Friday, June 20, 2014

Indian NGOs foreign funding should be investigated.

There were 15,000 NGOs in India in 1993 getting some 2000 cr Rs. Today there are 42,000 NGOs getting some 1,35,000 crore rs!From 1993 to date NGOs have recieved some Rs  1,50,000 Cr. If they had spent it on Solar power plants and street lights , Indias environmental problems would have been solved. They did not do that. instead these funds have been wasted on agitations against Nuclear power plants and coal plants.

The citizens of Delhi and UP and so many states are sweating it out in the 47 degree heat. how will the fans function if the NGOs make it their buisness to see no nuclear or coal plants come up and they do not do any thing for renewable energy( wind , solar , geo- thermal, etc) with the money they get There is over 19,000 tons of Uranium in Shillong hills. These people have not let us take out a gram.We are forced to import the same from Australia. Environmentally its OK for Australia to mine and sell us Coal and uranium but we can not do so here. Thats what i call Hipocrasy.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bowl Of Happiness : Birdie, this water is for you

Youth For Seva Initiative.

Bowl Of Happiness Yet another social initiative by Youth-For-Seva ( Seva Bharati) . It was aimed to provide clean drinking water in urban areas to stray animals & birds in hot summer.

Have you ever wondered how stray animals/birds live in cities with out drinking water with no water bodies(ponds) available in the concrete jungle ?

Inspired by YFS initiative I too have started taking care of birds by feeding them grains and providing clean drinking water at my Home & Office terrace.

It gives immense happiness when birds come in flock and feast on grains . Just a glimpse of that entertains your mind and soul. I had put one such bowl filled with grains in my office lawn. I sprinkle grains on the floor so that more birds can eat . I do come in between to see the birds, squirrels sharing the same bowl. Was surprised at their Harmony. There's a lesson for Humans as how to share and live harmoniously.

Interesting thing was birds presence around the feeder has attracted other birds to come down. There were few birds who seems to be Non-vegetarians avoiding grains from the bowl but feeding on insects that hide in lawn grass. Since then I am wondering if Veganism & Non-Vegetarianism exist among birds too ??

Guyz I tell you its great entertainment seeing sparrows taking dip in water bowl to beat the summer heat , watching squirrels dancing (jumping) around the feeder, listening to birds tweeting in your lawn. This whole experience has made me think why go to places for bird watching, with these feeders and Bowls of happiness we can invite the birds to our place.

Thank You Youth-For-Seva (Seva Bharati) for showing me the way.