Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Film : ENEMY & Gone Girl.

Watched "Gone Girl " & "Enemy" ... tell me if you understood the climax. Slow but watchable . Both are thrillers. For sure the climax will keep troubling you for days to come.

"Enemy" is a must watch film , its very hard to keep the track of the events , wonderful psycho-thriller which will keep you engrossed, but at the same times confuse you. It narrates about male psychology and his never ending amatory relationships. Due to his uncontrollable libidinous nature he creates a Enemy.

I bet , if any one of you can narrate the climax of the film. ENEMY is one such psychological thriller which does not answer anything even in the end . It raises more questions in the last scene of the film. Enemy is one and only film whose storyline can be interpreted in 10 different ways. At times you feel as if its an art film with Zero commercial element.

Note : Very slow film , Pl dont Fast-Forward while watching. Hardcore Telugu/Hindi films "First Day - First Show" goers, stay away , this film is not for you.

Prize : If any of you narrates the story after watching the film , I'll give you a treat in HYD irani cafe with cutting-chai and osmania biscuits

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