Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Deal is done between Sonia Gandhi and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The deal is set between Sonia Gandhi and A1Criminal YS Jagan. I was following Jagan court case closely. Last Week I noticed CBI gave petition to Court saying that Jagan shud not be let off as he can influence the Trial .

Most Important in the CBI petition was request for Jagan's "Custodial Trial" . If you have studied Law or have some knowledge how Indian Legal system functions then you wud know the importance of "Custodial Trial" . I am surprised that next day even Telugu Mass Media totally ignored the Word. perhaps Journalist didn't understood importance of the Word.

For all those who dont know that I joined LLB and  studied a Year , so I have little knowledge and a deeper Interest in Legal Study. moreover My Father did his LLB from Osmania University . So , its in my DNA too .

If CBI had sticked to "Custodial Trial" then Hon'ble Judge wud bee under Legal Pressure to grant the Custody of Jagan to CBI. If that had happened Jagan for sure wud not have got Bail atlest for next 1- 1 1/2 years. His Bail petition even in Supreme Court wud have been quashed .

CBI took Jharkhand Former Chief Minister Madhu Koda under "Custodial Trial" and investigated the Case . Thats the reason he was forced to stay in jail for more than 3 years. When i read the CBI petition now available online , I was sure that Congress has sealed the fate of YS Jagan and he wont see the Light for next 2-3 years.

Telugu Mass Media has conveniently ignored September 18 CBI petition in COurt against Jagan. Media took it granted that Jagan will not get Bail so it totally ignored the September 18 th proceedings of the case.

I followed September 18 th CBI arguments very keenly , it submitted a petition thru Public prosecutor K Surender saying that YS Jagan benefited enormously for the gratifications  made by then YSR Governmet to few Companies. CBI specially mentioned 10 Company names in the petition that includes , Dalmia Cement , Penna group , Nimmagadda Prasad , Auobindo , India Cement and few other companies. In its Petition CBI clearly mentioned the Amount against each of those 10 Company made investigation in Jagan Businesses . To my knowledge the total amount is quite near to Rs 1000 Crores.

The CBI which demanded "Custodial Trial" on September 18 has taken Volte-Face on September 23 . WHY ?? On September 13 CBI submitted MEMO ( not Petition) saying that the Investigation on Jagan case is complete and they could not establish that Jagan has benifitted in any way in 8 of 10 cases (mentioned above para) . This is nothing but making  mockery of Judiciary .

What exactly has happened in last 4 days ( between Sept 18 and Sept 23) that CBI is forced to take U-turn on jagan case. Why did it made fun of its own petition that was filed on Sept 18th ??? Why did CBI has allowed Junior lawyer to introduce the Memo , Why Senior CBI Counsel was absent the day Jagan got Bail ??

I feel its all about Election Politics. Sadhu yadav Meets Modi he gets IT Notice , Infosys Narayan Murthy ppraises Modi get IT Notice , Gen VK Singh share Dais with Modi gets falsely nailed in misusing of Army funds. if you understand Congress politicas its clear that Soni gandhi is shaken seeing TDp President Chandra babu Naidu shaking hands with BJP . If TDP & BJP come together sailing on Modi Wave there is a chance of complete Sweep of Telangana & Seemandhra . To arrest Modi Wave Jagan has been released to take care of Chandra Babu in Seemandhra region . KCR is readily avail to checkmate Modi Wave in Telangana region. 

This is the dangerous game Congress is playing to facilitate prince Rahul Gandhi coronation in 2014. An Financial Terrorist who is alleged to have looted Rs 1 lakh Crore public exchequer has been let loose on society to checkmate the opposition party's.

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