Friday, September 20, 2013

Does Kiran Kumar Reddy feel shame drawing his monthly salary ???

#Telangana formation can never be mowed down by State sponsored agitations.

For last 50 days Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has refrained from visiting Secretariat , the so called Head Quarters of State Govt. Since #Telangana State announcement he looks gloom and restrained himself to his residence and Camp Office. I wonder if Chief Minister who is abstaining from his duties for last 2 months feel any shame drawing his Monthly Salary ?? I doubt.

Sources say he is monitoring (encouraging) Samikyandhra agitations by all means. His partisan role in sponsoring Samikyandhra agitation has appalled one and all . He is so engrossed in siding with Seemandhra that he thundered inside the AP Assembly that he will not give 1 Re to Telangana region , do what may . He had forgotten that he took Oath on Indian Constitution that he will treat all Citizens equally and would not differentiate on basis of region , religion caste creed or sex. But he was so desperate that he exposed himself in the Assembly by spitting venom against telangana . Yet , few people expect us to remain united with such hypocrites .

Governor should have intervened then and declared Chief Minister as an Out Lawed person , who is not fit to perform Constitutional duty. Saddest thing is despite Kiran Kumar outrage against one sect of people he continues to head the State. Not stopping at spitting venom against Telangana , he now went a step ahead sponsoring the entire Samikyandhra agitation . Perhaps Samikyandhra agitation is first of its kind in Indian History which is run by the State Govt. Still Governor ESL Narsimhan an Constitutional Head , is mute spectator to all the violation of the present regime.

Refresh you memory , during peak TG agitation how Kiran Kumar has toured all the Telangana districts with Police protection . Why is he not fascinating himself to venture into Seemandhra ??? Why did he stopped Job recruitments ?? Why doesnt he go into public announcing new Govt schemes as he did during T-agitation ??? He then Challenged , provoked Telangana protesters , today he sit silent in his camp office. He will go down the History has most incompetent and most biased Chief Minister .

As an Chief Minister he was instrumental in giving permission to APNGOs meeting in Hyderabad . He made sure all went well for them , sources say all arrangement were closely monitored by CMO ( CM Office) . His Govt used services of almost 5000 Police men for the security of 20,000 APNGOs who attended the HYD meet . But the same State Govt failed to give protection to Lok Satta MLA Jayaprakash Narayana yatra in Seemandhra . JP was on record saying he stand for peaceful AP bifurcation . Perhaps Lok Satta JP pro-bifurcation stand has annoyed CM Kiran and he left JP prone to Samikyandhra Goondas attacks.

Delhi can not stay away from all that happening in AP , its time for it to Jump in and keep dysfunctional Govt in suspension. We have no faith in Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy , he failed to win our trust. We urge Central Govt to intervene and restore the Governance in the state. A President Rule is the only solution to bring
the Governance on track .

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Religious fanatics and separatists rule!!