Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aashrita & Scent of Memories

Aashritha & Scent of Memories
- Ranju
I was walking down the street
Watching the strangers pass by
I know not them , but I feel them close to my heart
Every face I look at , gives back memory of You
Their smile, talk ,walk reminds me of You
The black dress this stranger wore , reminds me of the gift I gave You
I saw her curly hair , crossed over to see, if it could be You
The smile of the stranger , touched me as if it was that of You
On the street Someone touched my hand I turned back,
thinking it must be You
My senses sharpens if someone calls on street,
heart pumps thinking it mite be You
My ears still echo’s with ur voice and
I keep searching on street for You
My eyes get tired looking at strangers and trying to find You
I stand back , feel lonely and I refresh memories of You
Every moment from my heart I am endlessly watching You
Bearing the pain deep in my heart, I am relentlessly missing You
Standing aloof on sideway, I wonder why I am so fond of You
Though You are so far away , still I can feel You
Still I stand on the street ,waiting you wud run to me and
say ‘I Miss You’

Trying to find You in strangers is driving me crazy ,
wish I can get over
Instead of getting knocked down on street , lemme walk over

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