own name and keeps a fake name, teaching us lessons?///

* I will when need comes . FYI- I did it with ur Pranta Karyavaha and dozens of ur Zilla/Vibagh Pracharaks may be over hundred of times . Why dont you call ur Pranta Karyavaha and find out how much of me is fake . He is just a phone call away , in case u need his cell # i can supply you.

///Oh TRS is a democratic organisation of KCR whims?///
* Yep, As democratic as RSS . BTW Mohanji Bhagawat was democratically elected sarsanghchalak or nominated by Sudarshanji  @ Nagpur??

/// Mentioning one of our officer as an alibi for ur work while abusing the head of our organization, Awesome?///

* I repeat Sarchangchalak is not beyond any criticism .Coz of such senseless talk and escapism , number of "shaka's" are shrinking (Check ur nagar,Vibagh ,Pranta reports ).

  //// are his Comments

*** are my replies to him



HANUMAN said...

emanna ... emi katha emi nadustundi. garam garam meeda vunnadi reply. i am nagaraju from karimnagar-metpalli.
ga enduvondanollatoni neekempane nee lekkana nuv raaasukunta voka. emo gaallani mungateskunnav. "voodu gaaladi peereel levvay" gaalla sangati atunchi assal sangati joodu. naaku delsi oka super blag anna needi - telangana meeda mee kamitment naku baaga nacchindi. aou tappemunnadi atu RSS la vuntaru itu TELANGANA antaru. vaadevade chaavalo geevalo antivi vaadu antaleda.kuddu aalla peddamanishe jeppindu gaade memu sumukhame ani...!
geella mucchatende. naa kodukulaku saata gaadu ainonni oraru. fikar jesedi ledu. nee ittam neeku dosina reetila votav gani gaallaku dosina reetila bovaala...
GO HEAD.maake kirikiri...sooskundam.
vuntanna...JAI TELANGANA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Raj Krsewak,
After reading this post i agree you are not afraid of anything, and live like lion chattrapeti shivaji. Man you really remind me of Great Maharah Shivaji. i wanted to join u hand in hand for seperate telangana. Please can you give me your contact information??

-- Amit

Anonymous said...

well said raj ... when will these RSS fools will understand that ppl fighting for telangana ar also Hindus ? i all these days thought RSS was for entire Hindus .

Anonymous said...

Raj, i was following ur blog for quite some time. But i feel sometimes u become mad at what? ur self? at ur attitude?

Do u have any personal problems? See let us know of such things. we will definitely. But u should not be bent on writing this kind of things on the blog.

See many of my friends want to convey our feelings to u with our real names. But we are really feel bad that you would use vulgar language to hit back on us.

despite we share the same feelings about telangana still we do not treat our andhra brethern with the kind of language u used here.

May be some people are talking against us but not all. As hindus we should be ready for many other challanges as u also know instead of fighting against each other.

u should be more matured in ur writings, this is my sincere advise

Anonymous said...

Idiot raj, why am calling u this way, despite u have good ability, u are misusing it for ur petty selfish reasons.

This blog could have been a very good one but for ur idiotic crap.

be a grown up person and stop being a kid

Anonymous said...

great, now u start showing ur true colors, last time despite being wrong on ur part, u got away mentioning ur friend ship with left right and centre, u are abusing sangh and still u claim, ur self swayamsevak.

raj, we don't need swayamsevaks like u. u r a blog on swayamsevaks if u claim to be one.

better u never do it again

Anonymous said...

Raj, u are really a stupid guy to be raising this kind of topic on ur own blog.

U once again proved that u cannot stand to the argument in restrained manner. u don't have patience to be part of any group discussion.

shame on u man, try to be a man not a coward.

bunty yadav said...

bhayya mast cheppinava anna , gaa andhrodi izzat anta teesinav .ga bjp telangana ku support chestunadi kada mar gee rss valaku emi rogam ?

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

- Johnson

Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommend by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Raj Anna,,mee telanga makemi akkarledu i am from Andhra,,why ur scolding andhra ppl,,we have enough resouces to survive,,ask political bustards on this one,,,andhra joker means do u think we dont have lang to scold u???fuckinnn ur blog...indicate name praise ur region,,but don't scold us...naxals ante vallemi pai nunchi digi raledu,,vunde roju vuntam poye roju potham evadaina...valleki evarko nuvvu bayapadaledani andarni thittadam manchi pani kadu,,,

chidha@bala said...

Karsewak ji, demand of Telangana is a valid and genuine one, RSS and BJP fully backs the demand,you know very well ABVP's contribution to the Telangana struggle.If someone is having an individual opinion[who happens to be owner of an FB Group], the war of words should be at individual level,why to drag RSS and Swayamsevaks here?

I have seen only Jihadis/missionaries/commies and sickulars using the term "Chaddiwalahs" for RSS, As a staunch Hindutvadi, I dont expect you to use such slangs, nor i expect you attack RSS.Anyways, I am no one to advice you.As a Swayamsevak i felt saddened to see Hindutvadis fighting amongst themselves.I will contact you through chat and talk to you in detail regarding this.

Vande Mataram

chidha@bala said...

Karasewak ji, Demand for the state of Telanagana is a valid demand.We all understand the emotion behind Telangana struggle.You know very well that RSS completely backs the demand of Telangana, And BJP has taken a stand in favor of formation of Telangana state.I need not enlighten you about ABVP's contribution in Telangana struggle. Having said this, If an Individual is having an opinion against Telangana[who happens to be an adminstrator in FB] , the war of words should be limited to the topic of Telangana , pros and cons and it should be limited to individual level.Why to drag RSS and Swayamsevaks here, you are a Swayamsevak yourself!

I have seen only jihadis/missionaries/sickulars/commies and other anti hindus using the word "Chaddiwalah" for RSS.As a Swayamsevak i Felt saddened to see such fights between Hindutvadis.I did not expect you to use such words, nor i expected you to drag RSS and attack RSS in this futile discussion over FB.Anyways, I have immense respect for you as a Hindutvadi.I am no one to advice you, But i would like to see if such embarrassing attacks against RSS is avoided.I will talk to you in detail through G chat.

Jai Shri Ram

Jai Telangana

Vande Mataram