Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deal is done between Sonia Gandhi and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The deal is set between Sonia Gandhi and A1Criminal YS Jagan. I was following Jagan court case closely. Last Week I noticed CBI gave petition to Court saying that Jagan shud not be let off as he can influence the Trial .

Most Important in the CBI petition was request for Jagan's "Custodial Trial" . If you have studied Law or have some knowledge how Indian Legal system functions then you wud know the importance of "Custodial Trial" . I am surprised that next day even Telugu Mass Media totally ignored the Word. perhaps Journalist didn't understood importance of the Word.

For all those who dont know that I joined LLB and  studied a Year , so I have little knowledge and a deeper Interest in Legal Study. moreover My Father did his LLB from Osmania University . So , its in my DNA too .

If CBI had sticked to "Custodial Trial" then Hon'ble Judge wud bee under Legal Pressure to grant the Custody of Jagan to CBI. If that had happened Jagan for sure wud not have got Bail atlest for next 1- 1 1/2 years. His Bail petition even in Supreme Court wud have been quashed .

CBI took Jharkhand Former Chief Minister Madhu Koda under "Custodial Trial" and investigated the Case . Thats the reason he was forced to stay in jail for more than 3 years. When i read the CBI petition now available online , I was sure that Congress has sealed the fate of YS Jagan and he wont see the Light for next 2-3 years.

Telugu Mass Media has conveniently ignored September 18 CBI petition in COurt against Jagan. Media took it granted that Jagan will not get Bail so it totally ignored the September 18 th proceedings of the case.

I followed September 18 th CBI arguments very keenly , it submitted a petition thru Public prosecutor K Surender saying that YS Jagan benefited enormously for the gratifications  made by then YSR Governmet to few Companies. CBI specially mentioned 10 Company names in the petition that includes , Dalmia Cement , Penna group , Nimmagadda Prasad , Auobindo , India Cement and few other companies. In its Petition CBI clearly mentioned the Amount against each of those 10 Company made investigation in Jagan Businesses . To my knowledge the total amount is quite near to Rs 1000 Crores.

The CBI which demanded "Custodial Trial" on September 18 has taken Volte-Face on September 23 . WHY ?? On September 13 CBI submitted MEMO ( not Petition) saying that the Investigation on Jagan case is complete and they could not establish that Jagan has benifitted in any way in 8 of 10 cases (mentioned above para) . This is nothing but making  mockery of Judiciary .

What exactly has happened in last 4 days ( between Sept 18 and Sept 23) that CBI is forced to take U-turn on jagan case. Why did it made fun of its own petition that was filed on Sept 18th ??? Why did CBI has allowed Junior lawyer to introduce the Memo , Why Senior CBI Counsel was absent the day Jagan got Bail ??

I feel its all about Election Politics. Sadhu yadav Meets Modi he gets IT Notice , Infosys Narayan Murthy ppraises Modi get IT Notice , Gen VK Singh share Dais with Modi gets falsely nailed in misusing of Army funds. if you understand Congress politicas its clear that Soni gandhi is shaken seeing TDp President Chandra babu Naidu shaking hands with BJP . If TDP & BJP come together sailing on Modi Wave there is a chance of complete Sweep of Telangana & Seemandhra . To arrest Modi Wave Jagan has been released to take care of Chandra Babu in Seemandhra region . KCR is readily avail to checkmate Modi Wave in Telangana region. 

This is the dangerous game Congress is playing to facilitate prince Rahul Gandhi coronation in 2014. An Financial Terrorist who is alleged to have looted Rs 1 lakh Crore public exchequer has been let loose on society to checkmate the opposition party's.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Does Kiran Kumar Reddy feel shame drawing his monthly salary ???

#Telangana formation can never be mowed down by State sponsored agitations.

For last 50 days Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has refrained from visiting Secretariat , the so called Head Quarters of State Govt. Since #Telangana State announcement he looks gloom and restrained himself to his residence and Camp Office. I wonder if Chief Minister who is abstaining from his duties for last 2 months feel any shame drawing his Monthly Salary ?? I doubt.

Sources say he is monitoring (encouraging) Samikyandhra agitations by all means. His partisan role in sponsoring Samikyandhra agitation has appalled one and all . He is so engrossed in siding with Seemandhra that he thundered inside the AP Assembly that he will not give 1 Re to Telangana region , do what may . He had forgotten that he took Oath on Indian Constitution that he will treat all Citizens equally and would not differentiate on basis of region , religion caste creed or sex. But he was so desperate that he exposed himself in the Assembly by spitting venom against telangana . Yet , few people expect us to remain united with such hypocrites .

Governor should have intervened then and declared Chief Minister as an Out Lawed person , who is not fit to perform Constitutional duty. Saddest thing is despite Kiran Kumar outrage against one sect of people he continues to head the State. Not stopping at spitting venom against Telangana , he now went a step ahead sponsoring the entire Samikyandhra agitation . Perhaps Samikyandhra agitation is first of its kind in Indian History which is run by the State Govt. Still Governor ESL Narsimhan an Constitutional Head , is mute spectator to all the violation of the present regime.

