Tuesday, September 4, 2012

12 year old Telangana kid challenge Police Inspector

Sampath, 12 year old Telangana Super Hero is from Warangal, an Orphan studying 7th standard at Govt school, lives at Hyderabad Uppal Mahankali Temple . He heard about Telangana MLAs being arrested by Seemandhra Police and kept them at Bollaram Police Station in Hyderabad. Kid thought of meeting arrested MLAs to extend his support to fellow Telanangana activists . He visited Bollaram Police Station, seeing kid talking to arrested MLAs , Police Inspector asked why he is at Police Station ? 12 yr old Sampath replied that he came to extend his solidarity to arrested MLAs . Surprised at his daring reply  Inspector passed on some casual,sarcastic comments on Telangana Sentiment . 12 year old boy cudnt digest the insults heaped at his Telangana region , thundered back at Inspector saying "Remove your Police dress and come , I'll show you what Telangana is" . The "Poru Bidda" was later appreciated by all for his daring act and for his commitment towards Telangana State. By the way Sampath is State President of "Telangana Bala Sangham" :)

This is the POWER of Telangana 'gadda' (Land), even a Hare will make wildest Hyenas flee. One can find Dozens of Sampath's in Telangana villages, these Kids are our Heroes .

Above incident has refreshed my memory about childhood story of Shaheed Bhagath Singh . Bhagat Singh was busy planting saplings in outfield. Not knowing what exactly he is doing , his father asks why are you playing in the mud. The boy replies ' Father Iam planting trees to Grow Guns in the field, I'll fight Britishers with those Guns' . The Boy grew to become the greatest Freedom fighter of Bharath Varsh.

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