Sunday, September 30, 2012

Andhra Police warns Telangana activists will be Fired upon if assemble in groups

Above Pix depicts a Banner tied up by Andhra Pradesh Police in Hyderabad warning Telangana activists who are planning to take out Rally today around 2PM at Necklace Rd. Andhra Police Banner warn Telangana Ppl that if they assemble in Groups in Hyderabad they face the risk of being FIRED upon by armed Police. Is this a Democratic Country ?? Even General Dyer infamous for Jalianwalla massacre had not put such Banners during the British Rule. Andhra Plutocrats wants to save their hegemony thru the Barrel of Gun. History tells, no Dictator ever lasted curbing the peoples voice by State Violence. If bullets @ Telangana Rally are fired upon , we are eager to take them on our Chest . Letz see how many bullets you have in your Armour . We have tolerated all Andhra nonsense till now , the day we revolt and pay back in same coin how many of Andhratards will see next sun rise ?? Just think over the consequences.
మా నీళ్ళు మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా భూమి
మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా బొగ్గు మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా ఉద్యోగాల్లు మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా స్వయం పాలన మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా తెలంగాణా మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?

ఒరేయ్ ఆంధ్రోడ , మేము చంపుడు మొదలు పెడితే, నీ బతుకు ఏందో ఆలోచించుకో .

Friday, September 14, 2012

Telangana agitation affecting Brand Hyderabad ??

The word ‘Brand’ which till recently was a marketing term wrapped in a systemic & conceptual framework, and spoken in the closed doors of high end marketing strategies and discussions by thorough bread marketing professionals , has now become a misnomer used by all & sundry. Thanks to clutter of mass media and disrespect to professional terminologies misused and abused by amateurs for causal and half-baked coffee table talk.

Now a days everything is a brand from Sharukh Khan to Slum Dog, from Hyderabad to Patna. The term has lost its original conceptual base.

Let me address this issue now - “How is Telangana agitation affecting Brand Hyderabad?” – First of all ‘Hyderabad’ is a 400 year old city which is home to over 8 million population and is dynamic, has culture, heritage, life style, spirit, food which are evolving and more than anything not just a ‘static product’ and surely not a ‘Brand’.
Branding is a marketing concept which creates identity to products and services through a systemic method through which differentiation is made possible and the consumer is enabled to make decisions by weighing options. Branding is a standardizing process, through which unpredictability is removed and reliability is enhanced to maximum.

Though it’s fashionable to talk of branding cities, how can you create the identity of a city with convenience sampling? How can you justify in deciding what should the core value to brand and what’s to be left out? How is anyone capable to create brand delivery no matter what? How can anyone create standard expectations in a myriad of offers in the city? How can anyone freeze time and protect the brand from the natural & not so natural disasters which occur in a dynamic system unlike a controlled system of Products / Services?

It’s absurd & juvenile to talk of a city to be a ‘Brand’. It’s an insult to the collage of cultures, fraternities, groups which make a city their home, there is no first amongst equals to highlight. If someone feels they can brand cities…they are actually in the business of ‘Fooling people’ with manipulative terminology, which they themselves don’t understand fully.

Considering for some time that there is ‘Brand Hyderabad’ - How would Telangana movement affect it? Of course it will, but how would you protect the brand is not by oppressing a people’s movement, that’s where the foolishness and shallowness of the self-styled marketing gurus & intellectuals is exposed. In a democracy, if you undermine people’s voice and protest in the name of ‘Negative Brand Impact’ then what about ‘Brand India’ doesn’t it take a beating? Doesn’t Brand India deteriorate in the eyes of the world as a democratic nation working to fulfill the peaceful demands of the people? Wouldn’t India be compared eventually to banana republics that have no respect to their citizen’s lives, their aspirations and emotions?

If one is so worried about Brand Hyderabad getting affected, they should be equally worried about Brand India getting affected, if you don’t respect peaceful people’s movements for justified causes in a democratic system.

‘Change is the only constant’ in the dynamic and ever evolving world we live in. If cities were real brands, they would get affected by everything, not just by people’s movements. What about Brand Egypt? What about Brand Syria? What about Brand Libiya? Impacted by the uprising, and not to mention recently the ‘Occupy Wall street’ protests’ across American cities and especially in Brand Chicago & Brand New York. 
I don’t think cities are brands, neither people are. It’s inhuman, insensitive and shallow to feel that people fighting for rights destroy a city. If we have not fought for rights in the earlier century, we first of all would not have this brand Hyderabad.

If people fight for their rights, they don’t derogate a city. If real estate prices of a city falls does not mean, it will go into a non-recovery mode. Those who are making hue and cry over the city being negatively impacted by the Telangana movement should possibly also address, what should be the solution? and who is responsible for this impasse? & what do we do, with those who are responsible for this indecisiveness? 
Cities grow, fall, fail, resurge and thrive along with the time & economic cycles. The entire Europe is in economic shambles today. Greece which was an epicentre of world hegemony by Alexander today is broke. The unipolar super power United States of America is in dire straits not because they have been hurt by people’s movements but as they did many things wrong and couldn’t get it right in time.

Excess consumerism and money mindedness has blinded this generation to see, measure and understand everything by numbers than feelings. So, long as one considers cities as brands, they would surely have very less time and regard to think of why are people fighting for what they are fighting.
Krishna Sagar

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12 year old Telangana kid challenge Police Inspector

Sampath, 12 year old Telangana Super Hero is from Warangal, an Orphan studying 7th standard at Govt school, lives at Hyderabad Uppal Mahankali Temple . He heard about Telangana MLAs being arrested by Seemandhra Police and kept them at Bollaram Police Station in Hyderabad. Kid thought of meeting arrested MLAs to extend his support to fellow Telanangana activists . He visited Bollaram Police Station, seeing kid talking to arrested MLAs , Police Inspector asked why he is at Police Station ? 12 yr old Sampath replied that he came to extend his solidarity to arrested MLAs . Surprised at his daring reply  Inspector passed on some casual,sarcastic comments on Telangana Sentiment . 12 year old boy cudnt digest the insults heaped at his Telangana region , thundered back at Inspector saying "Remove your Police dress and come , I'll show you what Telangana is" . The "Poru Bidda" was later appreciated by all for his daring act and for his commitment towards Telangana State. By the way Sampath is State President of "Telangana Bala Sangham" :)

This is the POWER of Telangana 'gadda' (Land), even a Hare will make wildest Hyenas flee. One can find Dozens of Sampath's in Telangana villages, these Kids are our Heroes .

Above incident has refreshed my memory about childhood story of Shaheed Bhagath Singh . Bhagat Singh was busy planting saplings in outfield. Not knowing what exactly he is doing , his father asks why are you playing in the mud. The boy replies ' Father Iam planting trees to Grow Guns in the field, I'll fight Britishers with those Guns' . The Boy grew to become the greatest Freedom fighter of Bharath Varsh.