Refresh you memory , during peak TG agitation how Kiran Kumar has toured all the Telangana districts with Police protection . Why is he not fascinating himself to venture into Seemandhra ??? Why did he stopped Job recruitments ?? Why doesnt he go into public announcing new Govt schemes as he did during T-agitation ??? He then Challenged , provoked Telangana protesters , today he sit silent in his camp office. He will go down the History has most incompetent and most biased Chief Minister .

As an Chief Minister he was instrumental in giving permission to APNGOs meeting in Hyderabad . He made sure all went well for them , sources say all arrangement were closely monitored by CMO ( CM Office) . His Govt used services of almost 5000 Police men for the security of 20,000 APNGOs who attended the HYD meet . But the same State Govt failed to give protection to Lok Satta MLA Jayaprakash Narayana yatra in Seemandhra . JP was on record saying he stand for peaceful AP bifurcation . Perhaps Lok Satta JP pro-bifurcation stand has annoyed CM Kiran and he left JP prone to Samikyandhra Goondas attacks.

Delhi can not stay away from all that happening in AP , its time for it to Jump in and keep dysfunctional Govt in suspension. We have no faith in Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy , he failed to win our trust. We urge Central Govt to intervene and restore the Governance in the state. A President Rule is the only solution to bring
the Governance on track .

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September-17 #Telangana / Hyderabad Vimochan Diwas !!

September 17 తెలంగాణా విమోచన దినం . హైదరాబాద్ రాష్ట్ర విమోచన కోసం పోరాడి అమరులైన వరంగల్ పరకాల వీరులకు, మతం కన్నా స్వేచ గొప్పది అని పోరు బట పట్టి రజాకర్ల చేతులో హతుడైన జర్నలిస్ట్ శోయబుల్లః ఖాన్ కు మరీయు నిజం నిరంకుశ పాలనా కు వ్యతీరేకంగా పోరాడుతూ ప్రాణాలను అసువులు బాసిన పోరు బిడ్డలకు జాతీయ విప్లవ జోహార్లు . అమరవీరులారా మీ త్యాగమును మేము మరవము మీ పోరు బాట లోనే తెలంగాణా విముక్తి కొరకు పునరంకీతం అవుతాం .

We salute and remember Sardar Vallab Bhai Patel and Indian Army for freeing Telangana from the attrocities of Razakars and Nizam. Kasim Razvi the MIM founder was the chief of Razakars and he was fully supported by Nizam. Nizam had plans to merge Telangana with Pakistan.

We also salute Comrade Ravi Narayana Reddy from Nalgonda and Arya Samajists , Hindu Mahasabha activists who bravely fought mighty Nizam. Irony is that not a single Seemandhra leader came for our rescue when Razakars were killing Telugu speaking people. Razakars committed genocide against telugu speaking people with the patronage of Nizam. Seemandhra leaders came later to loot the wealth of Nizam and Hyd. Even looting us for last 50 years their hunger for money has not diminished . Beware Seemandhra plutocrats the Lions of Telangana has arisen flee before you are hounded out . Now the time has come to give the clarion call of 'Quit Telangana' and weed out shameless greedy Seemandhra Plutocrats from Telangana .

Jai Telangana.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Will #Telangana follow Madras Line and throw Andhra Brigands away from Hyderabad ???

Perhaps Andhraites are the only tribe who will go down the History as Losers. They are most unwanted people and no sensible person ever want to live with them. Because of their Greed for Money and Cheating mentality they were kicked away from Madras Presidency in 1950's . An Stalwart like Rajagopala Chary lost his patience and warned Andhraites to Leave Madras in 24 Hrs orelse will be kicked away . History recorded the events how Andhraites were literally thrown off from Madras region. This is perhaps not the first time nor the Last time for Andhraites who got kicks on their backyards.

Andhraites who were literally starving and stayed shelter-less in tents started sending feelers to Prime Minister Nehru to save their asses . They then took up Telugu Unity slogan and begged their territory to merge in much richer Hyderabad State ( #Telangana ) . They had no love for #Telangana ppl , their eyes were focused on richness of Hyderabad. Hyderabad then had all the basic infrastructure and it had almost Rs 50 Crore surplus Budget. Nehru knew the cunning mentality of Andhraites , he initially did not agreed . Leaders like Prakasam pantulu & Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy begged Nehru to merge their State with #Telangana and save them from going bankrupt.

Financial condition of then Andhra State was in doldrums, there budget was in total deficit. The were not in a position even to pay salaries to their employees. They had no stron Roof for their offices , they lived in tents , Govt files braved the rain and sun equally. Pigs used to stay along with them. Pig menance was so high in their tents that their Andhra Govt had to allocate Spl Funds for Pig eradication. There prevailed acute Drinking Water shortage. To be short and precise Andhraites lived like beggars .

