Sunday, September 30, 2012

Andhra Police warns Telangana activists will be Fired upon if assemble in groups

Above Pix depicts a Banner tied up by Andhra Pradesh Police in Hyderabad warning Telangana activists who are planning to take out Rally today around 2PM at Necklace Rd. Andhra Police Banner warn Telangana Ppl that if they assemble in Groups in Hyderabad they face the risk of being FIRED upon by armed Police. Is this a Democratic Country ?? Even General Dyer infamous for Jalianwalla massacre had not put such Banners during the British Rule. Andhra Plutocrats wants to save their hegemony thru the Barrel of Gun. History tells, no Dictator ever lasted curbing the peoples voice by State Violence. If bullets @ Telangana Rally are fired upon , we are eager to take them on our Chest . Letz see how many bullets you have in your Armour . We have tolerated all Andhra nonsense till now , the day we revolt and pay back in same coin how many of Andhratards will see next sun rise ?? Just think over the consequences.
మా నీళ్ళు మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా భూమి
మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా బొగ్గు మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా ఉద్యోగాల్లు మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా స్వయం పాలన మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?
మా తెలంగాణా మాకు కావాలని అడిగితె చంపేస్తార?

ఒరేయ్ ఆంధ్రోడ , మేము చంపుడు మొదలు పెడితే, నీ బతుకు ఏందో ఆలోచించుకో .

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Sambhavi Sivakumar said...

bro y r u against andhra people. andhra people also want telangana y becas of telangana our land ratesincreased to 4 times .everybody in andhra sincearly support telangana except politicians.who are against telangana is congress and political leaders.dont post harsh comments against andhra people bro.we are like one mother children.if we fought between us the profit goes to others.anyway i like ur BLOG because u r very much support to hindhutwa. i appreciate u and hope u will post more supportful articles on hindus