Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seva-Bharati helping Scheduled Tribe students of Telangana .

Seva Bharati helping Scheduled Tribe students to find a livelihood. Seva Bharathi Nursing students get together meet in Hyderabad.

These students are from remote tribal villages of Khammam district, pursuing their nursing course at different colleges in Hyderabad like Appollo, Indo America, Gandhi and Osmaina. Seva Bharathi in association with Sri Narayana Rao of Vidya Mithra running this tribal youth empowerment seva project from past 4 years. Total 60 Tribal students getting benefited from 2011. Already 9 nursing trainees placed in multi specialty hospitals like Appollo, Indo America and Gandhi Hospital.

Dr. Murali Krishna, Arogya Bharathi.
He introduced the dignitaries to the students and vice versa. He explained how the project has been initiated and it's objectives & goals.

Sri Giridhar, IAS, Chairman,VUDA & Principal Secretary, MA & UD Dept,  Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
Sri Giridhar shared his experiences with Khammam tribals and the need of their development. Suggested these students to be role models for next generation as these are first generation students from their hamlets.

Sri Adinarayana, Personality development Trainer
He given better tips for how to improve personality and become success in life.

Dr. Praveen, Psychologist.
He told the importance of nursing in human life, basic requirements of nurses and stressed that emotional communication skills and service nature are more important for nurses.

 Sri Aekka Chandra Shekar, Social Worker, Dr. Gowda Janardhan, Seva Bharathi President and other members of Seva Bharathi participated in This event

Sunday, March 8, 2015

On Eve of Womens Day . కొమ్మ చెక్కితే బొమ్మ రా...కొలిచి మొక్కితే అమ్మ రా by Ande Sree

I'm not a great follower of Womens Day or any such days. But seeing few I know getting sentimental about "Womens Day" , I post this wonderful song కొమ్మ చెక్కితే బొమ్మ రా... కొలిచి మొక్కితే అమ్మ రా.Just focus on the Lyrics. Song is written by Ande Sri an Nandi Awardee resident of Warangal , Telangana.

There's an interesting story attached to this song "కొమ్మ చెక్కితే బొమ్మ రా...కొలిచి మొక్కితే అమ్మ రా " . My friend Lakshmana Chary once took Andey Sri to Medaram the holy shrine of great women warriors "Sammakka & Sarakka". Its an tribals holy shrine. Lakshmana Chary introduced Andey Sri to Tribal Woman Priest of the Temple and asked her to give Garland as blessing. Woman Chief Priest for some unknown reasons got miffed and she refused.

Both Chary & Ande Sri walked a distance and sat on floor. Knowing Andey Sri poetry skills Chary asked him to sing a song in honour of tribal deities , Ande Sri sang "కొమ్మ చెక్కితే బొమ్మ రా...కొలిచి మొక్కితే అమ్మ రా " . Iam told by Chary that he sang so emotionally that he felt the vibrations across the Medaram temple. The result is Woman Chief Priest who refused earlier , took out the Garland from main idol rushed to put it on Andey Sri and apologised.

Woman Chief Priest of tribal shrine who refused earlier was so moved to song that much against the ritual went on to bless Ande Sri by honouring him inside the sancta-sanctorum.

Brief Intro of Andey Sri : Andey Sri never went to school he is an illiterate yet writes beautiful poetry, Goddess Saraswati resides on his tongue. He is an orphan and a Dalit , his mother discarded him after his birth for unknown reasons.  Former president of Viswa-Hindu-Parishad (VHP) and Telugu Head Of Dept Osmania University Biruduraju Rama Raju of Madikonda village groomed Ande sri. Andey Sri considers himself a foster son of Mr Rama Raju.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Film : ENEMY & Gone Girl.

Watched "Gone Girl " & "Enemy" ... tell me if you understood the climax. Slow but watchable . Both are thrillers. For sure the climax will keep troubling you for days to come.

"Enemy" is a must watch film , its very hard to keep the track of the events , wonderful psycho-thriller which will keep you engrossed, but at the same times confuse you. It narrates about male psychology and his never ending amatory relationships. Due to his uncontrollable libidinous nature he creates a Enemy.

I bet , if any one of you can narrate the climax of the film. ENEMY is one such psychological thriller which does not answer anything even in the end . It raises more questions in the last scene of the film. Enemy is one and only film whose storyline can be interpreted in 10 different ways. At times you feel as if its an art film with Zero commercial element.

Note : Very slow film , Pl dont Fast-Forward while watching. Hardcore Telugu/Hindi films "First Day - First Show" goers, stay away , this film is not for you.

Prize : If any of you narrates the story after watching the film , I'll give you a treat in HYD irani cafe with cutting-chai and osmania biscuits