That was the time they thought they will be safe only if they merge with Richie-Rich Hyderabad State (#Telangana ) . They begged , licked Nehru feet and somehow convinced him. Then Fazal Ali Commission too was against the Andhra - Telangana merger , it mentioned it will lead to subjugate the rights of Telangana . Nehru under severe pressure form Andhra leaders agreed but he too had apprehensions as to how will an fair girl Telangana will survive the marriage with naught(cunning) Andhra boy. Merger happened with lot of conditions. GentleMan Agreement was drafted to safeguard the Rights of Telangana. Even then, Nehru raised lot of doubts on the Andhra - Telangana marriage . Paper cuttings of his sayings are published here.

  Nehru inaugurating Andhra Pradesh State at Fateh maidan in Hyderabad on 1st Nov 1956 has said
"So this particular combination of a part of Hyderabad State with Andhra – this marriage, as I call it — has many features, good and bad, which often accompany marriages. That is to say it is good if the two cooperate and flourish to the advantage of each other. But, there are also risks and dangers if different temperaments and other things which may come in the way of smooth working so essential for the success of the marriage. Therefore, it is necessary, that there should be a very great degree of capacity to adjust oneself, capacity to appreciate other view points, capacity to allow the other person to grow in his own way and not impose oneself on others.”

Nehru's prophecies and apprehensions have come true , the forceful marriage between Andhra & telangana could not survive . Marriage was short-lived , demand for demerger started in the year of AP state inception , it was ignored then by the rulers . Later it took violent turn in 1956 , It was brutally crushed by the fascist Andhra Chief Minister killing 390+ Telangana students in Police firing. Since then the fight for separate state was going on against the shameless loot and plunder by Andhraites.

As i said in the first para that Andhraites are most hated people. And it is the result of their cunningness. Madras people kicked them away , Telangana want to cut off all ties with them and even Rayalseema people want to stay away from them . The irony is Seema people are pleading their territory to merge with Telangana stating that they do not want to to live with cunning Andhra brigands.

Did Andhraites ever introspected as to why their fellow Telugu's hate them ??? Why they were thrown away from Madras , now getting kicked away from Hyderabad ?? I doubt. Their greed for Money has taken over their Heart, Mind and Soul.

Today Telangana is proud to proclaim that we fought on streets faced Police lathis , bullets and State Violence yet achieved our 5 decade Dream of separate state. We will narrate our Heroic participation to our coming Generations . I wonder what will Andhraites tell when their coming Generations ask why our fellow Telugu brothers hate us , why they got kicked away from Madras and why they begged, conspired and finally thrown out of Hyderabad ??? Then they would be forced to confess that all thru the life they cheated , robbed the natives and lived like brigands , thats the reason people kicked us away where ever we went. Thatastu !!!

P.S : Above Newspaper cuttings (PIX) dated November 2nd, 1956 Indian Express Madras Edition has the Nehru's statements where he raised doubts of Andhra & #Telangana living together for a longer period.

Friday, September 6, 2013

APNGO Samikyandhra meet is just an tamasha , #Telangana stay calm

September 7th APNGO Samikyandhra meeting in HYD is definitely an aggression against #Telangana Natives. This is last attempt from them to provoke us and instigate Violence in Hyderabad, so that they can play victim card in front of Delhi to make Hyderabad a Union Territory. I only wish Telanganites dont fall in this cunning trap of Andhraites. Let the meeting happen, as some1 said in an Telugu Flick , its just an "passing cloud" . We are like Sky , everything else is just Weather. Natives shud remain calm and composed, sit calmly and enjoy the tamasha as it unfolds. Its just an one day event , no one wud talk about it the next day. So stay calm , but remain vigilant.

This is transition period for new state formation , this is the time for us to maintain our mental equilibrium . We have a big Goal in front of us in the form of Telangana State. Let us stay focused on it. Coming few days we the natives have to tread our steps cautiously with emotions under control . We need to energise our attention on our target with unflappable mind. We shold not allow Andhraites to take advantage of our aggressive behaviour. Let Telangana form first , then we will cut the lime , squeeze it, have it and throw it in dustbin. Thatastu !!!

The Andhra Foxes are trying to dramataise their event which I'am sure will fall flat on their faces. Andhra History is full of Cunningness and Manipulation , their brains are linked to Greed for Money , this behavorial disorder of Andhraites lie in their innate DNA. Lets ambush each of those traits in turns when time 'ripes'. They have no reasons to explain/convince us as to why we shud stay together in the name of Samikyandhra. Their cause is simply Jingoism , an bubble in the water.

Now Telangana State seems to be inevitable , we have a bigger responsibility to rebuild it . Lets put all our energies towards reconstruction . We fought bitter battles against Andhra brigands , history is evident of the fact. But lets come out of that Warlike society to Peaceful society. After 56 years of fight for separate state , now we posses lot of Aggressive energy , let us channelise it for the betterment of Telangana .Let us be sure that hereafter Telangana will be more focusing on development rather than violent past. And not eulogise "catharsis".