Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rahul Gandhi a College drop out just like his father

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On the education of Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi's post-school education is as follows:

St Stephens - one year, 1989-90
Harvard University - one year, 1990-91

The admission at St Stephens was not on the basis of merit, but on the sports quota. And the sports speciality - rifle shooting. So, one wonders the merit basis about admission to Harvard University.

His job in London? One says that he worked for a computer firm. Another says that he was an investment banker. Give the above education, one has to ask questions about competence in either. Of course, education alone is not a sufficient criteria, but it would be considered to be a necessary criteria. There are many who have not completed education, but have made a name for themselves in their chosen field. But this is something that cannot be said of Rahul Gandhi.

Do Rahul Gandhi's minders really think that they can get away with what they are trying to project? Another issue that arises is why does the media (Indian and foreign) are projecting Rahul Gandhi was what he is obviously not? And do they not have the necessary mechanism to investigate the education background? Either someone is lying to them or they are being told facts duly stretched. But then why is the media falling for it? Here are some reports on the subject.

Rahul is Mentally Slow /Retarded

People who interacted with Rahul Gandhi know this very well , he is mentally slow ! In contrast to Priyanka's assertiveness, one of her only two competitor's to the Gandhi mantle, her younger brother Rahul displays an awkwardness and the type of submissive behavior, which does not a leader make. In comparison to Priyanka's strong and colorful demeanor, Rahul looks like an insipid hanger on. Much of his lack of self-esteem can be attributed to the explosive secret that Rahul Gandhi is in fact mentally retarded. His mental handicap has been well hidden by the Gandhi family and the unconscionable press.

Rahul was in fact refused permission to some of Delhi's top institutions because of his mental handicap. A frustrated Gandhi family had then pulled strings at Harvard, where a quota of seats is always available for a price to the rich and famous. Since then Rahul was bundled off to the US and later UK much as his father Rajiv Gandhi had been packed off to Cambridge in the hopes that he would somehow muddle through an academic degree.

Rajiv of course never passed a single test at Cambridge and instead of bringing home a degree came back with an equally illiterate Catholic au pair of Italian extraction as his wife. Following in his father's footsteps, Rahul too has come back without a degree to his name, and a fair skinned South American Catholic girlfriend on his arm.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Woman

Smt xxx has forward' me a poem where I found the below line
The woman came out of a man's rib.

My Take :
Hi Andi,
I cant agree with the message u have FWD to me that women is created from Man.It smells ABRAHMIC religious bigotism. The art of male female relationship is now spoilt and ruined totally by the argument that women came from the rib of man . And with such disease in mind, it will not be possible to understand the prowess of Woman. Woman has her own identity she is shakti she is Durga. Any quote belittling women must be a concoction .
Hey Durga come on to earth to behead these kaliyug Narakasuras who with chauvinistic mindset downlook the women by propagating absurd theory of saying women came from Mans rib.
"Kuputra Jayeta Kvachidapi Kumata na bhavati"
"A bad son maybe be born but there is no such thing as a bad mother"
- Adi Shankaracharya

"Matri devo bhava, Pitra devo bhava, Acharya devo bhava..."
"Mother is first god, then father, then guru...
The importance of mother in Hinduism reveals that women were regarded highly.
Many parts of the vedas were written by women. The wives of Gautama, Agstya, etc. all had wives who were their equals.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Flag For Hindu Defense

The new flag for the victory of Sanatana-Dharma

Here we see Hanuman ready for battle while standing in the golden rays of the sun. This design was revealed in two consecutive dreams a friend of mine had in which Hanuman explained that with this flag, he himself would appear to fight for the cause of Dharma for those who flew this flag.

Hanuman explained to him that many groups in India respect and fly the saffron flag, which is the best flag to use for heightening one's spiritual development, and for meditation and contemplation. But it is not the best flag to use for fighting the forces that threaten Sanatana-dharma. This Hanuman flag is the best one for that. After the dream my friend had, Mr. Rama Murti designed what we see here, and gave me a copy to use and circulate to others.

So everyone who follows the Dharma, and especially those who work to protect and defend it, should use and fly this flag. Put it in your home, on your websites, and anywhere else that suites you.

Also, remember that on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Arjuna bore the Hanuman flag on his chariot and was victorious over the forces that threatened Dharma.
So you can use the present flag as presented in this email, or if you prefer to use a larger file for a higher quality print, let me know and I will send it to you as an email attachment. Or if the flag does not appear in this email, email me and I will again send it to you.

Hari Om and Hari bol,

Stephen Knapp

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