Thursday, November 27, 2008

Islamic Jihadi's attack Mumbai, 100 dead several taken hostage






.Annihilate Islam before it finds more innocent victims .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aashrita & Scent of Memories

Aashritha & Scent of Memories
- Ranju
I was walking down the street
Watching the strangers pass by
I know not them , but I feel them close to my heart
Every face I look at , gives back memory of You
Their smile, talk ,walk reminds me of You
The black dress this stranger wore , reminds me of the gift I gave You
I saw her curly hair , crossed over to see, if it could be You
The smile of the stranger , touched me as if it was that of You
On the street Someone touched my hand I turned back,
thinking it must be You
My senses sharpens if someone calls on street,
heart pumps thinking it mite be You
My ears still echo’s with ur voice and
I keep searching on street for You
My eyes get tired looking at strangers and trying to find You
I stand back , feel lonely and I refresh memories of You
Every moment from my heart I am endlessly watching You
Bearing the pain deep in my heart, I am relentlessly missing You
Standing aloof on sideway, I wonder why I am so fond of You
Though You are so far away , still I can feel You
Still I stand on the street ,waiting you wud run to me and
say ‘I Miss You’

Trying to find You in strangers is driving me crazy ,
wish I can get over
Instead of getting knocked down on street , lemme walk over

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lord Venkatesa , You are unfair to me ....

Lord Venkatesa , You are unfair to me ....
- 'Ranju'

Oh Lord Venkatesa , Do you know what you did?
You have ruined a life of an innocent kid

Don’t say you understand , I know you don’t do
If ever your Heart is broken, then you would do

When I saw you in Tirumala, I thought you are the almighty creator
I was wrong , you are just a tall stone, made by the sculptor

My heart was jubilant when you made us an perfect pair
You are so cruel , you took her away , now you don’t care

Iam told that, you keep Goddess Lakshmi in your Heart
If its true, then why u played with mine and broke my Heart ?

I thought you are the one who made me do
Playing with someone’s emotions is always what you do

Times ago I seem to love you, Now I hate you the way you treated me
I now wonder why you been always unfair and cruel to me

Still I have one last wish , will you grant if I pray ?
Can you give me back “my beloved” right away ??


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aashrita , take my pain away .....


Aashrita, take my pain away....


Friends this the story of someone dear to me ,they are Mr Ranju and Ms Aashrita(names changed) . As iam in hurry I’ll try to keep the narration short . Ranju and Aashrita were in Love , in fact they were MAD about each other . I always wondered who loved the other most, if Iam asked I wud Vote for Aashrita, this gul Loved Ranju like no one else cud love anyone. Like most of the Indian Love stories , this Love string too got broken and ended in dismay. When girl said to boy of her parents reluctance for alliance , Ranju cud hardly say anything with pain. When Aashrita further proposed that they shud SACRIFICE their Love in her parents interest, Ranju dint protested . He said to Aashrita that he will wait for her till eternity and will never contact her till she comeback. Thus Aashrita was freed from the holy bond of love , SACRIFICE was the name she used for this . Reasons for Guls parents going against this alliance are many like.. Caste difference , Boy was not a Techie (SWE), Boy is not stinky rich , age difference and so on…

This happened somewhere October 2006 and since then Ranju was blindly waiting for Aashrita to comeback, which she dint . As he has promised her on his own not to get in tuch with her till she gets back , Upholding that promise he never tried to check her whereabouts , though their residences are located in same Neighborhood. Now its almost 2 years no sign of Aashrita's comebacks , still Ranju believed that she will come to him one day. He believed if his Love is True, he shud set it free , and she will comeback on her own and thus he set her free.

Today around 11 AM Aashrita pinged Ranju on G-chat , he danced with happiness assuming his love has comeback. For this moment Ranju have been waiting for last 2 years and innumerable times he prayed to God to give one Glimpse of her or one phone call from her . But this happiness of Aashrita calling him after 2years dint lasted longer. Tragedy fell on Ranju when Aashrita said that she is in USA and happily married . Now Ranju came to know that she Married someone else almost 1 ½ year ago and he felt pain in thinking that for last 2 years he was blindly and confidently waiting for her Lady Love to come back .This thought itself shook his heart like never before. Now who will wipe his tears and lend a shoulder ? Why the god is so unfair and cruel ??

Ranju went into coma for a while , he dint know whether to be happy to know that his Ex- Love is now married and happy with someone else or cry over his Loss . Within 10 mins of G-chat she was sorry for betraying his love , Aashrita further said that she is responsible for Ranju's trauma and apologized. Ranju wholeheartedly forgiven her . For Ranju , Aashrita been his Goddess of Love , he adored her all these years , for sure he will remember her in high esteem for his remaining part of his life.

Ranju is now totally devastated , he feels that he is not worth being loved by anyone . Feeling terribly rejected , and self-esteem hitting rock , he still doesnot blame Aashrita for all this fiasco. He still feels that the Aashrita is the best to happened in his life, if he doesn’t get her in this life will for sure wait till next life to get her LOVE and stay happy and together .

The sad lining in Ranju life is , he lost his love twice. Love can happen twice so do Love can be Lost twice. Now I wonder will Ranju be able to make his life again for himself or will he pass the time in illusion of meeting Aashrita in next life ????

Being a practical observer of the above story , my heart pour for both Ranju and Aashrita , more I think of them more I feel to sing their Love song . If ever I feel writing for sure I wud love to write this Love Story in detail, and it will go in volumes. Long live the True Love . In memory of this true love I penned the following lines .


Oh Yama ‘Lord of Death’ take me to your Abode
I feel lonely and cant stand alone ,with these tears for years
With bitten by fate , and with a broken heart
I cant stand alone with these pains for years

The time when I met you at café
You asked me to stay by you once
We met again and again ever since
We starred at each other as if no tomorrow
Ours life met as if there is no sorrow
Holding hands in love we took of pledge
Now I wonder why you push me and sledge

The love was strong but our Fate failed to see
Life is unfair to me , that is what I cud see
The pain and agony I have, when u left me sore
No medicine in this world ,but your comeback can cure
Now I feel that ,your love has completely forgotten about me
Every passing day, the pain of missing you haunts and kills me

Not just once ,but for more than I can remember
I felt you would stay by my side forever
I believed you’d hold my hand forever for me
But you left me to face this cruel world by betraying me


You don’t understand my life is becoming worse
If I were dead I wud have been happy to get out of this curse
Wait till the day, I meet you in Heaven and we can be together
Except this time, in heaven we will be together happy, always and forever

Oh Yama, ‘Lord of Death’ take me to your Abode
I feel lonely and can’t stand alone with these tears for years
With bitten by fate , and with a broken heart
I can’t stand alone with these pains for years