Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shubh Deepavali : How to perform Lakshmi Pooja ?

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Lakshmi Puja is an important ritual during Diwali or Deepavali. There were numerous queries on how to do Lakshmi Puja at home? There is no straightforward answer to this question as the ritual varies from region to region. But here is a simple guide to perform Lakshmi Puja during Diwali.

First and foremost step is to clean the house. Through the puja we are inviting Goddess Lakshmi to our house and she likes everything to be neat and clean. In some communities, even the broom is worshipped on the Lakshmi Puja day. This symbolically represents the need for cleanliness.

Three forms of Shakti – Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswathi and Goddess Durga –Lord Ganesh and Lord Kubera are worshipped on the day. No puja is performed without paying customary tributes to Lord Ganesha. Lord Kubera, represents wealth, and he is the treasurer of Gods. In homes, usually the locker or safe in which gold and cash is kept symbolically represents the seat of Kubera.
How to Perform Lakshmi Pooja?
Important Items Needed For Lakshmi Puja
  • KalashMango leaves
  • Idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi
  • Milk, curd, Honey
  • GheePuffed rice
  • Usual puja Sweets
  • Coriander seedsCumin seeds And
  • Other daily puja items
Lakshmi Puja Process
  • First decide on a place to perform the puja.
  • Spread a clean cloth and create a bed of rice.
  • A Kalash (pot) is placed on the bed of rice.
  • Fill about 75% of the Kalash with water.
  • Put a betel nut, flower, a clean coin, and some rice in the Kalash.
  • Now arrange mango leaves around the opening of the Kalash.
  • Place a Thaali (a small plain plate) on the Kalash.
  • On the Thaali, draw a lotus with turmeric powder and place the idol or small photograph of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Place some coins on the Thaali.
  • On the right of Kalash, place the idol of Lord Ganesha.
  • If you need, you can also place the idols of Saraswathi and your favorite deities.
Create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. The best way is to close the eyes and meditate on ‘om.’
  • Take some water and sprinkle on all puja items to purify them.
  • Do puja with haldi, kumkum and flowers on the Kalash.
  • Light a lamp.
  • Now take some flower and rice in the hands and close the eyes and meditate on Goddess Lakshmi. You are now invoking Goddess Lakshmi. If you know mantras, recite them. Otherwise just simply meditate on Goddess Lakshmi. Here is a simple Sanskrit mantra dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi.


Namosthesthu Maha Maye,

Shree padee, sura poojithe,

Shanka, Chakra, Gadha hasthe,

Maha Lakshmi Namosthuthe.


  • Now sprinkle the flowers and rice on the idol of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Take out the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and place it on a Thaali. Clean the idol with water, then with milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. Then clean the idol again with water.
  • Place the idol back on the Kalash.
  • Now offer garlands made of marigolds or leaves of bel tree, sandalwood paste, kumkum and other daily puja items including lighting incense and agarbhatis.
  • Now make offerings of coconut, fruits, sweets, betel nuts and betel leaves.
  • Next make offerings of Batasha sweets, puffed rice, coriander and cumin seeds.
  • Lastly, perform a silent Arati for Goddess Lakshmi. And meditate on Goddess Lakshmi.
    Take some of the ‘prasad’ (that will stay for long period of time) and place it at the place where ornaments and cash is usually kept.


Business people also worship the account books on this day along with Goddess Lakshmi.
This is only a guideline. You can show flexibility in the puja process. Some of the items needed might not be readily available. But you can keep the house and surrounding clean. Finally, if you can’t perform the puja, wherever you are simply mediate on Goddess Lakshmi.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chandrayaan-1 : India's trip to Moon

Chalo Dildaar chalo...Chand Ke Paar Chalo !!!
My heartiest congratulations to the team behind successful launching of India's first unmanned moon spacecraft Chandrayaan-1. Its really great moment for Indians that they have successfully launched a spacecraft to moon. Now we all Indians are desperately waiting for another moment when Indian tricolor will be flagged by an Indian astronaut on the surface of moon , With the success of Chandrayaan Iam sure this will happen in the near future .

Glad to hear this cheerful news in the midst of other depressing news like Arundati ,Amar Singh demanding enquiry over Delhi Jamia encounter and Raj Thakerays anti-North rhetoric. And our media is totally pre-occupied with Raj Thakerays theatrical antics . What the media need is all the Sound bytes and ever increasing TRP’s, rather than reporting some positive News.

While sharing Chandrayaan success with one of my friend , he told me of reports that Pakistan too is thinking about sending an un-manned Space Craft on to Moon. No Surprises , Pakistan always copies us . In a way, we have good follower in our neighbourhood. The same friend raked up an issue saying that all the scientists at ISRO are from ordinary Engineering colleges none are from Premier IITs and further took the argument saying these IITians prefer NASA rather than ISRO. And all the subsidy’s we give to IIT’s shud be withdrawn as it is wasting the money on these Brain Drainers. I don’t agree with his argument, Indians always believed in our ancient mantra of “ Vasudaika Kutumbakam” , whole world is my family. Indians always believed in sharing the knowledge for Human Development. Thus ,I feels it makes no difference if IITians are working for ISRO or NASA as long as they work for Human Development. Having said that , I wud be the happiest, if our IITians stay/come back and help Indian Technology to thrive.

Here one shud remember that Chandrayaan project was cleared during Atal Bihari Vajpayee regime . Talking of politicians, may be Amar Singh ,Mulayam, Arundati Roy may feel that India has offended Crores of Muslim religious sentiment by taking an Spacecraft on to their (muslims) ‘Holy Chand’ , may also further threaten to withdraw support to UPA govt, if an enquiry commission on Chanrayan is not constituted. How about sending these Amarsinghs,Mulayams, Arundatis on to moon with one way ticket and No Comebacks !!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From Singur with Love, Nano zooms into NaMo's Gujarat

Finally Nano Zoomed into NaMo’s Gujarat, as it was hounded out from Commie State . Thanks Dear Modi for saving India's pride in developing lowest cost car. Every Non partisan Indian would always cheer NaMo for his flair & zeal for development. I believe that development is the only key, i repeat development is only key for 95% of Indian problems.

Good wishes to people of Gujarat and Narendra Modi for sending right message to Global Investors that Gujarat is indeed the place for investment. It is a great news on this Dussera/Diwali. We need Industrialists like Ratan Tata and Dynamic leaders like Narendra Modi ,then Industry, Money and Stock Market will follow the right path. As of now all right paths in India lead to Gujarat, as it ruled by the right Man.

Indian English Language media needs to rediscover that some basic facts about journalism and the value of truth and reliability. Gujarat rate of growth is higher despite the fact of Islamic Terrorist activities well supported by visible face of Jihadi’s like Rajdeep Sardesai, Teesta Setalwad and Javed Akhtar working through freedom of speech, human rights and minority rights creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for Jihadis , which was effectively controlled by NaMo in Gujarat, this in turn is attracting Business Men across the country

Nano is gone from Leftists West Bengal , this will prove good for TATA in longer run , with strikes, bandhs , rally almost everyday, except on Durga Pujas , these Leftist’s would not have let them work there in Bengal. For the same reason many Industries have quit Bengal ,its entire Hosiery Industry shifted to one or other state and others who left in recent past are Philips , Bata , Dunlop, Jessop, ICI , Reckitt and Koleman , GSK, and the list is unending.

Dogs if standing near Grass , will neither eat it , nor will allow cow to eat it peacefully , by continuous barking . Mamata Banerjee is one such Dog , she tried to outsmart the Communists in their own game . She won the game , but Bengal lost its face. Commies are always known for their autocratic facism , had they used it on Mamata , Nano project cud have been rolling by now with pride in Singur . The fact is that Buddadev never has behaved like a Communist , he should have put Mamata into a Labour camp where she got to clean the toilets used by the Bihari’s.
Where is Laloo the joker who said that the train caught on fire by itself?? He has made Bihar from bad to worse. All he is good at is minority appeasement. Same is the case with Congress and leftists.

Sorry Kerala, I wish you had a Modi as your leader, you won't have to go to middle east and clean toilets.
Sorry Bihar, I wish you had Modi instead of Laloo’s and Paswan’s, you won't have to go to other states to pull a rikshaw.

Same goes to WB and other looser Congress/left states.

Hail Namo (Narendra Modi) .Genius like him can only change the Nation to a Prosperous one just like Gujarat. After all the hue and cry over riots , Gujarat still is a prospering state.
Namo should be the right candidate for the Prime Minister of India, if BJP comes to the power . He's the only leader who can talk tough with all the jokers (read CPI(m)) and brokers(read Congress losers).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 2nd : On Eve of Gandhi Jayanti

Hidden enemies are more dangerous than open enemies. Gandhiji was one such hidden enemy of Hindus. But he tried to be the saint , where infact he was pure political leader he did nothing but paralyzing the Hindus in the name of non violence. Gandhi is real blot in the history of India ,his charm of Non-Violence is laced with timidness and masked with treachery and this charm was over cast only on Hindus .

His Peace preaching’s among Hindus made them like Eunuchs and gave the all needed encouragement for the Muslim thugs. This eventually led to vivesection of our Motherland . He always fancied himself by always rushing and fasting to save muslims from Hindu retaliation but forgetting to save Hindus when they were first attacked. Gandhi is all within his born right to let himself killed , or see his relatives getting killed....But he has absolutely no right to ask any person of any religion to get killed .That akins to suicide.
Spiritual leaders dont do any fasting every time if their demands are not met. But Gandhiji did fasting everythime anything went against his wish .This is disgusting . If he was a saint which I doubt , infact if he was not then he should have never took part in active politics. Saints dont hold any position in politics, but they advise the leaders and guide the masses .
No man is greater than country but gandhi tried to be greater than our country by projecting himself as larger than life Image and as sole torch bearer of freedom movement . This is definetly kaliyuga where the sickest of vile like Gandhi are still adored and most honourable, brave , righteous like Subash Bose and Savarkar are mocked .

Gandhi as an Leader failed on every front ,infact as an freedom fighter he delayed our Independence . He made so many historical blunders like of supporting Khilafat movement , praising the killers of Swami Shradanand, Forcibly removing Netaji from his post as congress president and granting 55 crores to Pakistan that in turn proved to be costly in coming days .

His ‘saintliness’ was an mask — his political idea of clubbing religion and politics was a disaster for Hindu's . Unlike Sri Aurobindo, he never left politics to live as an Spirtual man , Gandhi was a politician to the core.
Oh Duratma Gandhi !
You are a still an Hot Topic
For a debate
People take sides debating over you
On blogs’s, forums and groups .

These days your charm is on RSS too
They lost their senses & started owning you
In the name of Soft Hindutva ,RSS now
Became a symbol of treachery , by praising you .

Suddenly RSS found Villainous act
In Godse s tribute of eliminating you
Cowardly they condemn His patriotic act
to wash away the stigma of killing you.

You were so cunning and clever politician
That you saw the future Indian Rupee with your photo
And u spent your mind in making it happen
You time and again changed your actions
Only to establish Yourself as the sole leader of India
For this autocratic Hitler-ism We curse you !

Hey Duratma unlike cowardly RSS
Hindu youth are still against you
We never forget that ,You were the Villian
Because of whom my motherland got vivisected
You have pampered the Muslim thugs
And sow the seeds of partition
For this Oh Duratma Gandhi We curse You !